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5 Facts About Excavation in Portland Oregon

Excavation is the first step in any major construction project. No roads get paved and no homes get built unless the land they’re going to sit on has been properly cleared and prepared. Despite the vital nature of excavation, the average homeowner still may be a bit in the dark about the whole process. If […]

5 Trees That Provide Cover for Birds

The birds that flock to your yard may not be as singsong as the ones in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but if they call your backyard home, then it’s only natural you’d want to provide for them. Maybe you have a birdbath where they hop about in the summer or a bird feeder […]

5 Cool Trees to Plant in Your PNW Yard

You know what they say … new year, new yard! If you’re planning on planting in 2020, here are five cool trees to plant in your yard (especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest). Western Red Cedar This tree grows thickly all over the Pacific Northwest, from southeast Alaska to northern California and as […]

What Can an Arborist Do for My Trees in Vancouver, Washington

If you have trees on your property, you’ll likely need assistance with them from time to time. Though trees are sometimes easier to maintain than smaller plants, they still need occasional maintenance to continue to thrive. And that maintenance can’t always be performed by the property owners. Local arborists in the Vancouver, Washington, area, like […]

When Can I Expect to See Fruit Tree Blossoms in Spring?

A fruit tree is a great addition to any yard. They not only add beauty, but they’re practical as well, as you can eat the fruit directly off your tree. We all know there’s nothing like a freshly baked apple pie, right? Imagine having the apples mere steps away from your kitchen! Maintaining fruit trees […]

Why Is My Newly Planted Tree Wilting?

Trees require an extraordinary amount of tender love and care. No one knows that better than the experts at Mr. Tree. We’ve been servicing the residential and commercial tree industries for more than 30 years. So we know what it takes to make a tree flourish and how incredibly frustrating it is when it doesn’t. […]

Are Spruce Trees Fir Trees?

Evergreen trees are a beautiful option that many people choose to have in their yards. They’re extremely popular during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add value to your property year-round. Evergreen trees can grow tall, meaning that many people choose to plant them in order to have more privacy in their yards. […]

What Are the Positive Effects of a Forest Fire?

Everybody has heard of Smoky the Bear. And everybody has seen the campaigns in which Smoky declares, “Only you can help prevent forest fires!” It’s largely because of this that most people believe forest fires are universally terrible events. But what if forest fires aren’t always terrible? In fact, what if a forest fire also […]

Can Brown Arborvitae Be Saved and More Care Tips

Arborvitae is a great type of tree to have on your property. It can be used to create a makeshift barrier or fence, or just to add beauty to your yard. This kind of tree is in the evergreen family, and its leaves are supposed to do just that, stay green forever. So if you’re […]

5 Fast-Growing Deciduous Trees for Your Yard

If you’ve ever walked around a neighborhood filled with trees, you’ve likely seen many deciduous trees. Trees are categorized as deciduous if they have leaves that fall off at the end of each growing period, as with the change in seasons. The leaves on these trees are wide and flat. The branches spread out as […]