How Do You Keep Brush from Growing Back?

Most people who own a piece of land want to feel pride when it comes to its appearance. For this reason, it’s common for people to plant specific trees, shrubs, or flowers where they feel they’ll most benefit the property. Still, there are sometimes areas of the land that grow plants that you don’t want to be there. This can give your property an unfinished or unmanaged look that is less than desirable.

It takes time to clear a large area of brush, so figuring out how to keep brush from growing back is a large priority for most people. It’s possible for this work to be done on your own, with the right tools and equipment. It can also be done with the help of tree professionals like Mr. Tree in Oregon.

What Is Brush?

Brush is a broad term when it comes to landscaping. It generally refers to the vegetation on your land that you don’t want to be there. Unkept shrubs, trees, grass, and fallen branches can be considered brush. Brush can also be classified as the things that grow on your land that you didn’t plan to grow there but continue to do so. All of this undesirable vegetation can fall under the category of brush, and most people don’t see brush as a positive aspect of their property. Getting rid of brush and keeping it from growing back could give you more access to your property and create a more welcoming environment to enjoy.

Why Should It Be Cleared?mr-tree-how-do-you-keep-brush-from-growing-back

The main reason people want brush to be cleared is so that they can have access to the area that it has overtaken. But there are a few other reasons that it benefits property owners to remove brush from their land. Lots of unwanted brush can make a home to unwanted property guests, like rodents or insects like mosquitos and wood ticks. They thrive in the hectic environment that brush offers, as it gives them plenty of options to call home.

Cleaning out brush for good can also give you more access to portions of your property that you couldn’t access before. Often, when brush is a consistent problem on a piece of land, people choose to not use that area and stick to the places that they can more easily navigate. This sits well for some, but others have a hard time letting go of what could potentially be usable space. Finding a permanent solution for getting rid of brush can help to open unused space up and create more opportunities for future projects to take place there.

How Do I Keep Brush from Growing Back?

One way to get rid of brush and keep it away is to do a thorough job the first time around. Just like with weeding, you’ll want to be sure to get rid of brush at the root to help prevent it from growing back. This may require a few extra tools and more of your time, but doing this can make a large difference in the amount of brush that grows back next year.

Instead of just trying to get rid of the majority of brush from an area, take the time to get rid of everything in one season. That way, you can assess what plants are recurring problems next year and which ones stayed gone from the previous year. Another way to keep brush from growing back is with the use of herbicides. Certain herbicides, when applied to the brush itself or mixed in with the soil can help to kill off the plant and prevent it from continuing to grow back.

Is There a Time That Is Best to Get Rid of Brush?

Because getting rid of brush simply implies that you remove the brush from your property, it can technically be done at any time. With that said, there are times where it will be easier for you, or the professionals you hire, to accomplish this goal.

The most ideal season to remove brush is in the winter, when most plants are in their dormant season. During this time, lots of vegetation dies back, making it easier for people to navigate through dense brush. This is also a better time to avoid pests like rodents or insects, as they’re not as active during colder months. The exact days and months to take advantage of this option will vary depending on where you live, so whatever month has lower temperatures in your area would be a good time to take on this task.

Can I Remove Brush on My Own?

Brush can be removed by property owners, but it will take more than just a pair of gloves to do so. Brush is often considered to be larger pieces of undesirable vegetation, and these types of plants often require specific equipment to be taken down fully and safely. If you’re attempting to take on this work on your own, you should make sure you at least have basic safety equipment to avoid any potential injury to yourself. Items like hand and eye protection, long sleeves and pants, and steel-toe shoes are recommended.

When Should I Enlist the Help of Professionals?

Tree service professionals are just a call away if you feel like the brush on your property is too much for you to handle. Professionals have experience dealing with all types of brush and also have the equipment necessary to remove them completely. Another positive benefit of enlisting the help of professionals is that they can properly trim back any vegetation that you want to remain on your property but is surrounded by brush.

When you have the help of professional arborists, they can also help you to figure out the best way to get rid of the pile of waste you’ll have after brush is removed. Sometimes the amount of brush is too large to simply put in the trash and requires a different removal method. Professionals like Mr. Tree in Oregon can even dispose of the brush themselves.


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