5 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Tree Company on Retainer

It’s not always obvious to business owners why they would want to have a commercial tree services company on retainer, especially because they recognize the added cost to their already expensive undertaking. However, it’s essential to know where to turn when a sudden storm or accident hits, causing tree damage that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. While it may seem unnecessary at first, especially for those already working with a gardener, only a tree specialist will truly be able to provide needed services, especially when an emergency arises.

5 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Tree Company on Retainer

Here are just some reasons a commercial tree services expert should be on call when your company needs it most.

Knowing Precautions to Take

Unless you’ve been in the field for years, you may not know what obstacles can come into play during work, and you want to protect yourself from any accidents that can occur. The bottom line is that you should never put your own safety at risk to try to maintain or remove a tree yourself, which is why you should have a company on retainer. If there are any questions, give them a call and they will come and do the work for you. While you may think you can get the job done, and you may even be right, it’s well worth the precaution. If you have an accident, you can be badly injured or worse. Pick up the phone and call the professionals who do this kind of work every day, especially if they’re already on the payroll.

Preparation and Cleanup

Did you know it takes hours to even prepare to do a job when it comes to tree maintenance and removal? Do you have that much free time to sacrifice? If so, know exactly what you need to do, and make sure you have the proper resources available to do it. What exactly accumulates this time? Tree removal and/or trimming, stump grinding, land clearing and other tasks need to be taken care of. You can’t be whimsical with work like this because it can lead to safety hazards if done the incorrect way.  

Safety of Other Trees

If you have a diseased tree, you need to make sure to properly remove it in a way that ensures the other trees don’t get infected. If you’re not a commercial tree services professional, you may not know the right way to ensure this is accomplished, which is why we suggest relying on the experts to do the job, especially if they’re on retainer.

The fact that you’ve already hired them means you trust them to do work that’s needed, so make sure you get what you paid for. You’re better off just having them do the work so you can have the peace of mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean other trees aren’t infected, but a professional will know how to remove the affected trees without inflicting any damage to the surrounding greenery.

Sometimes, Less is More

When you see issues arise with your tree, you may assume it needs to be removed, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, simply pruning or trimming a tree will help bring it back and make it the vibrant tree it once was. But you’re not the professional. The reason you have a professional company on retainer is so they can make a judgment call in times like this. There’s no reason to remove a tree simply because you lack the proper knowledge to make that assessment. Commercial tree services professionals can come, give you their honest take on the situation and let you know whether or not removal is necessary. If not, they can advise you to have your gardener move forward with proper pruning or trimming to alleviate the issues, which would undoubtedly cost less than the complete removal of a tree. In this case, jumping to removal could cost you unnecessary money. You don’t want to waste money that you could have allocated to more important resources. You also don’t want to remove a tree just to remove a tree. You should only start the removal process if it’s absolutely mandatory, especially since Portland does have strict tree requirements in place.

You Don’t Have the Right Tools for the Job

You may be able to handle a lot of the elements of tree removal yourself, but you do not have the heavy machinery that makes the job much easier. You also most likely don’t have the manpower, because both of these things could be quite expensive. If you have a company on retainer, they can come and do the work in far less time, and they will have the proper equipment to do it right. Not only does this help prevent accidents, but it ensures the tree is securely eliminated from the property without affecting the nearby greenery. If you want to replace the tree, these professionals can handle that task for you as well. Sometimes, especially in a case like this, it’s best to spend a little, as it’ll save you more down the road.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you want to have a commercial tree service company on retainer to do your work, but we advise it strongly. The risks of doing things yourself or passing them on to a gardener far outweigh the rewards. Sure, the work may be done right, but there’s also a chance damage is caused to the landscape. Ultimately, avoiding unnecessary risks is the best way to go, and that means you should call the pros to do the job right.

If you do decide to hire a company on retainer, be diligent with your research. That means looking up companies and reading customer reviews. Make sure each company is licensed and insured. Ultimately, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You want the work to be done right, and calling commercial tree services professionals is the first step to making sure this happens.

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