5 Tips for Choosing a Tree for a Small Garden

Choosing a tree for a small garden is a great idea. Well-positioned trees that don’t have the potential to outgrow the small space in which they are planted look visually appealing, while still providing you with the shade you need. Most people don’t know where to start when choosing and planting a tree or how to properly care for the trees in their garden. The experts at Mr. Tree can help you get started. Here are five tips for choosing a tree for a small garden:

  1. Understand the Significance of the Size of Your Garden Space

You should always consider the size and area of your garden space before choosing a tree for your small garden. You need to consider how large your garden is so you can choose a tree that will have enough room to grow without any restriction. For a small garden, you definitely don’t want to select trees with the potential to grow overly big. They’ll swallow up the whole space. You also don’t want trees that are too small, as they might not live up to your original objectives. Your choice of tree to plant has to be the right fit for that area you’ve mapped out.

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The location of your garden space is also of immense significance. You may want to watch out for potential hazard areas such as under the power lines so you don’t have to worry about your trees touching them when they become fully grown. You also might want to consider where the tree’s shadow falls throughout the day. You wouldn’t want your tree to deprive anything growing in your garden of the right amount of sunlight that it needs to thrive.

  1. Research Your Choice of Tree

There are many different species of trees that grow well in Oregon and Washington. Don’t just choose your trees randomly. Do some research. First, determine the primary motivation for planting the tree. Is it just for the shade? Aesthetics? Fruit purposes? Perhaps a combination of any or all of the three. Questions like this will help you narrow in on finding the right fit for your garden.

Choosing a tree for a small garden might seem challenging, especially if you have no prior experience selecting or growing them. If you were hoping to DIY this project but are worried about choosing the wrong tree, you can’t go wrong by asking for help. Hiring the right tree expert could save you stress, money, and time.

  1. Filter for the Right Conditions

When choosing a tree for a small garden, remember to consider the environment where your garden is situated. What are the growing conditions? You need to know the amount of sunlight it receives daily, the soil quality and texture, how moist the ground is, and so on. Not all trees can thrive in sandy soil, for example. Some need heavy clay or loamy soil for optimal growth. Some trees thrive better when they have access to full sunlight, that is direct sunlight for at least six hours a day. Other trees are better with partial sun or partial shade. Pay attention to the circumstances offered by your garden.

A lot of trees will grow in Oregon yards, but when confronted with a choice between exotic tree species and the indigenous species, go for the indigenous varieties. They are more disease-resistant. They also are more likely to draw a variety of local birds and insects.

  1. Have a Clear Picture of What the Tree Will Look Like at Different Times Within the Year

If aesthetics and curb appeal are important to you, be aware of what to expect from your tree season to season. Deciduous trees change colors and then shed their leaves in fall and take on a new appearance in winter. However, evergreen trees, as their name implies, retain their green appearance all through the year. Both types will provide shade in summer, but evergreens will also protect against the harsh winds of the winter. But if that’s not a concern, and you’d rather have the sunlight during the winter, a deciduous tree would make a great choice.

The frequency of maintenance for your tree will vary due to changing seasons and the type of tree planted. You might want to save yourself the stress and go for trees that don’t require much maintenance.

  1. Keeping the Growth of Trees Contained

When choosing a tree for a small garden, you should consider the tree’s physical attributes. Lift it out of the container to check for any twists or bends in the roots and trunk. As this can be difficult to straighten, it’s advisable to choose a tree that has a straight trunk.

A different option, especially for small gardens where there’s limited planting and growing space, opting for container-grown trees might be a great way to go.

Another alternative to explore is to plant a narrow tree in your small garden. That way, it’s less likely to outgrow the available space in your garden. Narrow trees like the sky pencil holly tree or skyrocket juniper are great options for a good fit for your small garden.

Planting and Caring for Your Tree

Choosing a tree for a small garden can be quite demanding. It involves good planning and patience, but it’s worth the work when your garden looks beautiful. Proper maintenance helps to keep your tree looking great and in the best health and shape possible. Mr. Tree specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial tree services. With a team of professional and certified arborists, be rest assured to get the exceptional tree services that you deserve. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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