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Trees Add Millions in Value to Big Cities

Trees add considerable value to one’s property. Having trees provides you with shade and a nice breeze that can lead to decreased air conditioning consumption. Adding the right type of trees also considerably increases the value of your home, but did you know that they are very valuable to big cities as well? Let’s explore […]

Edible Mushrooms You Might Find in Your Yard

If you’ve been in Oregon for any length of time, you’ve probably discovered mushrooms grow quite easily here. In all of North America, there are about 10,000 fungal species identified. Approximately 10 to 20 percent of them are edible, 5 percent have medicinal properties, 20 percent will make you sick if you eat them, and […]

Did You Know That Fall is a Great Time for Planting a Tree

Many people believe that trees should only ever be planted in the springtime. They figure that spring is the time for growth and that any trees and plants should already be established by the fall and winter. While it’s true that spring can be the perfect time to plant many different varieties of tree, this […]

How Ash From Wildfires Will Affect Your Landscaping

As we’ve learned so intimately this year, wildfires spring up suddenly and quickly ravage the landscape, leaving destruction in their wake. While northern California communities were some of the most affecting this year, Portland was not unscathed. We were left emotional by the Eagle Creek wildfire that sparked over Labor Day weekend and has spread […]

Our Favorite Varieties of Dogwood

The dogwood tree is one of the most beautiful and popular trees that you can grow on your property. Native to eastern North America, the dogwood is also cultivated across the world, wherever the climate may allow. Famous for its gorgeous blossoms, dogwood trees are a dazzling way to bring color to your outdoor garden. […]

Why Do Trees Die?

Trees are a great addition to any front yard. They instantly add curb appeal and can enhance the visual interest of just about any landscape. But removing dead or diseased trees can be fairly expensive and it’s often not safe for homeowners to remove trees on their own if it’s not done properly. At Mr. […]

What is Commercial Logging?

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by forests. It should come as no surprise that we put a lot of value into our trees, both financially and sentimentally. As people moved to the area, commercial logging was one of the major industries that brought people to the Northwest. While the average person might […]

How to Rot Tree Stumps

Look out your window and throughout your yard. What do you see? Trees flowering in the spring and exploding into color in the fall? Lush green grass that carpets your space? Plants that burst into life throughout the year, adding color and ambiance to your landscaping? Tree stumps that mar the view? Here in the […]

The Trees to Plant to Attract Cardinals

As a Portland tree service company, it’s our job to help you maintain your landscaping all year long. As a homeowner, it’s your job to carefully consider the best plants and trees to add to your landscaping, to make your home beautiful and give it added value, too. And for many people, landscaping isn’t just […]

When to Contact Your Local Tree Service

Picture this scenario. You purchase a new home and in an effort to beautify your front lawn, you plant a small tree or two in the yard. It’s just a seedling at first, but over the years, you watch it grow and grow until it’s bigger than you ever could have imagined it would be. […]