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The Science Behind How Trees Grow

Trees are a beautiful asset; that is no secret. But in addition to their beauty, they are also essential for life. We here at Mr. Tree Services want you to not only fall in love with trees because of their beauty, but we want you to appreciate them, respect them, and know about them even […]

Everything You Want to Know About Tree Bark

You’ve noticed bark falling off a tree on your property. You don’t want to risk losing a tree that provides many benefits to your landscape and outdoor lifestyle. What should you do? First of all, don’t panic. There are many reasons for that loose bark you see at the base of your tree, and they […]

Do Tree Rings Really Indicate Age?

Have you ever come across an old tree stump and started counting the rings? The adage says the tree rings indicate how old a tree is, but is that really true? Those tree rings tell you how old a tree is, and more. Trees are nature’s environment log books. They can live hundreds or thousands […]

Did You Know Tree Roots Prevent Soil Erosion

Beyond what meets the eye, trees have roots that extend from the canopy of a tree into the group. Some of the roots grow directly under the tree, but a vast majority of the roots extend laterally. Under healthy soil conditions, tree roots can grow more than twenty feet deep. The tree roots start as […]

The Importance of Strong Tree Root Systems

A tree’s roots are vital in bringing nutrients and water to all other parts of the tree, anchoring the tree in the ground, determining its alignment, storing nutrients, and fighting off competition from other trees for the limited resources available. Tree roots can grow larger and wider underground than the tree’s entire canopy above the […]

How to Help Your Dogwood Flourish

As the summer approaches, nothing is more beautiful than watching your dogwood tree come out in full bloom. Of the many varieties of trees, the dogwood tree is one of the most attractive in the American landscape.  Avid gardeners are drawn to the four distinct types: the kousa dogwood, cornelian cherry dogwood, pacific dogwood, and […]

Looking for a Mother’s Day Activity? Plant a Tree Together

Mother’s Day is around the corner and while bouquets, jewelry and home décor items are thoughtful gifts to give, we suggest doing something different and more memorable this year. Instead of the usual gifts, make memories on this special day by engaging in a fun activity. This Mother’s Day, how about planting a tree together […]

What You Should Know About Reforestation in Oregon

In a world where forests are fast disappearing, reforestation proves to be an effective solution to bring us one step closer to protecting and conserving forests around the globe. Reforestation refers to the natural replantation of forest areas that have been damaged or destroyed in the past due to human activity, natural calamity, or sudden […]

When Will The Cherry Trees Bloom in Portland?

The viewing of the fluffy bloom of pink and white cherry blossoms, those first colors of spring, has become an intrinsic part of being a Portlander. And the planning starts as early as December, sometimes even earlier. Amateur running, cycling and photography groups, social media officers, picnicking families, and many other Portlanders and visitors start […]

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2018

Earth Day was founded to educate the world on environmental issues. At the time there were only a few activists involved with the environmental political agenda; few people recycled and gas guzzling cars were a sign of prosperity. It wasn’t until 1969 when Senator Nelson coined the idea Earth Day and encouraged people to become […]