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What Are the Best Trees for Firewood?

It has been said that building the ideal fire starts with using the proper firewood. There are thousands of species of trees known to be in existence, and while every tree that grows taller from a single trunk or stem is referred to as a woody perennial, each one has its own unique traits. Because […]

The Best & Worst Trees For Firewood

Nothing makes you feel as warm and cozy as a roaring fire on a cold winter day. The sights and smell of a wood fire burning in the fireplace can create hours of enjoyment, and an ever-changing display of hypnotizing patterns that leave you and your family warm and happy. But to create a real […]

Why are there worms in my firewood?

Often, as you are chopping firewood for personal or commercial use, you may have found some small worms crawling around in the wood. They can be very small or they can be as large as your thumb. Seeing these creatures might cause a moment of panic in an unsuspecting person, who doesn’t know what they […]