We Don’t Want to Cut Down a Tree We Can Save

Sometimes, when people notice abnormalities with their trees, the first step is to believe that it’s time to cut the tree down. That’s not always necessarily the case.

Sure, there are times when your tree may have issues beyond repair, but there’s no logical reason to cut down a tree if it can be saved. It’s bad for the environment, is an unnecessary cost, and is unavoidable if you know what signs you should look for. And, when in doubt, you can always call us, your Beaverton tree removal experts, and we’ll give you an honest assessment.

Many times, trees absolutely need to come down, especially if they’re a safety hazard. If they’re near your home and are leaning or diseased beyond repair, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Again, with the assessment, you’ll have more of an ironclad idea of what you’re actually dealing with. If our experts in Beaverton tree removal think it’s time to move on from a tree, then that’s likely the right thing to do.
We Don't Want to Cut Down a Tree We Can Save

If, however, your tree has a disease, don’t immediately assume that it’s time for removal. An expert knows that some trees can be salvaged. In fact, there are many ways a diseased tree can be treated depending on the issue at hand, which is why it’s best to consult with a specialist to give you options to treat and hopefully save your tree.

So, before you just go ahead and decide to remove a tree that could otherwise be saved, think about the many benefits trees provide. In addition to the Portland area requiring certain amount of trees on each square footage of property, did you know that trees can help to lower your energy bills?

It’s true! Think about how often you use the air conditioner during the summer. Instead, if you have trees nearby, you can pop open a window and enjoy a nice cool breeze. This way, you don’t overuse the air conditioning, and you’ll soon notice the impact on your monthly bill.

Having trees also provides you with an element of privacy, which is highly regarded. If you cut down your trees, all bets are off and you won’t enjoy the same secluded comforts as you did before. Your home will be back out in the open.

Even more importantly, without trees, humans wouldn’t be alive, plain and simple. They produce oxygen through photosynthesis, which is how we breathe. Obviously, we need to do everything we can to protect them because little by little they’re being replaced for buildings and infrastructure. While expanding business and the economy in the local area is a good thing, we need to think about the basics. Trees are essential to keep an area and it’s residents happy and healthy.

One way to know beforehand if your trees might have some sort of long-term risk is to keep an eye on your surrounding neighborhood. If you constantly see trees of the same species being pruned or even removed, and those trees are near your home, take note. These issues may be native to your area. Again, if there’s ever any uncertainty about whether your trees need to be taken down, you can always call a Beaverton tree removal expert for a consultation.

Remember, assuming that a tree needs to be removed is not always correct. Even if you do your research online, there may be aspects to your situation that only a Beaverton tree removal expert can know. And, if your tree does need to be removed, it’s best to leave this task to the professionals. Instead, reach out and allow an arborist to assess your tree before brashly moving forward.

Even in what looks like the most dire circumstances, with proper care and TLC, your tree could be reinvigorated and thrive once again. So, make the call and then decide the best way to move forward.

Additionally, feel free to call around to find the arborist that’s right for you. You’ll find that the best tree experts will want to view your tree in person to identify and solve any landscaping issues on your property. Not rush to cut a tree done. So, call around and find the tree service whose goal is to save your trees, rather than immediately rushing to conclusions and planning to cut it down.

And, tree services aren’t just around in case of emergency or when you see a problem arise. Instead of letting the gardener prune back your cedar branches, spring for an expert who will properly trim your tree, while looking for any potential problems that could arise, intervening before it can become a threatening issue.

The goal should always be to save your tree, however, there will be instances when nothing can be done to cure your tree of its ills. Maybe it has an uncontrollable fungal or bacterial infection that has now caused it to become a fall risk. When this occurs, then, sadly, the best course of action is to remove the tree, particularly if it sits close to a dwelling or power lines. In that case, your arborist will properly advise you to remove the tree before it causes any damage or injury.

Similarly, while you may be able to remove some trees on your own, aside from it being a large, time consuming undertaking, it is strongly encouraged to leave this task to an expert tree removal company. This is especially true if the tree is located near a home, business, or power lines as you could inadvertently cause more harm than good.

So, are you ready to care for your trees and elongate their expected lifespan? Then, contact us, your local Beaverton tree removal and tree service experts.

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