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How to Identify Dead Branches on a Tree

Trees are a precious and valuable part of our landscape. Apart from providing beautiful scenes of nature, they provide clean, refreshing air and cool shade. Scientists have documented that through the process of transpiration, trees can even indirectly bring rainfall.  The health of a tree is essential to the circle of life on our planet […]

5 Arborvitae Problems and What You Can Do About Them

Arborvitae trees are beautiful coniferous evergreens, boasting flattened, lacy, aromatic needles. They’re often used to add elegance to landscape projects and commonly appear in yards. They have a long life span and require very little maintenance. There are two commercially available cultivars: American and Japanese arborvitae. With the prolific use of these trees in yards […]

5 Options If You Want to Plant a Palm Tree in Oregon

When you think of planting and growing palm trees, you likely think of doing so in a tropical island environment. You probably don’t think of growing palm trees in Oregon, but you should start associating the two because it is possible to plant a palm tree in Oregon. There are more than 2,500 different species […]

How To Cut Down a Tree Leaning Against Another Tree

Tree removal is a task that is always fraught with challenges. Their sheer size makes every step in the process especially difficult since the bulkier a tree is, the riskier it is to remove. There are plenty of factors that can compound that difficulty too. A nearby obstacle makes the task exponentially more complicated. Perhaps […]

5 Trees That Will Attract Woodpeckers in Oregon

Not only do trees add more beauty to your yard, but they can add some local small wildlife too. There are many different types of trees that grow well in Oregon that are enjoyed by birds, squirrels, deer, butterflies, and more. If it’s woodpeckers in particular that you want to attract, there are certain trees […]

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