How Is Land Clearing Done?

If you’ve recently purchased land that you want to build on, then the words “land clearing” will probably be familiar to you. Land clearing is the process of removing obstacles such as trees, stumps, brush, and other objects that are prohibiting you from being able to use the land. So if you’ve recently bought land filled with trees, rocks, and more, you’re likely going to have to clear the land before you start building. But you may be asking, “How is land clearing even done?”

In order to better understand how the land clearing process is completed, you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions. In this blog post, you’ll discover the answers to questions such as when you need to clear your land, if you can complete the project on your own, what you have to do before your land is cleared, and how the actual clearing process works. Once you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be one step closer to repurposing your land and owning the perfect property you envisioned when you bought it.

When do you need land clearing done?

You may need land clearing services for a variety of reasons. Many people want land clearing services completed so they can use the property to build a home, but companies use land clearing in a similar way for their new business sites. It’s usually cheaper to buy land that isn’t cleared already, and if you don’t need all of the land cleared, it can be beneficial to buy the land as-is and have land clearing done only on the portion you’d like to build on.

However, land clearing isn’t just for building. It can also be done to prepare a piece of land for agricultural use. No matter what you’re planning to do, removing objects to make land more usable can create countless opportunities for your new space. So even if you’ve never considered land clearing before, you can now recognize that the new homes and businesses near you have likely gone through a land clearing process. It’s an essential part of repurposing land, and you’ll set yourself up for success if you understand why and how it’s done.

Should you clear the land on your own?

To do land clearing successfully, you’ll need more than just a chainsaw. Whether it’s just a few trees or an entire forest, doing the work yourself is probably not the best idea. You might think you can successfully clear your land on your own, but this type of work is dangerous, complex, and best done by professionals. For land clearing jobs, especially bigger projects, large machinery and tools are essential, and the people using them need to be licensed and experienced to do so. Bulldozers, stump grinders, tree pruners, and excavators are just a few of the many tools and machinery often used for land clearing.

Unless you plan on purchasing this kind of heavy machinery, hiring professionals is the best way to go. A professional tree service company, like Mr. Tree in Portland, Oregon, is in possession of these tools and machines and has properly trained employees who know how to use them. Instead of going to the trouble of acquiring experienced workers, investing in insurance, and purchasing the machinery needed for land clearing, you’ll probably want to leave this work to the professionals.

What do you need to do before beginning a land clearing project?


Before you look into the actual act of land clearing, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. One of those steps will be to inspect your land thoroughly. Take a walk through the area and become familiar with what you want cleared away. Are there any bigger obstacles, like steep hills or very large trees, that your tree service might need to be aware of?

You’re also going to need to look into building and zoning permits. Depending on your area and what you intend to use the land for, the land could be protected for environmental reasons, or it might not be eligible for the structure you plan to build. Professional tree services may be able to assist you in the permit process, but you should still be conducting this research on your own first, perhaps even before you purchase the land.

When you’re just about ready to have your land cleared, you should start getting estimates from professional tree service companies. Mr. Tree in the Portland, Oregon, area has been performing tree services and land clearing projects for almost 30 years and provides free estimates for people looking into land clearing. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, we’d love for you to contact us to talk about your project.

How is land clearing actually done?

After you’ve chosen a professional company to do your land clearing, their staff will get to work. This work includes removing vegetation and large items like rocks from the land. Though rocks and trees are the most typical objects that need removing, the service you hire will also remove other things, such as bushes and shrubs. The workers might even find it beneficial to break up the soil on your land. Anything that’s getting in the way of your new property being usable, they’ll know what to do to properly clear it. If your property is made up of mostly trees, it might be a good idea to look into commercial logging as well so that you can repurpose those trees by selling them as timber.

After your professional tree service has cleared the trees and shrubs, they’ll likely get started on removing the stumps. This process is called grubbing. Your tree service will dig up the roots of the trees and then use a truck to make sure every part of the trees is removed and won’t be returning.

Aside from removing these items, they’ll also level the ground by filling in holes. This is a necessity if you plan to build on your repurposed land. When the land clearing is completed, you’ll be left with a completely stripped and leveled area of land to work with. You’ll be ready to contact a contractor and begin taking the next steps to make the dreams for your new property a reality.

Now that you understand why and how land clearing is done, you’re one step closer to repurposing your currently unused land. With the help of a professional tree service, your land could be cleared and ready for your next big project in no time.

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