5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Tree Trimming in Portland

Pretty much everywhere you look you’ll see trees. Unless you live in a desert and your yard is comprised of three or four cacti, your yard likely has at least a handful of trees. In a climate like Portland’s, you’re bound to have trees on your property. Evergreens or deciduous—trees are everywhere. And with trees coming in various shapes and sizes, having different growth patterns and requirements, and sometimes being vulnerable to species-specific illnesses, there’s no one who will know your trees and their needs as well as a local Portland tree trimming company.

As such, there are numerous benefits to having professional tree trimming, both for the sake of your trees and your Portland property. Below are five reasons to hire a professional for any of your tree trimming needs.

1. Professionals Know Trees

With plenty of how-to tutorials and articles online these days, anyone can read up and educate themselves on how to deal with pruning, trimming, or removing a fallen tree. That said, no one but a professional has the day-to-day experience and the expertise to appropriately care for trees. A professional tree service company has access to the correct tools for tree care, and they have had years of experience using the tools. In doing so, they can keep your trees healthy and promote growth.

Tree pruning is something one can learn to do over time, but if you have a tree that is sick or diseased, an expert will be able to come to diagnose the tree’s issues and remedy them. They will be able to properly cut and prune a tree to remove the diseased parts without hurting or killing the healthy branches. Tree pruning is an art, and when done right, it can help the healthy parts to grow and develop well.

Tree experts can also spot damaged parts of trees a layman might not notice—such as a branch that looks healthy from the ground but is actually storm-damaged from above. Leaving it poses a risk to both humans and property, so having a professional survey and prune the tree is always best.

2. Heighten Fruit Production

mr-tree-5-reasons-to-hire-a-professional-for-tree-trimming-in-portlandIf you have a fruit-bearing tree, the way it is trimmed could have a large impact on the amount of fruits it’s able to grow in the future. As we’ve said about professional tree pruning, this is also valid when it comes to the growth of fruit trees. Tree trimming isn’t just about dead, damaged, or diseased branches. There are actual strategic ways to increase the amount of fruit that a tree will bear, and much of it has to do with the trimming and pruning practices.

Expert tree trimmers know that it’s best to trim back branches before the onset of winter. This will increase the amount (and duration) of light that hits the lower parts of the tree, which in turn impacts the growing capacity of the tree. It’s not just light needed by the lower parts of the tree. Enough exposure for air to circulate through the branches is important to prevent any diseases that might undermine fruit production potential.

3. Comprehensive Tree Removal

If your tree is damaged or diseased and there’s no way to save it, hiring a Portland tree trimmer to safely cut down the tree and remove the remaining stump is honestly your best choice. Ripping out the stump without following due process means that there could be damage to underground pipes and/or cables, and it also means perhaps unnecessarily ripping up patches of lawn. This could mean your bank account would take a hit as you try to navigate the replacement.

Tree trimming pros know how the underground root systems of different species work and what the unseen looks like. Best of all, they know how to remove them with minimal damage to the surrounding area.

4. To Improve the Structure and Aesthetic of the Tree

Much like the notion of trimming certain parts of the tree for better fruit growth, experts know where and how to trim in order to alter the shape of the tree, increase growth in a certain direction, or even strengthen weak branches. Much of the natural world depends on being the fittest in order to survive. While most might think this notion of survival of the fittest only relates to animal species, it’s also certainly pertinent to trees, bushes, and flowers.

If trees do not have the ideal growth conditions for their success (think dense branches that rub on one another and massive amounts of twigs and leaves that prevent sunlight to percolate through), then they don’t grow to their full potential. The tree will grow best when it has access to sunlight throughout and not just the crown. In order to prevent the suffocation of the center of the plant, hire an arborist who can take care of the branches and ensure that all parts of the tree are able to thrive.

5. Property Values Increase When Trees and the Grounds Entice Through Curb Appeal

An unsightly yard doesn’t garner much excitement, and the way a property looks—particularly as it’s going on the market—can make or break the final offer on your home. Having an unkempt yard will only decrease the value of your home, so be sure to look at the value added by hiring a professional tree trimming service to augment the desired look of your property. Arborists know that tree trimming won’t always create the desired effect in a short amount of time, so be sure to contact your local Portland tree trimming service with enough time in advance for you—and the property—to reap the benefits.

Look no further for a comprehensive tree trimming service in Portland, Oregon, than Mr. Tree Services. We know how best to support your trees—and our customers—throughout the area in both the tree trimming and tree removal services we offer.


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