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Does the Bird Also Help the Tree?

When we think of the relationship birds and trees share, the first thing that comes to our mind is the way trees benefit birds. Birds depend on trees for various reasons. They provide areas for shelter, mating, and feeding. Their branches and limbs are used for forming nests. They offer food in the form of […]

Mr. Tree Is Your Source for Industrial Tree Service in Oregon

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, trees are a natural part of your life. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be a hindrance to progress. Mr. Tree is an industrial tree service company that can help you with all your tree needs. From commercial to home applications, from one tree to thousands, if you have a […]

Will Branches Grow Back After Tree Branch Removal?

An important question that gets asked when tree branches are removed generally revolves around whether those branches will grow back. The answer? Kind of. Sort of. Maybe. Not really. Anytime you engage in tree branch removal, you might assume the branches would grow back right away. If you assume this, you would be making an […]

Central Oregon Bugs You Might Find on Your Trees

The thought of having bugs on your trees may cause some people to cringe. But it happens! It’s natural and normal. Additionally, sometimes the bugs found on your tree may not be harmful to the tree itself. Some can be helpful. Of course, it’s important to look out for these bugs on your trees to […]

5 Tips for DIY Small Tree Removal

Does a tree in your yard have you stumped? You’d like to remove it, perhaps, but you’re not certain of the best way to go about it. Not to worry … Mr. Tree has you covered. While we would typically recommend that you let one of our certified arborists handle your tree service needs, we […]

Looking for an Arborist in Beaverton? We Can Help

The Merriam-Webster definition of an arborist is “a specialist in the care and maintenance of trees.” If you have trees on your property, this definition should be important to you, as you want an arborist to help you care for them. Arborists will ensure your trees are beautiful and healthy and never become safety hazards. […]

What to Expect with Commercial Tree Service in Vancouver, WA

Do you have a commercial project in development that requires significant work to your lot? Not certain where to begin or what commercial tree service even entails? Mr. Tree has more than 30 years of experience providing residential and commercial tree care service. We have the expertise to get you up to speed. We’ll help […]

Why Are My Bushes Turning Brown?

Take a step outside your home. What do you love about your yard? The curb appeal as you drive up—the lush green lawn, the towering trees, and the bushes scattered around adding pops of color. Or maybe the outdoor living space as you step out back. You added an outdoor kitchen, and you enjoy it […]

The Least Messy Trees for your Yard

When considering what species of trees you’d like to plant around your home, it’s standard to ask, “What qualities am I looking for?” and go from there. Perhaps you envision a forest of fast-growing trees with a wide reach once they are fully mature or maybe a shrub that has very dense branches so that […]