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Lichen 101: What You Really Want to Know

Trees need consistent care and maintenance for healthy growth. Right from adequately watering the tree to mulching it properly and pruning it at regular intervals – tree health care involves everything that is required to keep your tree healthy; in the best shape and disease free. Sometimes in spite of all the care you take, […]

6 Trees Perfect for Your Portland Front Yard

Your front yard makes an impression on people. It’s what everyone sees when they come to your house or drive by. Choosing the right front yard trees can help make your home more inviting. You might be considering adding a tree to your landscape for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want a splash of […]

The Fruit Bearing Trees That are in Bloom This Season

Fruit bearing trees can grow to live beautiful, healthy lives. However, it takes time, planning, and a specific temperature for the tree to finally bloom. These trees are not only known for the delicious fruit they produce, but, when they do blossom, also add dramatic monetary and aesthetic value to the landscape. A fruit tree […]

Want a Healthy Tree? Care For its Roots

So you’ve planted a tree in your yard, but you aren’t sure how to take care of it. That’s a pretty common problem with home gardeners. Tree care is slightly different than your typical plant care. There is less day-to-day responsibility, but trees can certainly be finicky in their own way. Take tree roots for […]

Trees & Fungi: The Symbiotic Relationship Explained

We have all heard of fungi, but what you may not have heard of is the symbiotic relationship that exists between fungi and trees. Many people do not even know that this special relationship exists. Fungi are not always harmful to trees, despite what many people tend to believe. In fact, their relationship to trees […]

Four Career Opportunities if You Love Trees

Ideally, people have the opportunity to work in a field they love. For those who love trees, there are a surprising number of tree service jobs available. From the general arborist, whose sole focus is the care and maintenance of trees, to the more broadly focused urban forester, anyone interested in working with trees can […]

5 Reasons to Choose Mr. Tree as Your Land Clearing Contractor

If you need to do some construction or renovation in an area that’s become overgrown with trees, tree stumps, brush, and other vegetation, you’ll need to clear the land first. This is easier said than done since even removing a single tree can be a massive undertaking. For many reasons, attempting to clear land is […]

What’s Included in Commercial Tree Service

Trees can provide great benefits for any home or property. They add natural beauty, enhance water and air quality, and even increase property value. Properties with trees are found to sell better and are worth about 15% more than those without. So, ultimately, taking care of the trees is an investment. However, this is a […]

Did You Know: 5 Unexpected Pacific Northwest Tree Facts

Forests are a defining feature for large areas of the Pacific Northwest. Coniferous temperate rainforests in the western Cascade and coastal mountain ranges are appreciated for aesthetic value and abundant natural resources. The Pacific Northwest is known for such spectacular trees as the Sequoia and some of the most abundant fruit trees in the country. […]

How to Prepare Your Land Before Planting a Tree

Proper land preparation is an essential step that should not be overlooked. Land preparation becomes the foundation for the best, fast-growing trees and is an extremely important step before planting. Site preparation is about treating the land to help improve tree planting conditions. It would be a shame to put so much effort into planting […]