Are Privacy Trees the Answer You’ve Been Looking For?

You love your home, of course, but it’s not without its downsides. Maybe the view when you look outside isn’t what you were hoping for. Perhaps you live near a busy street and are forced to endure the noise of traffic on a daily basis. Maybe you’ve found that it’s difficult to enjoy your backyard whenever it’s windy due to all the dust and dirt stirred up and whipped around. Whatever the problem may be, you’ve been looking for a solution.

Maybe you’ve considered building a tall fence around your home to block the unsightly view and keep the wind away. Fences are heavily regulated by local ordinance, however, and might not be allowed to be tall enough, not to mention the fact that they can become eyesores themselves.

So perhaps the answer you’re looking for is a more natural one. If that’s the case, privacy trees may be just what you’re looking for and didn’t know you needed, until now.

Are Privacy Trees the Answer You’ve Been Looking For

What Are Privacy Trees?

If you’re trying to keep your area protected from the elements (and the prying eyes of neighbors), then you’ve probably considered a number of solutions. Among the most elegant of these solutions is to simply plant a row of trees along the border of your property. This has a number of benefits over other types of privacy screens.

Benefits of Privacy Trees

You might already know some of the benefits to having trees on your property: they boost curb appeal, attract beneficial insects, and help to purify the air. Often, they can even increase the value of your home.

Trees have particular benefits when it comes to privacy as well. First, they are sustainable and eco-friendly. If you’re looking to minimize your impact on your environment, planting trees will always be a better option than installing invasive hardscaping.

Trees also have the advantage of versatility; you can choose from one of any number of different types of trees, depending on your needs. Some are tall, some are shorter, some wider, and some narrower. Trees, of course, come in a variety of colors, and some can provide dazzling changes throughout the year. Chances are, no matter what your needs are, you can find a tree that will be perfectly suited to the situation.

Choosing the Right Tree

Before you jump to planting, you’ll need to do a little research. You will want to discover what kind of soil you have on your property—different trees thrive on different kinds of soil—and take into consideration the climate in your area. You’ll also need to ask questions, such as, “How tall do I want my trees to be?” Find out if your city has a height limit for trees and choose a species that will stay below that restriction.

Your other option, of course, is to choose a different tree type and prune it whenever it threatens to get too tall, but this can mean a great deal of work over the years.

If you are primarily planting your privacy trees to absorb noise pollution, dense branches and long needles are your best bet. If you’re simply trying to cover up an unsightly view and are not too worried about noise, you can opt for taller, skinnier trees.

If you’re unsure of the answers to any of these questions, you can contact your local arborists and they can offer useful advice.

Most Popular Privacy Trees

Here are a few great options to get you started:

Leyland Cypress

If you need a lot of coverage in a large area, the Leyland cypress is one of your best choices. It grows to a height of nearly 60 feet, meaning that it can block wind, rain, and snow for even the tallest houses. Due to its height, however, it will likely not be suitable if you’re looking for coverage in a smaller area. The Leyland cypress is a fast-growing tree and does best in mild climates. It requires full sunlight and has a strong tolerance for salt, making it a top option for homes near the coast. This particular tree, however, does not do well in hot climates because of its shallow root system.

Flowering Dogwood

If you’re looking for a popular choice with a lot of dazzling colors, look no further than the flowering dogwood. This is a smaller tree, reaching a maximum height of about 25 feet, and it usually requires about 3 to 6 hours of sunlight per day. It also reaches a width of about 25 feet, making it perfect for blocking your view of an ugly road or keeping your neighbors from seeing into your space. The biggest draw that the dogwood tree has to offer is its colorful flowers, which can come in white, pink, and red, among others. It’s not simply a popular tree among people, either—beneficial insects and birds love the flowering dogwood.

Eastern Redcedar

Another tree that’s perfect if you have a large property and need a lot of protection from the elements is the eastern redcedar. It can reach heights of nearly 60 feet tall. As an evergreen tree, the eastern redcedar will provide you with a privacy screen throughout the year, blocking out the harsh, cold wind of winter and providing you with comforting shade during the summer season. Cedar trees are also known for their attractive scent, which will make your backyard a pleasant place to spend time year-round.

Spartan Juniper

For a smaller space, the Spartan juniper is a small- to medium-sized tree that grows to a height of 15 feet and a width of no more than 5 feet. It will provide thick branch cover, making it an ideal selection for creating a privacy fence and blocking out wind and rain. This particular tree requires more than six hours of sunlight per day and tends to prefer dry soil.

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