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Hiring a Company for Tree Removal

Having beautiful trees around your home or business can be a true asset to the property. But if a tree begins to show unhealthy or dangerous signs, it may be a signal that it needs to be removed. When the health of your tree is faltering, it’s safest to act quickly and get a professional’s […]

Can You Use Fresh Wood Chips as Mulch?

If you want your landscape to be adored by all and a welcome sight to see each day you arrive home, it requires work. While some prefer to outsource this service to a company such as Mr. Tree, others have green thumbs and want to get the tasks done themselves. There’s no right or wrong […]

Benefits of Professional All-Year Tree Service

Many people assume that the only time of the year it’s necessary to pay attention to the trees on a property is during the warmer months, in spring and summer. However, that’s actually not the case. In order to maintain the health, appearance, and safety of your landscape, you should take care of them year-round. […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Portland Arborist Before Fall

As wonderful as summertime is, it doesn’t last forever. Seasonal transitions bring changes in climate, and your various plants and trees will certainly be affected by the shorter days and cooler temperatures. It’s important for those with gardens and outdoor spaces to start thinking about autumn and to be prepared for whatever comes next. A […]

What to Expect from Affordable Tree Service

Tree service doesn’t need to expensively out of reach. In fact, there’s an affordable tree service in Portland, Oregon, that’s accessible to you. That’s right, at Mr. Tree, we’re right here in your area, and we also do the highest-quality job at affordable prices. We know how important the upkeep of your trees is, and […]

What Do Forest Fires Near Portland Oregon Mean for Your Yard?

With the recent upticks in temperature, summers are getting hotter and dryer in the Pacific Northwest. This means more frequent forest fires are also causing greater damage. Fire is one natural process of clearing out the dead debris on a forest floor. Some species of trees and insects actually require fire to reproduce and propagate. […]

5 Facts About Harvesting Pine Nuts

When done right, pine nuts can be an excellent addition to your salad or homemade pesto sauce. They are eaten by many cultures around the world, but if you walk through your local grocery store, you’ll likely discover that they are also terribly expensive. But you can evade the high price of pine nuts by […]

Four Essential Questions about Moss Growing on Your Trees

Whether you notice it in the fall and spring or it’s year-round, moss growing on trees can look quaint or pastoral and give your home or yard a mature and majestic appearance. However, the moss growth could hide damage to the tree and could even spread to your home and other parts of the yard, […]

How to Climb a Tree to Cut Branches

If a branch or limb on your tree has died, become sick or damaged, or is growing in such a way that it has endangered your property, chances are your only option is to cut it off. You’ll also need to cut limbs and branches that have grown beyond the bounds of your property, not […]

Why Are My Pine Trees Dying from the Top Down?

If a pine tree calls your property home, consider yourself lucky. This species of tree is truly magnificent, which is probably why Oregon crowned the Douglas fir its state tree. Capable of growing over 100 feet tall and living for hundreds of years, the pine tree could definitely be considered reliable. But even the strongest […]