When to Call for Emergency Tree Services

When it comes to trees, the best thing to do is take a proactive approach. Pruning, trimming, and shaping your tree on a regular basis will help it stay healthier longer. By taking such preventative measures, you’ll be able to save money over time because your tree will be less likely to require emergency tree services, which can be costly.

However, it’s entirely possible that your tree may become diseased or unhealthy through no fault of your own. At Mr. Tree, we’ve nursed quite a few trees back to health over the years. We’ll let you know exactly when to give us a call for emergency tree services. When you need our help, we’re here for you 24/7.
When to Call for Emergency Tree Services
First, it’s important to remember that you should be overly cautious when it comes to tree services. If you are uncertain of your tree’s condition, contact one of our expert arborists for an on-site evaluation. Our arborists will be able to assess the structural integrity of your tree, as well as its overall condition. But you might be able to tell whether your tree is in the best health by looking for a few things on your own.

For instance, if your tree is cracked or splitting, this is a sign that its structure may be compromised. Cracks in trees are often caused by environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures. These cracks are naturally occurring and may heal on their own, but in certain situations, they could potentially pose a danger to your tree’s health. Cracks in a tree’s bark can become a breeding ground for insect activity. If you suspect that your tree has become infested, contact one of our certified arborists immediately for an inspection.

Storms are another environmental factor that can do damage to your tree. Strong winds can dislodge branches and in some instances, even uproot the tree itself. That’s why it’s important to properly maintain your trees and have them regularly inspected by a certified arborist. In the event that heavy storm conditions damage your tree, there are a few steps you’ll want to take. While it may be possible to remove smaller broken branches yourself, you should contact your local arborist immediately if you notice any large limbs have become loose as they could pose a safety threat.

You should also contact a professional arborist for emergency tree services if you suspect that your tree is dead or decaying. There are a few tests you can do yourself to determine the condition of your tree. First, bend some of the smaller tree branches. If you notice that they snap easily, your tree is more than likely in poor health.

You can also perform what is known as the tree scratch test. Simply take a pocketknife or other sharp instrument and carefully scratch the outer layer of bark. You want to create a shallow cut in the tree’s outer bark-just enough to expose the inner layer known as the cambium. If the tree’s cambium is green, the tree is still alive. If the cambium is brown, the tree is most likely dead.

While many insects are beneficial, occasionally your tree may succumb to an infestation by predatory insects. Boring insects are among the most harmful. Regularly inspect your tree’s trunk for early detection. If you notice any holes in the bark, mounds of sawdust at the tree’s base, or if the tree’s crown begins to wilt, it may be infested.

Sucking insects can also do damage to your tree. Common symptoms include scaly formations on the branches or the presence of sooty mold on leaves, which is caused by the insects’ production of honeydew. If your tree has any visible symptoms of predatory insects, contact Mr. Tree for the right solution.

You’ll also want to pay careful attention to how and where a tree is growing. If you notice a tree is leaning, that could be a sign of weakened roots. If the tree is leaning more than 15% from a vertical position, it should be removed.

There are some instances when a tree is perfectly healthy, but you’ll need to consult with an arborist anyway because of the tree’s location. For example, any tree growing near power lines should be trimmed back. This is definitely not something a homeowner should do his or herself. Working near power lines is a dangerous job that should only be left to professionals. Call Mr. Tree right away if you notice that your tree’s branches are encroaching on power lines.

You should also be careful that a tree is not growing too close to your home. Make sure that a tree’s branches aren’t hanging over the roof of your home, for instance. Overgrown roots and branches can cause a host of problems. In general, it’s a good rule of thumb to remember that large trees should be planted at least 20 feet away from your home and smaller trees should be planted at least six feet away.

While any of these situations is a good indicator that you should contact a certified arborist, your tree may not be a lost cause. At Mr. Tree, we will do everything possible to restore your tree’s health. For instance, professional tree service companies such as ours are able to perform emergency tree services such as cabling and bracing. These techniques are able to improve the tree’s structural integrity and remedy problems such as splitting limbs or trunks. One of our arborists can perform an onsite evaluation to determine if your tree will benefit from one of these services.

Delaying the removal or service of your tree will only cause its condition to worsen. Trees can be dangerous when they are severely damaged or weakened. They could potentially topple over causing a threat to both your family and property. So don’t delay.

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