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What Can an Arborist Do for My Trees in Vancouver, Washington

If you have trees on your property, you’ll likely need assistance with them from time to time. Though trees are sometimes easier to maintain than smaller plants, they still need occasional maintenance to continue to thrive. And that maintenance can’t always be performed by the property owners. Local arborists in the Vancouver, Washington, area, like […]

Care for Your Yard: Steps to Take Before and After Tree Removal

If there’s a tree in your yard that’s dead, dying, diseased, or poses a potential risk, you might want to consider removing it. This will need to be a carefully made decision. If you decide it’s necessary, you’ll need a professional, like those at Mr. Tree Inc., to remove the tree for you. But before […]

Top 7 Reasons for Tree Removal

While we love our trees, unfortunately, there are times when a tree cannot be saved and must be removed. It’s important to inquire about tree removal as soon as you notice that a tree has died or is on the verge of dying. It can be a sad moment, especially if you’ve watched the tree […]

5 Tips for Planting After Tree Removal

Are you thinking about removing some trees so you can create something new in your garden or lawn area? Taking the steps to remove potentially troublesome trees can be wise and can assist homeowners in protecting their homes against possible damage from falling limbs—or even falling trees. Depending on your follow-up plans, it can also […]

What To Do When a Tree Falls on Your House

First, it’s quiet. Then there’s a creaking. Finally, an almighty crash. It’s a sound that all too many homeowners hear: the sound of a tree smashing into their roof. If you live in a wooded area, there’s only so much you can do to mitigate the risk of it happening to you. Here at Mr. […]

How to Prepare for Landscaping After Tree Removal

When you lose a tree, it can take its toll on the aesthetics of your landscape. Suddenly, there’s a hole where there was once an abundance of life. And whether you removed the tree by choice or through a sudden loss, deciding what the next step should be can be difficult. Landscaping after tree removal […]

Hiring a Company for Tree Removal

Having beautiful trees around your home or business can be a true asset to the property. But if a tree begins to show unhealthy or dangerous signs, it may be a signal that it needs to be removed. When the health of your tree is faltering, it’s safest to act quickly and get a professional’s […]

What to Expect from Affordable Tree Service

Tree service doesn’t need to expensively out of reach. In fact, there’s an affordable tree service in Portland, Oregon, that’s accessible to you. That’s right, at Mr. Tree, we’re right here in your area, and we also do the highest-quality job at affordable prices. We know how important the upkeep of your trees is, and […]

5 Tips for DIY Small Tree Removal

Does a tree in your yard have you stumped? You’d like to remove it, perhaps, but you’re not certain of the best way to go about it. Not to worry … Mr. Tree has you covered. While we would typically recommend that you let one of our certified arborists handle your tree service needs, we […]

Looking for an Arborist in Beaverton? We Can Help

The Merriam-Webster definition of an arborist is “a specialist in the care and maintenance of trees.” If you have trees on your property, this definition should be important to you, as you want an arborist to help you care for them. Arborists will ensure your trees are beautiful and healthy and never become safety hazards. […]