Plant With a Purpose

If you look up the word value in the dictionary, you’ll find it has several meanings.

-It can be the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.
-It can be one’s judgment of what is important in life.
-It can refer to the monetary worth of something.Plant With a Purpose
-It can also refer to having a high opinion of something.

Value is something we hold in high regards. We do things because we value what it will bring to our lives.

Every item in your home is there because of the added value. You may have selected a sofa because of the comfort. Or a new refrigerator because of its technology and features.

Services work the same way.

What does it mean to find the best value in a tree service company? It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Trees have value; few would argue with that statement. But what value they have depends on how you look at it.

On a one-hundred degree day, a person would find great value in a tree with thick, full branches that can offer a little relief from the sun’s harsh rays.

In the middle of winter, a family might find great value in trees that can be harvested and converted into lumber, to build a shelter against the harsh winds and icy conditions.

And if you’re attempting to sell your home, having a beautiful tree towering above the home and adding to the ambiance of the surrounding area can increase your property value by 7 to 19 percent.

The possibilities are endless. Whether you have lived in your home for years, or are purchasing a new home here in the Pacific Northwest, we have some practical advice for you.

Choose With Purpose
If you’ve ever planted a tree before, you probably realize it takes a little thought and planning to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your home. You would never select a tree at random and throw it in the ground without thinking about where to plant it.

That’s because unlike other landscaping materials, a tree can be a part of your landscape for decades. Make a wrong decision, and you’ll pay the price as it grows and ages.

What purpose do you want the tree to serve?

-Do you want it to shade your house, reducing the heat of the summer as it barrels through your windows?
-Do you want it to provide fruit?
-Do you want it to attract wildlife around your home?
-Do you want it to complement existing landscaping and possibly replace a tree that stood before it?

Your purpose can guide you to making the right selection. If you desire rich, vibrant colors throughout the growing season, ranging from greens to gold and reds deep into the autumn, you might select a maple tree, for instance. By working with a tree service company, you would learn which trees are the best for planting, and which maples to avoid because they top Oregon’s nuisance tree list. If you desire wildlife to take up residence in your surrounding area, a tree service company might tell you to plant a Douglas Fir to bring in squirrels and birds, or a Western Hemlock for a selection of nest building birds such as crossbills and chickadees.

Plant For Growth
When you plant a tree, you put it into the ground knowing it will expand. Unfortunately, many people underestimate just how much it will grow. As a tree service company, we take down and trim back a lot of trees on residential properties due to their proximity to the house, power wires, fences, other buildings, etc.

And that’s just what you can see at eye level. If you have underground irrigation, power wires, water mains, etc, make sure you contact your utility company to map out where your lines are. These lines can easily be cracked or cut with a shovel or damaged with a bobcat. And once split, your costs associated with planting a new tree increase tenfold.

Also, take into consideration landscaping already in place. How will a new tree impact additional trees in the area? How about bushes and shrubs? In some cases it may be beneficial to move other landscaping to different parts of your property, anticipating how your new tree will impact growth in the coming years.

How about changes to your irrigation system? While newly planted trees require extra water to help them take to their new surroundings, they can change the layout of your property quickly. What was once a hot, sunny area in the summer can quickly be consumed by shade. How will planting this new tree impact where your water supply runs? You may want to install drip irrigation for newly planted stock, then cap it off and change the structure of sprinklers as the tree matures.

Select The Right Tree
Trees can be purchased in all different sizes, styles, and with many needs in mind. You can select one just a few feet tall. You can select one that provides an instant canopy without waiting years for growth and maturity. One will be easy to transport home in your car or truck; the other will need assistance for delivery and planting. That means acquiring the proper equipment to get the job done.

Cost often plays a major role in your final selection. Cost also determines how large your tree will be from the moment you plant.

Look beyond the size of the tree trunk. Planting means being able to handle the size of the root ball during the planting process. Most people can handle up to an 8-foot tree with just a couple of strong hands. Landscaping companies may try and handle bigger trees, but be careful how many it takes to move the tree from cover to the hole in your yard. Trees are easily stressed if tilted and dropped over and over again.

Nursery grown stock has a better success rate than trees transplanted from the wild. This is because a nursery cares for the tree with the sole intent of moving it from one place to another.

Once in place, give your tree extra care throughout the first year to ensure it takes to its new surroundings and flourishes to life.

Is a new tree in your future? Let a professional tree service in Portland help you with your selection.

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