Does the Bird Also Help the Tree?

When we think of the relationship birds and trees share, the first thing that comes to our mind is the way trees benefit birds.

Birds depend on trees for various reasons—they provide areas for shelter, mating, and feeding; their branches and limbs are used for forming nests; they offer food in the form of seeds, nectar, berries, and buds; and their crevices are used by birds to hide and store food. Basically, birds benefit in every possible way from trees.

However, you will be surprised to know that this isn’t a one-way relationship. In fact, birds and trees share a symbiotic relationship. If you’re asking, “Does the bird also help the tree?” then you’ll be interested to know that it very well does. Here are five essential ways in which birds help trees.

Aid Pollination

There are some birds, such as hummingbirds, sunbirds, orioles, among others, that serve as pollinators, which means they move pollen from one flower to another. Pollination helps in fertilization and promotes the development and evolution of trees. In the absence of birds, many trees would be unable to reproduce and produce fruits, as they solely depend on bird pollinators.

These birds that aid in pollination are often attracted to flowers with bright colors and attractive scents because they produce nectar. It’s interesting to note how flowers are shaped to make way for pollination. They have long, narrow tubes that allow birds to stick their beaks into and come in contact with the pollen grains from the flowers’ reproductive organs. While birds feed on nectar, the plants dust the large, sticky pollen grains onto their feathers, which they then help carry to other plants.

Does the Bird Also Help the Tree

Disperse Seeds

Seed dispersal is a crucial ecological process that involves the movement of seeds from parent plants to other areas. This helps plants and trees grow in favorable conditions and maintains diversity. The idea is that plants don’t grow near the parent plant and compete with it for nutrients.

It’s fascinating to see how birds help disperse seeds. When birds feed on fruits, the seeds come out in their feces, as they’re undigestible. In this way, birds unknowingly transfer seeds to areas where they are able to grow healthily.

There are other ways, too, in which birds help scatter seeds, such as by carrying them on their claws, beaks, or feathers.

Reduce Insects

If you spot insects such as beetles, aphids, crickets, grasshoppers, or others lurking around in your backyard, you know they could spell trouble. Not only do they spread human diseases, but they also damage trees and stunt their growth by feeding on them above and below the ground. Whether it’s feeding on foliage, sucking sap, laying eggs to damage tissues, or even transmitting tree diseases, insects are truly a nuisance.

Ultimately, all the effort you put into maintaining the beautiful landscape in your yard can go to waste due to the irreversible tree damage caused by insects.

If you’re not a fan of insecticides, you’ll be happy to know that birds might just be the answer to all your insect woes. Yes, having birds around is an organic, surefire way to keeping insects at bay because several bird species tend to feed on insects, thereby protecting you and your trees.

Control Weeds

Talking about nuisances, weeds are another one. They appear unannounced and impact tree growth. While some are barely visible, the invasive ones can really create a ruckus.

Weeds are alarming because they compete with the other vegetation for space, water, sunlight, and nutrients and grow at a rapid rate. In serious cases, one might have to eventually get rid of a tree to eradicate the weeds. Hence, the presence of weeds turns out to be severely damaging.

Well, birds come to the rescue once again. Species such as sparrows, crows, blackbirds, among others, are known to feed on weed seeds. These seed-eating birds help control weeds and reduce the need for herbicides infused with chemicals.

Fertilize Soils

No one likes the sight of bird poop or the task of cleaning it up, but did you know that bird droppings make for great soil fertilizers?

They do. Droppings consist of nitrogen and phosphorus, which when added to compost can be used as a natural fertilizer. In fact, one study revealed that trees were able to grow much better in areas with bird droppings.

Now you know the answer to, “Does the bird also help the tree?”

Isn’t it beautiful to know how nature takes care of itself and how ecosystems function? The presence of birds in your yard truly signifies a healthy environment and happens to be beneficial for your trees and you.

So why not attract birds and create a safe space for them in your yard? That might mean setting up nesting boxes, hanging bird feeders, planting native trees to attract native birds, growing bushes and shrubs, digging out a small pond to provide a water source, or something as simple as maintaining your yard and keeping it bird-friendly. After all, you can’t ask if the bird also helps the tree if you don’t take care of your trees, right?

Maintaining trees involves landscaping, pruning, shaping, trimming, and removing problematic or diseased trees that may pose a danger to the surroundings.

Unfortunately, tree care isn’t as simple as it sounds. It demands commitment and dedication. If it’s not your cup of tea, we completely understand, and that is what we’re here for.

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