5 Reasons You Should Plant a Pink Dogwood

In Portland, nothing creates quite the buzz of excitement as the spring blooms of our many flowering trees. After months of rain and overcast skies, the beauty of a flowering tree brings joy and eagerness for the warmer days ahead. There is one flowering tree that adds a special display of color to any landscape: Pink Dogwood.

5 Reasons You Should Plant a Pink Dogwood

There are a few varieties of Dogwood that can produce a pink color, but the most common is the Native Flowering Dogwood. While this species is native to the Eastern U.S., you can also find it sprinkled throughout Portland as cultivators have found it thrives in the Western States as well.

If you are looking for a perfect tree to add a vibrant addition to your residential yard or want to create some character for your commercial property, consider planting a Pink Dogwood. You will quickly see that it has a lot more to offer than just a magnificent spring bloom.

Here are five reasons we recommend you plant a Pink Dogwood:

1. They Provide Aesthetic Appeal in Every Season

Pink Dogwoods are cherished for their spring flowers, but one of the more interesting characteristics is the yearlong beauty that will continue to amaze you.

In the spring, this varietal provides a satisfying bloom with a distinct shape. Four large pink bracts open to reveal a small yellow-green flower in the middle. The bracts, which provide the pink color, serve to protect the flower and are commonly mistaken for petals.

The bloom lasts for about two to four weeks between the months of March and June. Once the flowers bloom, they make way for a beautiful display of green leaves that last throughout the summer.

Come autumn, the foliage turns anywhere from red to a deep purple, providing beautiful warm tones to any landscape. Small fruit that look like red berries begin to grow in the summer and ripen in the fall.

Dogwoods are deciduous trees and lose their leaves and fruit in the winter, which provides an opportunity to see the beautiful bark on the trunk and view the interesting branch structure.

2. They Sustain Local Wildlife

One thing that is equally as satisfying to a full blooming tree is watching the ecosystem and habitat that it helps create.

Small animals and over 35 species of birds are attracted to the fruit and seeds of Dogwood. You can enjoy everything squirrel and bird watching has to offer right from your own backyard.

The branch structure of a Dogwood also creates a great location for bird nests. When covered in leaves, the branch canopy effect can provide shade and protection.

In the spring, the flowers also supply nectar to pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

3. They are Great for Residential and Commercial Landscapes

Not only do Pink Dogwoods provide aesthetic character, but they’re also great choices for residential and commercial landscapes due to the size, structure, and natural habitat.

These trees are small to medium in size, growing anywhere from 15 to 50 feet tall. Although they typically grow on the lower to middle end of that spectrum. The branches have a broader span than the tree’s height creating a stretch of canopy that can provide a good deal of shade.

They are great trees to plant near patios or lots because the roots of a Dogwood are shallow, so there are no risks of uplifting concrete or surrounding plant beds.

In the wild, you can find Dogwoods outside conifer forests or near other pines as they are understory trees, making them great additions to landscapes that already have other trees and shrubs.

4. With Proper Guidance, Pink Dogwoods Have a Life Expectancy of 80 Years

To ensure the health and longevity of a Pink Dogwood, there some important steps to take before planting.

They thrive in partial sun, but with proper care can endure a full-sun location. They do best with moist, mildly acidic, and well-drained soil. These are all things you can test for on your own or with guidance from an arborist.

Once you have taken the proper steps in planting a Pink Dogwood, it is easy to maintain.

This tree should be pruned regularly to promote good health, but because of the size, it is a fairly easy task.

Dogwoods are prone to some diseases like Anthracnose, so if you ever see anything unusual with the bracts or leaves, call an arborist right away.

With the proper maintenance and attention, your Pink Dogwoods will last up to 80 years old.

5. Planting a Pink Dogwood Can Save You Money

Planting a Pink Dogwood can add value to your Portland property as it is great at providing shade, will help clean the air, and provides aesthetic value.

Trees are great additions to any yard because they can provide shade during the hot summer months. Tree shade can reduce summer heat in your home, allowing you to conserve electricity and save some money and since Pink Dogwoods have shallow roots, you can plant them close to your home or patio to get an even better stretch of shade to cool your surroundings.

The horizontal branch structure of Dogwood creates a canopy effect, which reduces air contamination from reaching your home. Trees absorb surrounding gas pollutants such as ozone and nitrogen oxide and the leaves trap dust and other unwanted particles. The protection trees can provide from the outside environment helps bring up your property value, especially in urban cities like Portland.

Trees improve your landscape by adding visual appeal, which can also increase the property value by up to 15%. People love trees and how they add to the overall appearance of any landscape. Pink Dogwoods are great for creating space and privacy in a yard as they are smaller in size and have such a beloved visual presence.

Planting a tree as magnificent and cherished as a Pink Dogwood will not only bring you joy year after year, but it can also add financial value to your residential or commercial property.

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