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Should I Remove a Tree Stump?

Deciding when to remove a tree stump from your lawn can be a difficult decision. There are pros and cons to tree stump removal, but most experts will agree: if you’re going to go the removal route it is best to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Perhaps you’ve recently had a damaged tree […]

How to Rot Tree Stumps

Look out your window and throughout your yard. What do you see? Trees flowering in the spring and exploding into color in the fall? Lush green grass that carpets your space? Plants that burst into life throughout the year, adding color and ambiance to your landscaping? Tree stumps that mar the view? Here in the […]

Should I Remove My Tree Stump?

If you have ever had to remove a tree from your property, you know that actually cutting down the tree and having it carted away is the easy part. As long as you have a good arborist handle the project for you, removing a tree is generally pretty painless in most cases. Where you can […]

How A Tree Stump Is Removed

  The stump of a dead tree can be a real nuisance in your yard. After removing a problem tree, many homeowners opt to leave the stump in place. This is not recommended for several reasons; if not removed, the stump can become a host to invasive insects and plant species, and the roots can […]

Removing a Rotten Stump

A dead tree stump brings with it a number of problems that can plague your yard. Even if you removed a problem tree, the stump itself can continue to be a nuisance long after the tree is gone. After the tree has been cut down, the stump can continue to sprout, becoming a host to […]