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5 Oregon Trees That Require Little Sun

We can all agree how wonderful it is to wake up to trees in your backyard. They enhance the aesthetics, purify the air, provide shade, and foster a healthy environment. However, choosing which trees to grow is a critical decision and needs to be well thought through. After all, merely liking how a tree looks […]

Our Favorite Ornamental Trees in Oregon

Ornamental trees are decorative, smaller trees that usually only grow to be about 25 feet or fewer. The right ornamental trees will serve their purpose to add stunning beauty to your yard. But there’s a number of factors to take into consideration before you choose which to plant. Perhaps there’s a specific look you have […]

How to Help Your Dogwood Flourish

As the summer approaches, nothing is more beautiful than watching your dogwood tree come out in full bloom. Of the many varieties of trees, the dogwood tree is one of the most attractive in the American landscape.  Avid gardeners are drawn to the four distinct types: the kousa dogwood, cornelian cherry dogwood, pacific dogwood, and […]

Our Favorite Varieties of Dogwood

The dogwood tree is one of the most beautiful and popular trees that you can grow on your property. Native to eastern North America, the dogwood is also cultivated across the world, wherever the climate may allow. Famous for its gorgeous blossoms, dogwood trees are a dazzling way to bring color to your outdoor garden. […]

The Best, Low Maintenance Flowering Trees

Trees are amazing. Flowers are amazing. Having flowering trees on your property is one of the best things you can do for your family, bringing joy throughout the year and boosting the curb appeal of your home. Perhaps you’ve been considering planting a few flowering trees on your property for a long time, or perhaps […]