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Is Your Evergreen Turning Brown? This is Why And How To Fix It

The beauty of having an evergreen tree is that, while other trees are turning brown and shriveling up during the autumn and winter months, they remain vibrant all year round. Evergreen trees are noted for their beauty and because they remain green throughout the year, they have earned fame as a symbol of winter. But […]

5 Common Questions on Fall Tree Care

For many people, fall is their favorite time of year, especially because of their trees. With the change in colors and leaves falling, it helps you prepare for the cool crisp air that’s going to flow into the area in the coming months. Now, when it comes to fall tree care, there are a number […]

Does Ice Do Damage to Trees?

When people think about what can do damage to trees, heavy winds and rain may come to mind, or maybe even some sort of pest or disease, but not many people would think ice can do damage to their trees. The truth of the matter is, it can. In fact. ice-covered trees can be very […]

Trees That Provide Medicinal Benefits

You may already know that spending time in nature with trees releases endorphins, upping your happiness and mitigating against depression. And you’re probably aware that herbs and flowers have been used for centuries to treat various ailments as well. But, did you know that trees also house medicinal benefits?  While we wouldn’t recommend just walking […]

Tree Topping is Not Permitted & This is Why

Tree topping is the process of randomly cutting tree branches down to stubs or to lateral branches that are not large enough to sustain the remaining limb. It might be a natural instinct when a tree gets too large for your yard, or the tree begins to interfere with other items in your landscaping. Yet […]

Why are There Brown Spots on the Leaves of My Maple Trees?

Have the leaves on your gorgeous maple tree become blotted with ugly, dark brown spots? If so, you’re probably thinking that your once beautiful maple tree has become an eyesore. Never fear. The Mr. Tree arborists are here. We’ll tell you exactly what’s causing those troublesome spots and just how to fix them! Let’s first […]

Do I Have to Care For My Trees in the Winter

Caring for trees can be an involved process, requiring regular care, maintenance and inspections. But when wintertime rolls around, and the trees shed the leaves they have carried the rest of the year, do they require as much care? After all, any insects or other pests that torment them must be dormant, right? And will […]

Trees That Flourish in Winter

Most people can agree that fall foliage is exquisite. Amber leaves. Crimson leaves. Leaves with shades of gold glistening underneath the autumn sun. The changing colors of leaves is one of the hallmarks of fall. While many trees have bare branches come wintertime, there are also some trees that actually flourish in the colder winter […]

Steps to Take if You Encounter a Wildfire

The west is on fire as hundreds of thousands of acres have already been burned and continue to smolder, even as colder weather begins to set in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, as we’ve learned this year, forest fires can spark at any moment. Just last month, a large group was stranded overnight on the Columbia […]