Mr. Tree Is Your Source for Industrial Tree Service in Oregon

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, trees are a natural part of your life. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be a hindrance to progress.

Mr. Tree is an industrial tree service company that can help you with all your tree needs. From commercial to home applications, from one tree to thousands, if you have a tree need, we’re here to provide a solution.

What should you be looking for when selecting an industrial tree service to help you with your needs? Not all tree companies are created equal. If your woodland is your business, it’s a considerable financial investment. If tree removal isn’t done correctly, it can cost you a substantial amount of money and destroy years of healthy growth that won’t be recoverable in the short term. If the woodland is left a mess, it can cause irreparable damage, not only to your current trees, but to future growth as well.

Good loggers are experts. They care about the job at hand, not only for the current project, but for the setup for continued projects in the coming decades.

To find a high-quality industrial tree service, you should take the time to:

  • Ask for recommendations—Nothing can put your mind at ease more than to have a personal recommendation to an industrial tree service resource from someone you trust.
  • Check qualifications—This isn’t a job just anyone can do. How long has the company been in this industry? What training and certifications are in place? Don’t be afraid to call to check and ensure they’ve received proper licensing to do the job you’re hiring them to do.
  • Check references—When you find a potential industrial tree service company, ask for a handful of references to check on previous jobs. Talk with the landowners and ask about the condition of the trees harvested, the scope of the job, and the end results.
  • Ask about insurance—This isn’t an easy job. Ensure the company is insured for things like general liability, auto liability, workers compensation, and so on. If they aren’t properly insured, you could be held liable for any accidents that occur on your property.
  • Understand the specifics—There’s a lot to a contract for large jobs. Be sure you understand all the nuances before you sign on the dotted line. Get multiple bids to have something to compare. Ask questions. Find out what influences price and what can adjust the pricing structure once the job begins. Get everything in writing—that is your protection.

Are you ready for the job to begin?

Industrial tree companies provide a wide array of services, depending on your needs.

Commercial Logging

There’s a lot of skill that goes into proper commercial logging. It can include things like:

  • Forest thinning
  • Clearcutting
  • Controlled burning
  • Reforestation

This isn’t a project that an amateur can take on and do well. It’s filled with details that only a trained, knowledgeable arborist should tackle. To do it right with sustainable practices, a knowledgeable tree service understands how to remove trees the proper way to leave the surrounding area in good condition to replant or ready for use in another manner. It’s important to approach this project in the right way to understand the end results.

Lot Clearing

Mr. Tree Is Your Source for Industrial Tree Service in Oregon

Lot clearing is a solution for properties you’re ready to transform for other uses. It’s the process of clearing trees and shrubs from the construction area in order to make way for new construction, renovation, or landscaping expansion.

With lot clearing, you have to start with the end in mind, which means determining all work to be performed on the lot and everything needed for that work.

Different jobs require different equipment, so it’s important to know what’s needed before work begins and if the company owns its own equipment or will need to rent equipment. A company that owns its equipment, such as Mr. Tree, has more freedom in the timing of the work it’ll do for you and won’t need to charge you for rental costs.

It also depends on lot size, soil, structures already on the property, easements, and other structures that may hinder processes along the way. Safety is of top concern, so full disclosure will ensure the fastest, most successful results.

Then once the project is defined, work begins. It includes getting the equipment safely onto the property and performing each job with skill and expertise. That means performing each job satisfactorily to ensure minimal damage to the rest of the property that will remain intact.


Commercial excavation is more than just removing a tree or digging a hole. It also ensures that the property is ready and sound for the job at hand. If you’re constructing a building, is the ground beneath where the excavation took place ready for the weight and the size? Excavation is far more detailed than most people imagine.

It includes clearing the land with the end project in mind. It may involve preserving individual trees or taking into account certain geological elements that will be a part of the project throughout.

It includes removing trees and other landscape material already in place, as well as adding in more material to ensure the work site has proper support for the build. Stability is of utmost concern for the project.

That can also include trenching to ensure proper placement for building-related functions, such as pipe laying, connections, and sewer construction. OSHA has reported that excavations with trenching are some of the most difficult and hazardous projects in the industry and have stringent rules that apply to what is and isn’t possible.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is based on the needs of the project. Clearing the land may mean taking down everything on the property. Or it might mean removing trees selectively based on the design of the structure.

If you want to preserve those hundred-year-old trees to maintain the natural beauty of your property, it starts with a plan.

If you choose to remove a tree, only an experienced industrial tree service can help you perform the job safely. That means utilizing safety precautions from the beginning to the end of the process, with cleanup of all parts of the tree from the top to the stump.

Stump Grinding

What will the land be used for once the trees are removed? Do you want stumps brought down to the ground level of the soil or removed altogether?

Removing a tree stump isn’t as easy as pulling it up. A professional must analyze the situation, being cautious of underground wires, pipes, gas lines, irrigation lines, and other easements that may be impacted by the project.

After removal, a reputable industrial tree service will also ensure the ground is left in acceptable condition. Whether that means cleaning and reseeding to remove all visual aspect that the tree was there or to give you a stable base to start a build, we ensure the job is performed correctly the first time.

Are you ready to hire a reputable industrial tree service for your next project?

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