5 Reasons You Should Leave Tree Removal to the Professionals

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?

We might not know the answer to that age-old riddle, but we do know that a fallen tree on your property can cause significant damage. The best way to be sure this costly mishap doesn’t happen to you, or to safely and efficiently clean up the aftermath if a tree does fall, is with professional tree removal services.

Of course, avoiding the possible damage of a potentially hazardous tree is not the only reason for removing trees from your property. Clearing a building site, taking down trees not suitable for growing conditions, and thinning or making room for other trees to grow are all good reasons for cutting trees.5 Reasons You Should Leave Tree Removal to the Professionals 

Why Professional Tree Removal?

As a property and homeowner, you know how important landscaping is to the value of your investment, from achieving the desired esthetic to staying on top of the care and maintenance of trees, shrubs, and other plantings. When there’s a landscaping job to tackle you want it taken care of as soon as possible and you want it done right.

While some home maintenance or beautification projects are suitable for the challenges and rewards of doing the job yourself, tree removal is not one of them. There’s a lot more to it than determining where you want the tree to fall and notching the trunk to coax it in that approximate direction.

Additionally, if you have mature trees on your property, chances are that sooner or later you’re going to be faced with the need for some significant trimming and possibly removal. In the case of hazardous trees, it’s far better to take them down as a preventive measure than to wait until they fall, taking down everything around them when they do.
When it comes to tree removal Mr. Tree’s skilled professionals know how to do it right.
Here are five good reasons to consider using our professional tree removal services:


Tree removal is a hazardous undertaking and your first consideration should always be safety. The equipment necessary to complete the job, such as chainsaws, aerial lifts, cranes and cable, wood chippers, and stump grinders, can be highly dangerous if not properly used. There’s also the possibility of falling from heights, being hit by debris, taking down live electrical wires or damaging other, potentially dangerous utility structures, such as gas lines.

With Mr. Tree’s professional tree removal services there are no worries. You can rest assured that every precaution for safety is taken on every job.


You might think that taking a tree down yourself will save you money, but that’s a doubtful outcome in the long run. You’ll have to purchase or rent special equipment and tools, driving your costs up while your savings go down.

You should also consider your potential cost of liability in the event of damage to any neighboring properties. You could encounter additional expenses for repair or replacement of structures, fences, vehicles, or other property (yours or your neighbors’) that may be accidentally damaged or destroyed if the tree falls the wrong way. Also, there’s the toll of personal injury, financially and otherwise.

The professionals at Mr. Tree have more than 30 years of experience in both residential and commercial tree care and removal. We are OSHA approved and well trained in the latest climbing and rigging techniques. We have the best equipment for doing the job right and completing it in a safe and timely manner. In the unlikely event of any mishaps, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to cover any and all property damage or injury.

Time and Effort

Professional tree removal saves you both time and effort. Without the skills and experience of our trained professionals, doing it yourself will take longer. That means more time being inconvenienced by limited access and debris on your property.

You’re also more likely to make mistakes that will add to your overall time to complete the project—not to mention your frustration level. In the end, you may have to hire a professional anyway, just to get the job done right. Not only will you end up paying more than if you’d chosen professional tree removal at the start, you won’t even have the satisfaction that comes from doing it yourself.


Getting a hazardous tree safely to the ground without incurring extra expenses, property damage or personal injury, is only half the job. You never realize just how big a tree is until pieces of it are laying in your yard. Branches that weren’t removed before taking the main trunk down have to be trimmed. All of it has to be cut into manageable lengths for transporting from the site by truck or flatbed trailer. You may even have to pay a fee for disposal if you take this on yourself.

Heavy equipment can cause damage to your lawn that needs tending. At the very least, small debris and sawdust must be raked and removed. And what about that unsightly stump? You’ll want that ground down below the surface of your lawn.

With Mr. Tree’s professional tree removal service, all of this is included in the quoted price. Our final goal when the job is complete and our team of professionals leave your property is to leave a satisfied customer behind.

Professional Analysis

If you have damaged or diseased trees on your property, they might have to come down, but how can you be certain? Only an experienced arborist can tell you for sure. The professionals at Mr. Tree can identify and recommend solutions for problems such as soil quality, poor nutrients, pests and parasites, or need for trimming. Often times, preemptive care for the valued trees on your property can save them, and the cost of unwanted removal down the road.

Regardless of your reasons for considering professional tree removal, Mr. Tree’s staff is ready to meet your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate

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