What Is the Best Time of Year to Hire a Tree Service?

To keep your trees healthy and well cared for, you should hire a professional tree service. While there is plenty you can do on your own, having a professional stop by on occasion will really make a difference. Read on below to learn about the best time of year to hire a tree service company.

To start, you should know that there isn’t necessarily one correct answer. No trees are exactly alike. The species of trees you have, for example, can be a major factor that influences the best time of year to hire a tree service.

It can also depend on what specific tree services you need. Typically, that’s tree trimming, tree pruning, or tree removal.

Tree Trimmingmr-tree-what-is-the-best-time-of-year-to-hire-a-tree-service

Winter is commonly thought to be the best time of year to hire a tree trimming service. The trees are bare, making it easy to see trouble spots. Also, trimming at this time of year encourages more and better spring growth.

However, many recommend saving this service for the latter end of the season, once the coldest temperatures have passed. This is because the tree is extra vulnerable to damage in extremely low temperatures.

Why winter? Pretty much any tree is good with winter trimming. If done correctly, that is. This is why hiring a professional tree service is so important.
Some recommend early spring as the best time of year to hire a tree trimming service. This is because it’s an optimal time to tell which branches should be cut. For trees that bloom in the later summer months, spring is probably the better time to trim instead of winter.

Trees that can be trimmed during the summer include maples, birches, elms, dogwoods, and walnuts.

And what about tree trimming in the autumn months? Well, that’s probably the worst time to hire a tree service. Why? Because cuts or damage to trees take longer to heal in the fall. This leaves the trees far more susceptible to harmful diseases and infestations.

Tree Pruning

Different times of the year can also be recommended as the best time to hire a tree pruning service. This is because of the different types of trees and the impact of their growing cycles.

For most trees, sticking to the late winter/early spring stage is key. Specifically, some recommend February as the best time of year to hire a tree service for pruning. You want to make sure the trees will be able to heal quickly from the cuts inflicted by pruning. And late winter is when they have more of the strength to do so. You want the trees to heal, and heal quickly, because cuts are unfortunately susceptible to pests and diseases.

However, there are some possible exceptions and/or specifications.

  • Late winter is good, generally. But if the weather forecast predicts a sudden drop in the temperature, a cold front, or upcoming frost, then hold off on pruning until even later in the season.
  • For fruit trees, the later in winter the better. Pruning in early winter will only make these trees more sensitive to the type of damage that can occur from harsh weather conditions over the season.
  • Deciduous trees are best pruned in the early spring, from February to April. Examples of these types of trees include larches.
  • There are also certain trees that will bleed sap when they are pruned in late winter. These include maple, willow, beech, and birch trees. If you do not want to deal with the trees bleeding this much, you might want to hold off until later in the spring.

Also, like tree trimming, fall is more or less the worst time of year to hire a tree pruning service.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is the type of service you don’t want to need to hire anyone for. And in most cases, it should definitely be a last resort. However, sometimes, the best way to save the other trees on your property is to let a damaged, diseased, and/or decaying tree go. Losing one tree is a lot easier than losing them all.

So, that being said, what is the best time of year to hire a tree removal service?

To start, if you think the tree poses an immediate danger to people or objects on your property, the best time for removal is as soon as possible. For instance, the tree may have a serious pest problem, like the emerald ash borer. These pests can easily move to nearby trees. You may want to consult a professional arborist. They can use their expert knowledge to tell you if the tree needs to come down now or if you can wait until an optimal season.

As with tree trimming, many believe the best time to hire a tree removal service is in the winter or early spring. Again, trees are dormant and bare in the winter. This makes it easier to see how extensive the problem really is. It also makes it easier for a tree service company to remove it. The trees are usually lighter without their leaves, fruits, and flowers. And it’s easier for the technicians to cut off the branches.

Tree removal is often cheaper if it’s done in the winter months of the year. However, the cost of tree removal can depend on a number of different factors. Does the tree have any elements that will make it a harder, more involved job? Then the time of year likely won’t have that much of an impact on the cost.

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