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Spruce Tree vs Pine Tree: Which is Best For My Yard?

Are you considering some new landscaping trees for your yard? Perhaps you’ve looked at some options and narrowed it down to evergreens because of the lovely year-round color. Maybe you also know that you want a coniferous tree with needles and cones, as opposed to a broad-leaved species. Seems simple enough! Actually, there’s still more […]

Are There Dwarf Evergreen Trees I Can Add to My Yard?

Evergreen trees are beloved by many people. They are special as they keep their leaves throughout the year. Their leaves do not change color, leaving the tree to look both plentiful and green no matter what season it is. That’s why so many people wish to have their very own evergreen tree displayed in their […]

How to Care for Evergreens Throughout the Winter Season

Though we know that plant life tends to flourish in the summer and spring, don’t let your hard work go to waste once the windchill starts to creep up. Figuring out how to care for evergreens might seem difficult to new homeowners. “Aren’t trees capable of surviving the winter without my help?” one might wonder. […]

Tips on How to Remove Tree Roots

First-time homeowners might be surprised to know that taking care of the trees around their house doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, all it takes is paying attention to certain signifiers of your tree’s health. But what should a person look for if they want to know more about the health of […]

Do I Need a Tree Service Company to Cut the Tall Trees in My Yard?

Having a yard filled with trees is a joy to come home to. They form a critical part of your property by not only contributing to its aesthetics and making for a beautiful sight but also offering several environmental benefits such as increased biodiversity, purifying the air, and preventing soil erosion. Having a large number […]

Can Cedar Trees Repel Moths?

With a change in season, comes a change in wardrobe, but as you begin sifting through your sweaters you realize that small, silvery beige insects beat you to your winter boxes. That’s right, moths have attacked your favorite fall fashion staples, which are now littered with small holes. Even though moths don’t cause health concerns, […]

Famous Arborists You May Not Have Heard About

If you live in the Portland area, all you have to do is look out your window to admire one of the many trees that grace this lush metropolitan. But what do you really know about trees? Maybe you know that they derive their nutrients from the sun via photosynthesis and that they require various […]

How to Cut Large Branches Off a Tree

Do you have a large tree in your front yard or backyard and are wondering how to go about taking care of it? Look no further, as Mr. Tree Services is here to help you properly learn how to cut large branches off a tree. As your safety is our number one priority, we would first like […]

The Symbolic Meaning of Popular Landscaping Trees

Many homeowners enjoy planting trees around their property for ornamental and landscaping purposes. Depending on the season, different variants of popular landscaping trees can offer amenities such as shade, privacy, flowers, and even fruit. They can soften the edges of buildings and create natural barriers, or display spectacular colors in the foliage and blossoms they […]