5 Fast-Growing Tall Trees for Your Oregon Property

Fast-growing tall trees are some of the most popular tree choices for properties today. Because they grow so fast, you’ll be able to appreciate the good things they bring to your property a lot sooner, instead of having to wait forever. Some people prefer the taller trees for privacy purposes, and they also provide great shade. The trees can also contribute to cleaner air and help reduce energy costs by shielding homes from winds and sun. Some say their benefits can also help to improve your mood!

Luckily, there are plenty of options for fast-growing trees available, more than you may have realized. But you should be sure to pick varieties that work best for the conditions on your property, and in Oregon as a whole. Read on below to find some of the top suggestions.

Paper Birch

This is a very popular choice for fast-growing tall trees. It grows at 1.5 to 2 feet per year and ultimately can be about 50 to 70 feet tall. This fast-growing tall tree is important for wildlife, who will eat the leaves and bark from the trunk. The bark is white, smooth, and papery, which adds a unique look to your property, especially in the colder months when it is bare. It also produces sap. Paper birches prefer well-drained soil but can also be drought tolerant. However, be careful and make sure not to grow these trees too close to power lines.

The river birch is another one of the fastest growing birches, growing at the same rate as the paper birch. And it can grow to be about 40 to 70 feet high. One benefit is that it’s fairly disease resistant. This tree also attracts birds to your yard. River birch can be used as a focal point for your property and are known for standing out because of their unique, scaly bark. They usually grow best if planted near water. They tolerate both wet and dry soil, and acidic soil is preferred. One drawback, however, is that their branches can fall off pretty easily.

Quaking Aspen

5 Fast-Growing Tall Trees for Your Oregon Property

This tree, which is native to Oregon, is one of the most widely distributed trees in the country for a reason. The fast-growing tall tree adds gorgeous fall color to your property with its yellow foliage. The smooth bark, which is a creamy white shade, is also lovely. It’s named after the way its leaves move in the wind, and they can provide a soft, soothing sound as they do so. In addition to being fast-growing, these trees are also easy to grow.

For the best growing conditions, quaking aspens should be planted in an area where they will get full sun to partial shade, at least 4 hours of sun a day. Moist soil is preferred, and it can grow in acidic, sandy, and clay soils. Quaking aspens usually grow at least 2 feet per year, sometimes up to 5 feet. Once fully grown, it will be about 50 feet tall and 20 to 30 feet wide.

It’s a host to different types of butterflies, and its leaves are a food source for caterpillars. The leaves are also eaten by wildlife such as deer and elk.

Hybrid Poplar

This is continuously one of the top recommendations for fast-growing tall trees. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it can increase the value of your property. It grows about 8 feet per year, even up to 10 if it’s in great growing conditions, and can reach 50 to 70 feet tall once mature. So in just a few years, you could have a tree that’s at least 30 feet tall. Because it grows so fast, it will provide shade to your property quickly.

Many varieties are disease resistant, and it’s also known for being a sturdy tree. You’ll also love the silver look of its leaves. Full sun is best for growing, with at least 6 hours per day, as well as acidic, wet soil.

Leyland Cypress

This fast-growing tall tree is a popular choice to use as a privacy screen. The hybrid cypress can grow up to 4 feet per year, reaching 70 feet once mature. If you decide to plant these for a screen on your property, plant them at least 5 to 8 feet apart. Since they grow fast, those gaps between the trees will fill up quickly.

This slender evergreen tree grows best with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. It can grow in most types of soil, including sandy and heavy clay. Once established, it will be drought tolerant. When it comes to upkeep, it can be pruned annually.

Tulip Trees

Tulip trees grow at least 2 feet per year, and the mature height can be as tall as 60 to 90 feet! This tree gets its name from the tulip-like flowers, which will add beauty to your landscape. They’ll bloom in the late spring and are large, shiny, and in shades of orange and yellow. The flowers also provide nectar that will attract hummingbirds to your property, and the nectar also has a sweet scent.

The leaves turn yellow in the fall, so it provides bright color through different seasons. Full sun is the ideal growing condition, and it can grow in different types of soils, including moist, well-drained, and acidic. Tulip trees are also more disease and insect resistant than some other varieties.

No matter what fast-growing tall trees you choose to plant on your property, you should be sure to keep up regular maintenance, such as pruning and trimming. And if you’re concerned your trees show signs of disease, decay, or other problems, know who to contact for an expert opinion. Trust us at Mr. Tree with all your pruning and other tree service needs. We have decades of experience with all different types of trees. You can find out more about us on our website.

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