Don’t Forget to Think About Width When Choosing a Tree

Choosing the right tree to plant on your property is an involved decision, requiring a lot of forethought and planning far into the future. When you plant a tree, you hope to enjoy it for years and years to come. Light conditions, climate, and many other things have to be accounted for, but here’s one thing you might be forgetting: width! The circumference of a tree should have an effect on your decision making, as it will directly relate to the kind of space you are working in.

Every homeowner faces a different situation, though, and what works for one person might not work for another. There’s nothing you can’t handle without a little research, and maybe a helping hand from your friendly Oregon tree service. Here are some different situations where you want to make sure you’re thinking about a tree’s width.

Your Own Little World

Don't Forget to Think About Width When Choosing a TreeLet’s say you’re working with a small garden in your backyard. Fragrant flowers, climbing vines, maybe even birds flitting back and forth. It’s a peaceful little corner of the world where you can retreat. What would be the ideal kind of tree for that kind of environment? Obviously it can’t be anything too large; otherwise your entire garden will consist of a single tree. You have to be mindful of the roots as well, or else they might spread too far and start causing some damage. This is where planning with an Oregon tree service comes in. A professional opinion can not only help you make the right plant choice, but can help you plan your garden for success. The first thing you should know is this: A small garden calls for a tree with a smaller, manageable width.

One trusted standby is the Japanese maple. The width can be quite manageable, depending on the variety, and it’s well suited for the Oregon climate. With a diameter of about ten inches, the size is more than reasonable. Beyond the size of it, the tree is easy to maintain and manage in a limited space. Japanese Maples also have beautiful coloring, particularly once fall rolls around. It’s a great option for if you’re working in limited space, and a gorgeous one as well.

Another option with a pop of color is the Cercis, or Redbud, tree. Bright flowers bloom in the spring, adding splashes of purple-pink to your garden. The trunk’s width is small enough to not take up too much room in your garden, allowing you to leave plenty of space open. There are several different types as well; depending on what specific dimensions or features you’re looking for. Check with an Oregon tree service to make sure you plant a varietal to your tastes and that can thrive in the climate, and you’ll be set!

The Big Front Yard

Maybe you’re looking to add a little something in front of your house? Something that isn’t quite a massive redwood, but will still make an impression from the street? You’ve got a little more wiggle room for tree width, but still have to make sure it won’t take over the entire yard or damage the pavement. At this point, you might want to reach out to that Oregon tree service for some insights and help, but before you do you should decide what kind of tree you’re interested in!

Oregonians are well acquainted with their evergreens. The region is known for them, and here’s your opportunity to have one of your own! In particular, you should look into the Pacific madrone. Since the tree is native to the region, you can trust that it will flourish in your yard. The trunk gets to be about two to three feet in diameter, which while much larger than a garden tree is by no means unreasonable in a wider front yard.

You can also branch out to something definitely not native to Oregon, the Southern magnolia. Despite it being from the opposite end of the country, the Southern Magnolia does surprisingly well in the Pacific Northwest. Like the Pacific madrone, the width is about two to three feet. The lovely white flowers produced give off the scent of lemons, adding to the character of your yard. Not all varietals are suited for the Oregon weather, so it’s definitely worth consulting your Oregon tree service to make sure you’re getting one that can handle the climate.

Go Big or Go Home

Maybe a small garden just isn’t what you’re in the market for. What you call a yard, others call a field. Thinner trees would just get swallowed up in the vast area you have to work in. You’ve got the space, so why not use it? If you want to go this route, it bears mentioning that large trees should absolutely be handled with the help of a professional Oregon tree service. Tree work is dangerous, especially with larger trees. Be safe, and get ready to build up your own forest!

The Douglas fir is a classic choice for a larger tree. While many people just enjoy them during the holiday season, there is no reason you can’t have one in your yard and enjoy it all year round! The diameter of a Douglas fir ranges from five to eight feet, a number that should not be forgotten. They are long-lived, iconic trees of the region, and would make an excellent addition to any property that has the space for them.

Another great option for a wider tree is the Western hemlock. Like the Douglas fir, it is native to the region, flourishing up and down the Pacific Northwest. The trunk can grow to a diameter of nine feet, growing up to exceptionally tall heights. In fact, it’s the largest tree within the hemlock species! It’s used as an ornamental tree where space is provided, even earning the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. If you have the space for a tree of it’s height and width, the Western hemlock makes an excellent addition to your property.

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