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What Makes Trees Grow Faster?


Tall, bushy, luxurious trees are the centerpieces of every landscape. Driving past a local park or a well-maintained yard with the perfect tall tree could make anyone jealous. Everyone goes in search of the perfect trees to complement their yards, but the trees unfortunately never come fully grown. Everyone wants to know what can make […]

What Kind of Animals Burrow in a Tree?


Trees are strong. Some of them might even stand tall and wide enough to feel intimidating to you, but they’re not impenetrable. Not by a long shot. Surprisingly, some very special small animals can break through a tree’s tough exterior and start nesting inside of them. But what are those animals? Maybe you have a […]

How To Remove a Black Wasp Nest in Oregon


Oregon is home to thousands of insect species, some beneficial and others decidedly not. Wasps, it seems, fall squarely in the middle: while they certainly provide many benefits, as pollinators and predators for invasive pest species, they’re rarely a welcome sight around your home. With their aggressive nature and painful sting, a few wasps can […]

5 Facts About Excavation in Portland Oregon


Excavation is the first step in any major construction project. No roads get paved and no homes get built unless the land they’re going to sit on has been properly cleared and prepared. Despite the vital nature of excavation, the average homeowner still may be a bit in the dark about the whole process. If […]

What Do I Need a Tree Permit for in Portland?


We are blessed to be able to enjoy myriad species and varieties of trees throughout the Portland area. They are great, whether in size, prestige, or history, but occasionally—for any number of reasons—we have to remove them. Before you act, it’s important to review what sort of regulations are in place regarding tree removal. A […]

What Type of Tree is in My Yard?


Do you ever feel stumped when you’re trying to identify a tree? That’s not surprising since there are over 2,000 different species. There are many potential situations where you might be interested in knowing what type of tree you’re looking at. You might be walking in a nearby park or passing by a neighbor’s yard. […]

How Do I Use Epsom Salt for Trees?


When looking at the fruit of our labor, we always want it to last for as long as possible. So when looking at the landscaping, or in this case tree-scaping, around our homes and businesses, we want our trees to grow luscious, stay healthy, and do so without requiring a lot of extra work. There […]

5 Trees That Provide Cover for Birds

The birds that flock to your yard may not be as singsong as the ones in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but if they call your backyard home, then it’s only natural you’d want to provide for them. Maybe you have a birdbath where they hop about in the summer or a bird feeder […]

5 Cool Trees to Plant in Your PNW Yard

You know what they say … new year, new yard! If you’re planning on planting in 2020, here are five cool trees to plant in your yard (especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest). Western Red Cedar This tree grows thickly all over the Pacific Northwest, from southeast Alaska to northern California and as […]