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Hiring a Company for Tree Removal

Having beautiful trees around your home or business can be a true asset to the property. But if a tree begins to show unhealthy or dangerous signs, it may be a signal that it needs to be removed. When the health of your tree is faltering, it’s safest to act quickly and get a professional’s […]

How to Protect Your Trees from Pests in Oregon

Trees are a great asset to have on your property. But they are also a major responsibility and require proper care and attention. This includes taking measures to protect them from pests. Pests in Oregon can include animals and insects, pathogens, weeds, and other organisms that cause damage. Focusing on prevention, instead of waiting until […]

5 Tips for Protecting Portland Trees from Invasive Plant Species

While caring for the trees in your Portland backyard, you’re probably aware of the threat that can be caused by insects, weeds, diseases, and weather, but you might not anticipate the havoc that invasive plant species can cause. As the name suggests, invasive plant species refer to plants that are not native to the region. […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Company

It is still cold and damp in the Pacific Northwest so you might not be thinking about the health of your trees just yet, but while you’re snuggled up inside with a warm beverage this is actually an ideal time to consider your landscaping plans for this spring. If you are a new homeowner, didn’t […]

7 Tree Care Tips to Follow in 2019

You finally have that beautiful tree that you have always wanted prominently standing in your yard. Congratulations! Now it is time to discuss tree care. At Mr. Tree, we want your tree to live the longest, healthiest life possible. Here are some tree care tips for you to follow in 2019. 1. Buy High-Quality Mulch […]

How to Care for Evergreens Throughout the Winter Season

Though we know that plant life tends to flourish in the summer and spring, don’t let your hard work go to waste once the windchill starts to creep up. Figuring out how to care for evergreens might seem difficult to new homeowners. “Aren’t trees capable of surviving the winter without my help?” one might wonder. […]

What’s Going on if You Find Brown Spots on Leaves?

It’s one of the last warm summer days and you decide to host an end-of-the-season barbeque. You invite your friends and family, plan the perfect potluck dinner, and set the mood in your inviting backyard. However, on the day of the event, as you’re admiring your beautifully decorated backyard, you notice your tree isn’t looking […]

How Do Indoor & Outdoor Tree Care Differ?

Here in the Pacific Northwest, living with and caring for trees is a way of life. Even if you live in an urban area, you can be out your door and enjoying the shade of a tree in moments. Drive a few miles, and you can be deep within a forest wonderland, hiking or biking […]

Everything You Want to Know About Tree Bark

You’ve noticed bark falling off a tree on your property. You don’t want to risk losing a tree that provides many benefits to your landscape and outdoor lifestyle. What should you do? First of all, don’t panic. There are many reasons for that loose bark you see at the base of your tree, and they […]

The Importance of Strong Tree Root Systems

A tree’s roots are vital in bringing nutrients and water to all other parts of the tree, anchoring the tree in the ground, determining its alignment, storing nutrients, and fighting off competition from other trees for the limited resources available. Tree roots can grow larger and wider underground than the tree’s entire canopy above the […]