Add These Plants to Your Garden for Extra Luck

The winter thaw is coming despite what certain groundhogs did or did not see in recent weeks. So what can you do to prepare for a fun St. Patrick’s Day at your home? Add these plants to your garden for extra luck:

1.     Lucky Bamboo – First to note is that Lucky Bamboo plant isn’t actually bamboo! The dracaena sanderiana is actually part of the water lily family. And while it’s generally more prominent as an indoor plant, when temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees it will thrive outdoors as well. The Lucky Bamboo is highly regarded in Feng-Shui with a reputation for attracting health, wealth, happiness, and love. The number of stalks in each arranAdd These Plants to Your Garden for Extra Luckgement is commonly associated with specific energies or themes.

For instance, two stalks express love and double your luck; three stalks mean happiness, longevity, and wealth; four stalks are considered tied to negative energy and should not be used; five stalks represent wealth; six stalks will bring luck; seven stalks represent good health; eight symbolize growth; and 10 represents completion. Some botanical sites will differ on their symbolization but all agree to avoid the four stalks! However, if you’re “lucky” enough to have 21 stalks, then it’s believed to bring blessings of enduring health and great wealth.

While additional legends exist, there are important steps involved with having a lucky bamboo plant thrive outdoors. A Portland arborist can help to select a location in your yard that will support the plant during the warmer months. While cold temperatures are a challenge, so is direct sun! The lucky bamboo will need to be in complete shade. If you are growing the plant in a container, you should add an inch or two of sand or gravel. (If planting in an existing pond with sand, soil or gravel at the bottom, you do not need to add more.) Remove the lucky bamboo from any bag or container it was placed in during transportation and place the roots ¼” to 1” deep in the sand or gravel. Lastly, add water – if growing in a container, cover the roots and the bottom inch of the stalk. If growing directly in soil or gravel, make sure the roots and the bottom inch of the stalk are covered with water.

2.     Money Tree – The adage suggests that money doesn’t grow on trees, but, there is indeed a tree called the braided money tree. The pachira aquatica is known to be a great gift believed to bring the grower good luck. The trees are often braided together but again numerology will play into the Feng-Shui results suggesting that you should have three to five braided plants, but not four. Similarly, the leaves must have five or more “fingers” to be lucky. The money tree makes a great gift and a well-rooted energy brings prosperity. Once again, this is a tree that should be moved indoors during colder months and can thrive in little light ideally with southern exposure.

3.     Basil – possibly one of the most versatile luck-bringing plants, basil is said to bring love, wealth, luck and beauty. In fact, it is thought to help people to achieve financial success with little effort. It is also a popular ingredient in the kitchen and also considered to contain antidepressant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties plus basil may repel flies, too.

4.     Jasmine – similar to basil in having great scene properties, jasmine is also one known to attract love and money when grown in and around the home. The smell is more intense – in fact, jasmine oil is believed to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

5.     Honeysuckle – some types are considered weeds, although not all are. Honeysuckle offers an intoxicating fragrance and tasty nectar and is thought to bring good luck and protection. It is a versatile plant, growing in nearly every state. Portland Arborists Mr. Tree might suggest pruning honeysuckle to maintain the best conditions for strong branches and a healthy structural integrity.

6.     Rose – a rose by any other name would smell as sweet (thank you, Shakespeare), but did you know that beyond being a symbol of love, they are considered one to bring luck as well. Perhaps when we associate them with attracting love, and healing, it also alludes to luck. And additional meanings are attached to the colors including passion, love, gratitude and spirituality.

7.     Peony – the peony blossom may not be considered the typical symbol of luck, however, it is long-regarded a powerful symbol of love. And in that their strong scent is believed to attract a soul mate, many would consider this lucky! Colors, as with the rose, are also symbolic – pink representing the blush of a young love hence popular in wedding bouquets and table centerpieces to shepherd a happy marriage.

8.     White clover – often growing in your yard is the trifolium repens, a white clover. This plant is difficult to grow indoors and may have been planted to complement your yard, or is there as a weed. The legend of the clover leaves is that one represents faith, two stands for second hope, the third symbolizes love and the rare four-leaf clover brings luck.

9.     Shamrock plant – while it’s possible that St. Patrick actually picked a white clover and not a shamrock, the shamrock is the plant of legends. The story centers on St. Patrick, the saint who brought Christianity to Ireland. It’s widely believed that he plucked a shamrock from the grass at his feet to illustrate the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, as each leaf symbolizes the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. As such, the shamrock plant (oxalis or wood sorrel) is one of those plants considered lucky. Even though a fourth branch was considered unlucky for most other species, the second interpretation is that a four-leaf clover is rare and special, where the first leaf represents faith, the second hope, the third love, and the fourth, luck.

Perhaps you’ve already had one or more of these plants inside your home, but consider consulting with a Portland Arborist to see which may thrive in your garden and bring a great look – and added luck – to your home. A trained, reputable professional will have insight regarding the optimal climate, sun exposure, soil and maintenance needs for your plants and trees. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s day with any garden enhancement you may choose.

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