5 Benefits of Planting Trees Native to Oregon

The vastness of nature is truly a beautiful sight. Trees have been known to beautify landscapes and provide for some basic human needs throughout history. Planting trees is an investment in the continued survival of the ecosystem, which in turn provides us with many benefits. However, the success of the investment depends greatly on several factors, such as the species of trees planted, the planting area, the type of soil, and the method of care.

All these factors, when carefully considered, will ensure that the trees planted are off to a healthy start and flourish all through their life span. Furthermore, choosing indigenous plants guarantees environmental, economic, and social benefits. It helps preserve the original ecosystem of a region.

Native, Non-Native, and Invasive Species5 Benefits of Planting Trees Native to Oregon

Native plant species are plants that originate from a particular region or area. They grow naturally, and their extension provides food and protection to living organisms in that environment. Native plants bring nature to life. It can be shrubs, wildflowers, mosses, trees, and so forth. Plants like this add value to the ecosystem and contribute to its continued survival.

Non-native plant species are plants that have a foreign origin. They are often taken from one region to be planted in another. They also provide food and shelter to several animals.

Invasive plant species are non-native plants brought to an environment. However, they can outcompete the native species if allowed. They can dominate the area, thereby causing an upset to the original ecosystem and endangering wildlife. Therefore, reducing the propagation of invasive species is the only way to preserve the biodiversity and originality of the ecosystem.

5 Benefits of Planting Trees Native to Oregon

Are you curious about the benefits of planting trees native to your area? This article highlights five significant benefits of planting trees native to Oregon.

1. Provides food, shelter, and supportive habitat

Native plants thrive best in their original environments. The codependency between plants and animals allows both parties to benefit from a symbiotic relationship. Native plants are homes to many animals (cold and warm-blooded) and microscopic organisms living in the soil. For instance, the native species of snowberry and viburnums are beneficial as food and host plants for pollinators, such as hummingbirds, bumblebees, quail, and pheasants. The Oregon native huckleberries and chokecherries are edible fruit for human and animal consumption.

2. Requires low maintenance

You don’t have to lose sleep over the long-term upkeep of native plants. They don’t often require professional assistance such as pruning, trimming, or other tree services. That means the cost of maintenance is kept at a minimum. It also means less time is spent working in your yard while reaping every intended benefit.

3. Easy to grow, resilient, and aid creation of a healthy environment

Native plants are relatively easy to grow and nurture to maturity. They are well-adapted to varying conditions in the environment. It means you don’t have to worry too much about the climatic conditions, as they are already able to thrive. They don’t have much fertilizer requirement, and they can source their nutrients from the soil. Native trees are naturally protected from insects and pests and don’t need pesticides. They generally don’t need the support of chemical applications and, as such, contribute to a healthy environment.

They can usually thrive on rainfall alone. They often manage to keep fit naturally and require minimal irrigation efforts compared to foreign species. Having a natural garden helps in oxygen supply to the surrounding area.

4. Chances for survival are higher

Oregon native trees are much healthier, resistant, and thrive best compared to the foreign species planted in the area. Native tree species are often in harmony with their environments. They like the cascade penstemon, or habitat, have deep root systems, and are drought-tolerant. Indigenous trees are also more disease-resistant.

In addition to being aesthetically appealing, they attract various regional birds and insects, helping them both to thrive more naturally.

5. Enhances biodiversity

Planting native tree species is essential to preserving the biodiversity of Oregon. It can also extend the original wildlife and contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem. They help improve air quality by ridding the atmosphere of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide. Plus, native plants will trap dust particles and provide oxygen to support life. They can intercept and diffuse the emitted rays from the sun. In other words, Native plants’ ability to enhance biodiversity helps in contributing to a healthier environment.

Selecting, Planting, and Caring for Your Oregon Native Trees

There are various species of native trees out there. To obtain the right fit, you need to decide how the tree will contribute to your garden or yard. Is it just for shade? Aesthetics? Fruit purposes? Perhaps a combination of any or all of the three. Questions like this often help streamline your decision and find the right fit for your yard. You can purchase any native trees of your choice from any garden center or nursery in Oregon.

It doesn’t just stop with planting, however. What your trees also need is care. And most people aren’t well-informed about how or when to care for their trees. Mr. Tree can monitor your trees, let you know when they’re due for maintenance, and provide you with unrivaled residential tree services, such as pruning, trimming, tree and stump removal, stump grinding, and more. With Mr. Tree, you get optimal care from tree experts, precisely what you need to have beautiful, healthy, and lasting trees in your yard.

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