Why You Should Remove A Tree, But Not Without An Arborist

If you have a tree on your property that looks like it’s on its last legs, you will need to consider what to do with it. It is not advisable to simply leave a dead or dying tree in place, as there are a variety of hazards that come with having a dead tree near your home.

Why You Should Remove A Tree, But Not Without An ArboristPests and Property Value

For starters, dead trees are extremely unappealing visually. They can easily reduce the curb appeal of your home, driving down the property values and leaving you living in a decidedly unpleasant environment. As if that problem wasn’t bad enough, dead trees can also attract a variety of pests which can spread into your home and the areas around it.

Termites, ants, wood-boring beetles and rats are all commonly found nesting in old, dead trees. These insects and pests will use the tree as a home base while they seek sources of food and water – which can lead them directly into your home.

Safety Hazards

In addition to the threat of pests, dead trees can pose plenty of safety hazards on their own. Once the tree has died, the risk of branches falling and damaging property, vehicles or even causing injury to people and pets greatly increases. The trunk of the tree itself may no longer be stable, and eventually the tree may fall, leading to costly repairs to your home at the very least.

You also must consider why the tree died; if it was killed by a tree disease such as a fungus or infestation, then this can easily spread to other trees in your area, quickly killing them off as well. Trees are not alone in being susceptible to disease; powdery mildew, for example, can spread to other plant life such as flowers and destroy them.

With all of these frightening possibilities to consider, it is best to simply remove a dead tree from your property as soon as you can. Doing so will leave you with room to plant a new tree, or place any other structure in the area that the tree formerly occupied that you see fit.

However, the removal of a dead or dying tree is not a task you should undertake on your own. We recommend securing the assistance of a professional arborist.

What is an Arborist?

An arborist, quite simply, is a person who professionally cares for trees. They are highly trained and qualified to judge the best course of action for the removal of trees in a way that lay persons are not. You should contact an arborist at the first sign of distress in your tree; often, it’s possible for them to assess the condition of the tree early enough to actually save it. If saving the tree isn’t possible, the arborist can remove the tree safely and effectively.

Often, well-meaning homeowners attempt to undertake tasks like this themselves, seeking to avoid the expenses that come along with securing the services of a professional. However this is not recommended as they do not have the training and equipment that arborists possess.

Why You Should Always Use An Arborist

Even a single fallen tree limb can injure you if you aren’t careful, and if you put yourself in a situation where you need to climb on or around a dead tree, you are putting yourself and your property at further risk. Arborists have equipment such as guiding ropes to facilitate the removal of limbs or whole trees, and are trained to make cuts in such a way as to guide branches in a direction safely away from persons and property.

Arborists will also be equipped with other safety equipment that is necessary for safely handling trees. If you don’t have the proper equipment, you will have to rent or buy it, further driving your expenses up while still not ensuring the job will be done correctly or safely.

You may need items such as hardhats, safety glasses, chainsaws, log splitters, stump grinders, ropes and other supplies, which can run you hundreds of dollars per day in rental costs. Not only this but it will be difficult for you to undertake such a project on your own; if you need assistance from others then, once again, the risks increase.

Besides these issues, if any pests have moved into the dead tree, an untrained person attempting to remove it may not eradicate the pest problem. Instead, ants, termites and rats may simply evacuate the tree they’ve chosen and move elsewhere – perhaps into your home – making the problem far worse.

Even if you are successful at removing the tree, you will be looking at a daunting process of cleanup as well. Taking on a project of this magnitude will leave a vast amount of debris such as wood chips, broken branches, and sawdust which you will then be responsible for disposing of on your own. Often times, you will have to make special arrangements to have this debris removed as your regular sanitation services will not handle it. If, on the other hand, you secure the services of an arborist, they will handle all of this for you.

With all of these considerations in mind, we hope that you will hire a tree service professional when you need a dead tree removed from your property. The benefits of doing so will far outweigh any costs that you may incur, saving you from a good deal of money in equipment rentals and repairs.

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