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How to Prevent Forest Fires According to an Oregon arborist

Forest fires are often avoidable, but not many people are abreast to all of the precautions you can take to ensure that you’re being safe and you remain safe. One thing’s for sure. Whether they’re accidental or preventable, fires happen every year in Oregon, and you need to know several things when it comes to […]

The Oregon Bugs That Love Your Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are well known for their beautiful spring blooms. They line the Willamette River in downtown Portland and bloom just as spring arrives and the cold leaves us behind. It’s a favorite time of year for Portland residents, which is why they often add the tree to their own yards as well. While the […]

How to Train Your Fruit Tree Orchard

Sit! Stand! Roll over! Your fruit trees can’t do any of these things, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t still train them. Fruit trees can still produce fruit without your help, but that’s no reason to not help them along! Whether you’re a first-time tree owner or a seasoned arborist, it always pays to give […]

Tips to Safely Cutting Down Dead Trees

It’s in our nature to love trees. We love how green they make our community and the many benefits they provide, from fresh air to fruit to flowers. Trees are assets that increase our home value and improve our mood. But, just like all beautiful living things, their long lives eventually come to an end. […]

What to Do if Your Tree is Invested With Ants

If you have a tree that is infested with ants, then you are going to want to take the necessary steps to eradicate that problem. Ants frequently travel up and down the trunk of a tree and disappear into the cavity, where they nest. Due to those nesting opportunities and the relative comfort ants experience […]

Not All Beetles Are Bad

They’re creepy, crawly little critters and most people would agree they’re not very pleasant in appearance. They can even be real pests in some instances, such as when they find their way into your home during the warm summer months. But did you know that beetles also have some great benefits? You may have heard […]

Did You Know: Trees Are Required in Portland

Regardless of whether you’re new to the Portland area or you’ve lived here for a while, you may not be aware that trees aren’t a luxury in Portland. They’re a necessity. That’s because the city of Portland has tree-planting requirements when certain conditions are met. This may be surprising news to you, but our Mr. […]

Plants That Will Survive Best Under A Tree Canopy

If you are a homeowner, one of the biggest worries you will ever experience in regard to your lawn is how to keep your plants alive for as long as possible if they are under a canopy or in shaded areas. Sunlight does not always get through the shaded areas properly, rain has trouble reaching, […]

The Poisonous Trees to Avoid While Hiking

There are many beautiful hiking trails to be found around the Vancouver area. Whether your interest is plant life, animal life, waterfalls, or all of the above, there is something for you in the trails of southern Washington. The area is home to hundreds of plant species that thrive in its cool, maritime climate. Most […]

Trees to Plant to Attract Native Birds

Few things are more enjoyable and enriching than hearing native birds singing outside your window. Birds bring so many benefits to their environment that it’s difficult to list them all. They are beautiful to look at, sing wonderful songs, and help control insect populations. In the Portland area, over 200 different species of birds pass […]