5 Times You Should Definitely Call an Arborist

It’s hard to tell when your trees need some extra help, but below are five times you should call your Portland arborist to give you a hand and ensure that your trees grow to their fullest potential.

1.   When You Decide You Want A Tree       

Whether it’s for your home or for your business, having trees automatically adds value to your property. The trick is picking the correct ones. One of the first things an arborist considers is placement; where your tree will get what it needs to grow. Then consider the location and whether it has nutrient-rich soil, sunlight, and access to rainwater. 

Then there’s choosing the tree itself. It’s important to choose a species that will grow successfully in an environment like Portland and your local arborist can help you make the right choice. Arborists will take into consideration the growth of the tree itself, as well as the root system below so it doesn’t run into any piping from your house or business. The key to a successful tree is the root system, so an arborist makes sure that your soil isn’t too wet or too dry. If it’s too wet, the roots may not get enough oxygen, but if it’s too dry they may dry up. 

Most people don’t consider calling an arborist until something goes wrong, but having an arborist there, in the beginning, can give your trees the head start they need to flourish.

2. When Your Trees Needs A Trim 

Like haircuts, all trees need regular trimming and pruning. This not only helps to keep up the health of your trees, but also ensures the aesthetic of your property or business. 

5 Times You Should Definitely Call an Arborist

Trimming is pretty straightforward. An arborist can safely trim down any renegade branches that are blocking sunlight or may be starting to look a bit overgrown. While trimming is needed to keep a tree looking good, pruning is more involved with the tree’s health. 

Pruning is important for any weight imbalance that may be happening with your tree. If that’s the case, an arborist can strengthen the tree’s structure through bracing, which helps correct the tree’s growth, as well as preventing environmental factors (such as high winds) from causing further damage.
A regular pruning also ensures that any dead or sickly branches are cut away to make sure the tree remains healthy. A regular pruning is especially essential for fruit trees in order for them to keep producing fruit every season. Whether it’s just for looks or for keeping your tree healthy, a Portland arborist can help make sure that your trees succeed in the local environment.   

3. When Your Tree Gets Sick 

Arborists are tree doctors, so when your tree is sick, the best chance of it getting better is by calling your local Portland arborist. There are several things to keep an eye out for when assessing if your tree may be sick. The first thing to check is the roots. Take a look around for any fungus, such as mushrooms or broken roots. These are signs you may be beginning to have internal damage to your tree. 

Bark can crack due to shifting seasons, but it’s important to keep track of the cracks and see if they have any signs of decay. Up in the canopy, the two things to look for are the health of your branches and leaves. If the branches don’t have leaves growing on them, or if you have dead fallen branches, then it may be time to call the arborist to make sure the branches don’t impact the rest of the tree. 

For the leaves themselves, if you see leaves with brown spots or if the leaves fall earlier then it may be a sign your tree has a leaf disease. Besides disease, there are other factors that can harm your tree’s health. Harmful insects can go after the sap of the tree, the leaves, and the roots. Arborists can find the correct chemicals to rid your trees of pests or can help you combat insects with beneficial insects that help keep your local ecosystem running smoothly.  

4. When Your Tree Needs to Go 

Ideally, when trees are dead or dying, it’s best to handle the problem before a Portland storm comes in and decides to take care of the problem for you. 

Once a tree begins to die it becomes a hazard for your property. A Portland arborist can assess whether a tree needs to be taken down or if there’s a chance of saving the tree. If it does need to be removed, an arborist is trained to safely remove the tree without causing damage to your property. 

Of course, it’s better if the problem can be discovered before the tree falls, but in the event of a storm or emergency, an arborist can also be there to make sure everything is removed. That also includes getting rid of the stump itself. 

One of the hardest parts of removing a tree is the stump and the root system below. A trained tree specialist has the tools and expertise to remove it accurately. If the tree is coming down, the best way to do it is on your schedule and in a professional’s hands.    

5. When You’re in Above Your Head 

A lot of gardeners want to take care of their own plants, but when it comes to trees it’s important to have the right expertise. While you may have some experience with a chainsaw, an arborist is trained and prepared with equipment to take care of your trees without any risk to you. 

If the tree is sick, the limbs may also be weak, so having an arborist who knows where to climb and not to climb, keeps you safe. The final safety precaution is for the height of the tree itself. The higher the tree, the more dangerous it can be for someone who is untrained. An arborist can safely get up into the tree to take care of any trimming needs. Rather than risk yourself, it’s better to call your Portland arborist to safely care for your trees.

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