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How to Cut Large Branches Off a Tree

Do you have a large tree in your front yard or backyard and are wondering how to go about taking care of it? Look no further, as Mr. Tree Services is here to help you properly learn how to cut large branches off a tree. As your safety is our number one priority, we would first like […]

The Symbolic Meaning of Popular Landscaping Trees

Many homeowners enjoy planting trees around their property for ornamental and landscaping purposes. Depending on the season, different variants of popular landscaping trees can offer amenities such as shade, privacy, flowers, and even fruit. They can soften the edges of buildings and create natural barriers, or display spectacular colors in the foliage and blossoms they […]

Advice for Taking Care of Plum Trees

Plum trees are great additions to any landscape not only for the added beauty, but also for the delicious fruit crop that adds a tasty bonus to every spring. Plums are delicious when consumed fresh from the tree, baked in pies, and even made into jelly. With the proper knowledge of taking care of plum […]

5 Ways to Know it’s Time for Tree Removal

Trees are versatile gifts from nature. They have functional purposes, such as providing shade and privacy, as well as aesthetic purposes, such as brightening and beautifying our landscaping. But despite how attached you are to the trees in your yard, there will be some instances when you have to let them go. It could be […]

Why Do the Leaves Change Color on Some Oregon Trees?

As summer comes to a close, Oregon trees celebrate by filling the skies with an explosion of reds, oranges, and yellows. Mid to late October is typically the peak season to observe the changing colors of the Oregon foliage. As winter approaches, trees start preparing for the cold weather by conserving energy and food reserves. […]

5 Reasons You Should Plant a Pink Dogwood

In Portland, nothing creates quite the buzz of excitement as the spring blooms of our many flowering trees. After months of rain and overcast skies, the beauty of a flowering tree brings joy and eagerness for the warmer days ahead. There is one flowering tree that adds a special display of color to any landscape: […]

What to do if you Notice Rotting Bark

It’s important to pay attention to signs of tree health as early prevention is the best way to protect against the many factors that can pose a threat. Some damage is irreversible and can quickly turn a tree into a liability rather than an asset, especially if it affects the internal structure and makes the […]

The Maple Tree Varieties You Can Add to Your Property

There’s a chill in the air, leaves are changing, and everyone you know is talking about what they’re going to be this year for Halloween. That can only mean one thing: autumn is finally here! Autumn is quite dramatic here in the Pacific Northwest as our dense forests turn dozens of different shades of red, […]

How to Prune a Crape Myrtle

If you’re looking for a hardy, low maintenance plant that comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes to suit any garden, look no further than the popular crape myrtle. Many homeowners find themselves truly enamored by this plant, and it’s not hard to understand why: it comes in an awe-inspiring variety of shapes, sizes, […]