Did You Know That Fall is a Great Time for Planting a Tree

Many people believe that trees should only ever be planted in the springtime. They figure that spring is the time for growth and that any trees and plants should already be established by the fall and winter.

While it’s true that spring can be the perfect time to plant many different varieties of tree, this is far from the only time you can do so. In fact, there are plenty of types of tree you can plant during the fall as well. In this article, we’ll list just of few of them, along with a few tips for planting a tree so that it can grow and thrive throughout the year.Did You Know Fall is a Great Time for Planting a Tree

The Fall

Before you start the process of fall planting, we should define when exactly that is. The important thing to remember is that you need to have your trees established before the frost arrives. Generally, this will be in late September through November at the latest. If you wait too long, this can be detrimental to the growth of the tree as its roots will not have time to take hold and grow strong before the ground begins to freeze. The ideal time to plant a tree is when it’s moderately cool and the ground is a bit wet; but before it becomes so cold that ice will damage the roots of your tree.

Reasons to Plant During Fall

There are a few benefits that come with planting during fall that you won’t be able to take advantage of during the rest of the year. Many people choose trees based on the beautiful foliage they produce during the autumn months. If you choose the tree you want at this time of year, you will already be able to see and enjoy the autumnal colors.

Planting during the autumn allows the tree to become well established by the following summer; as a result, the tree will already be equipped to resist the heat of summer and potential drought conditions. There is also a potential benefit if you’re seeking trees to buy at the local nursery; that is the benefit of cost. As fall is still considered something of an off-season when shopping for trees, you can often score some great deals buying your saplings then. The trick is to make sure that you thoroughly inspect everything you consider buying. You do not want to end up with a tree that has been left in the heat and damaged during the summer.

Tips for Planting a Tree During Fall

When selecting a tree to plant during the fall season, you will have to remember that the tree needs to become established fairly quickly. After a scant few weeks, the tree will have to be able to resist the frosts of winter. Not much longer after that, when summer rolls around, the tree will need to be able to survive the lack of water and nutrition during those hot months. If you are looking to plant a tree that is a little slower to take root, we recommend doing so during the springtime.

The Best Trees to Plant During Fall

As we’ve mentioned, not every species of tree will thrive during the autumn. There are a number of species, however, that will provide growers with a rewarding experience if planted between September and November.


A fast-growing hardwood, the alder is a great example of a tree that will thrive when planted in the autumn. Alder grows well in low nutrient soil and can get very large, sometimes reaching sixty feet in height.


Plant a hawthorn tree in the fall, and by spring you will be able to enjoy a bloom of beautiful pink or white flowers. These trees are great for planting on your property if you live in an urban area because they are relatively small, generally reaching about fifteen to thirty feet in height. They can also thrive in a variety of soil conditions, which makes it easy to plant them almost anywhere.


Another great choice for fall planting, the ash tree is the perfect shade tree. Once it grows to its full size, it will provide a huge shade canopy to protect you and your family during the summer heat. The ash tree requires moist soil to grow and thrive; it will need to be watered as a sapling to help the roots receive the moisture and nourishment they need. This tree is one of the most beautiful ones you can have during autumn; it boasts gorgeous yellow and red leaves and this dramatic foliage will herald fall for you every year after planting.


Here’s another perfect tree to plant during the autumn. The elm tree requires about six hours of direct sunlight per day and cannot survive in soil that becomes fully saturated with water. If your property can meet these conditions, you can grow a tree that can potentially become huge, providing you with rich autumn colors and shade for many years to come.


There are many varieties of spruce tree, and they resist the cold well, which makes them great for planting in places like Oregon where the winters can be harsh. Spruce trees can be planted in the early fall, allowing them to become somewhat established by the time the frosts hit. Droughts are particularly hard on this tree and as a result, giving them the autumn and spring months to take hold will allow them to resist the summer conditions.

More Information

There are a number of other trees that you can plant during the autumn months. We have only listed a few of them here. We highly recommend contacting a reputable tree service, such as Mr. Tree, to provide you with tips for planting a tree during any time of the year. They can also provide you with regular care for your new tree, helping you to ensure that it is healthy. Many trees require occasional pruning, which a tree service can also provide for you. With these tips and their help, you should be on your way to having beautiful trees on your property in the fall and beyond!

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