5 Trees with Special Meaning

There are many factors that may go into your decision of what trees to use for your landscape. One way to choose can be by planting trees that have certain special meanings. Because trees are such an integral part of our lives, it’s no wonder people have assigned symbolism to different species over the years. In fact, almost every tree has a rich history throughout different cultures. Read on below to find out about five of our favorite trees with special meaning.


The special meaning of oak trees is just one of the reasons why they’re so beloved. Oak trees are a symbol of courage and power, and some even call it the most powerful tree. They’re popular because of their strength and resilience, as well as their unique growth pattern, expansive canopy, and gorgeous leaves.

Oak trees can last for hundreds of years. Because of their longevity and size, some other special meanings include wisdom and honor, as well as strength of character. In ancient European cultures, oak trees were regarded as the king of the forest, due to their strength and steadiness. They are also considered to be very spiritual, which is where the term “Holy Oak” comes from. The trees are believed to be like spiritual guardians that can provide comfort and solace. Because of that special meaning, many places of worship are surrounded by oak trees.

They can also symbolize health, luck, resistance, morale, and survival. Oaks are also believed to be a healing tree, for the heart and soul, as well as the body in general. Native Americans would use bark from oak trees to treat frostbite, and there are also old remedies that involve using the bark for headaches.


5 Trees with Special Meaning - cherry blossom

Cherry trees symbolize good fortune and luck when they bloom, and they also mean love, adoration, and romance. The lush cherry blossoms bloom once a year and are only around for a short time. Because of this, some see the tree’s bloom as a reminder that life is short and that people should live every day to the fullest.

While they grow in many places, they’re very much tied to Japanese culture. Japan has an annual festival, Hanami, to celebrate the cherry blossoms. Some also connect the trees with Japan’s architectural rebirth in the eighth century.

In Native American symbolism, they represent compassion and strong expression. Cherry trees can also symbolize happiness, mindfulness, awakenings, and rebirth. Some of the special meanings are perhaps because of the different health benefits that cherries themselves have.


Because of their year-round beauty, birch trees symbolize hope and new beginnings. Even after its soft green leaves fall off, the spare shape and slender trunk, with its peeling, shiny white bark, is still a lovely sight.

They are one of the first trees to grow back leaves, so they are connected to the start of spring. In Chinese culture, the trees symbolize protection and rejuvenation. Other special meanings of these trees include protection, purification, and love.

In Native American culture, their meaning includes truth and the cleansing of the past for a new beginning. The bark of these trees was very important to Native Americans, who used it in many different ways, including baskets, shoes, and artwork. Also, because of all the special meanings behind the birch tree, the wood has been used in cribs for babies.


Maple trees symbolize balance, offering, practical magic, promise, longevity, generosity, and intelligence. One reason behind these meanings is that maple trees have the ability to adapt to many different soil types and climates. The maple syrup produced from these trees was an important food source for Native Americans and has come to represent success and abundance.

A specific type of maple tree, the striking Japanese maple, symbolizes grace, great blessing, serenity of the elements, and peaceful retreat. It’s especially beloved because of its beauty and star-shaped leaves. In Japan, this maple tree is sometimes referred to as momiji, which means either “baby’s hands” or “becomes crimson leaves.”

It’s also a ritual in Japan to visit the mountains every fall to see that the maple leaves have turned to that crimson color. And the leaves appear as a motif in Japanese ukiyo-e paintings. Deer also appear in these paintings with the leaves because both are symbols of the arrival of fall.


Dogwood trees are one of the most popular landscape trees in the country. Their special meanings include loyalty, safety, kindness, fertility, stability, determination, wishes, and protection. In Native American culture, dogwood trees could symbolize good luck. While their flowers appear gentle and small, they’re actually strong enough to endure harsh conditions. This is why these trees are a symbol of durability.The

dogwood tree is also a reoccurring symbol in Christianity. There’s a legend that the wood used to make the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified was from a dogwood tree. Because of this legend, it has also become associated with Easter, as a symbol of renewal, rebirth, resurrection, and new beginnings.

In addition to these five, there are many other trees with special meaning. Because of their beauty, Wisteria trees represent romance. Redwood symbolizes forever, the elm inner strength and love, and pine trees humility. Fir trees represent springtime, fortitude, and immortality. Poplars abundance, independence, and resilience. Willows symbolize inner wisdom, dreams, harmony, and freedom. Because willow trees can regrow a new tree by putting a healthy branch into the moist soil in late winter or spring, these trees also symbolize renewal, growth, and immortality.

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