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6 Questions to Ask Your Portland Arborist Before Fall

As wonderful as summertime is, it doesn’t last forever. Seasonal transitions bring changes in climate, and your various plants and trees will certainly be affected by the shorter days and cooler temperatures. It’s important for those with gardens and outdoor spaces to start thinking about autumn and to be prepared for whatever comes next. A […]

Why Do the Leaves Change Color on Some Oregon Trees?

As summer comes to a close, Oregon trees celebrate by filling the skies with an explosion of reds, oranges, and yellows. Mid to late October is typically the peak season to observe the changing colors of the Oregon foliage. As winter approaches, trees start preparing for the cold weather by conserving energy and food reserves. […]

5 Common Questions on Fall Tree Care

For many people, fall is their favorite time of year, especially because of their trees. With the change in colors and leaves falling, it helps you prepare for the cool crisp air that’s going to flow into the area in the coming months. Now, when it comes to fall tree care, there are a number […]