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Our Favorite Ornamental Trees in Oregon

Ornamental trees are decorative, smaller trees that usually only grow to be about 25 feet or fewer. The right ornamental trees will serve their purpose to add stunning beauty to your yard. But there’s a number of factors to take into consideration before you choose which to plant. Perhaps there’s a specific look you have […]

Tips for Oregon Brush Clearing

There are many things to love about living in the great state of Oregon—the beautiful coast, year-round mountain sports, excellent hiking, and the best beer in the country—but it’s probably no surprise to learn that at Mr. Tree, one of our favorites is just how green everything is. The lush forests of the Pacific Northwest […]

How to Attract Cardinals and Blue Jays to Your Yard

The start of spring has finally arrived in Portland, and between the rainy days, we delight in the chirping birds ushering in beautiful blue-sky days. We visit local parks and hikes to gander upon the lush colors of the many winged creatures in our area and enjoy their singsong tunes. However, you shouldn’t have to […]

Know Your Tree Needs for the Summer

It’s summertime. Time to get outside and play. Here in the Pacific Northwest, enjoying the outdoors and walking through a forest go hand in hand. Trees are a big part of our lives. They are part of our culture. When you own a home, no matter how large or small your yard is, you probably […]

4 Premier Excavation Services Offered by Mr. Tree in Portland

At Mr. Tree, we specialize in giving your trees the top-tier care they deserve. While tree care and maintenance is our primary field, that’s not everything we have to offer! In the spirit of not letting good talent go to waste, you can also come to Mr. Tree for premier excavation services. So whether you […]

5 Easy-Maintenance Trees for Your Portland Yard

As a homeowner, you have likely dreamed of having a beautiful yard filled with trees. However, the upkeep of trees can be intimidating for anyone. Sometimes they require time and resources that we’re just unable to give them. This doesn’t always need to be the case, though. There are trees out there for your yard […]

What You Should Know About Tree Life Stages

Broken down simply, there are three main tree life stages: youth, maturity, and old age. These can be further categorized into sprout or seedling, sapling, prime of life, middle age, senior, twilight or ancient, and death. All trees go through all life stages, but not within the same time frame.   Tree Life Stages Youth […]