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5 Methods for Tree Stump Removal

If you manage any property with trees, you’ve most likely had one or two removed. Whether it was because it was sick or you just felt like it was time to open up the space for other uses, getting rid of a tree is no small task. Even after you’ve taken the time to ensure […]

What To Do About Termites in a Dead Tree Stump

It’s not uncommon for trees to get chopped down. This isn’t often a somber event, but rather an inevitable one if the tree incurs disease or injury and can’t recover. It may have even become dangerous for homes or other nearby structures. Once a tree is felled, all that’s left is a stump, and that’s […]

How to Rot Tree Stumps

Look out your window and throughout your yard. What do you see? Trees flowering in the spring and exploding into color in the fall? Lush green grass that carpets your space? Plants that burst into life throughout the year, adding color and ambiance to your landscaping? Tree stumps that mar the view? Here in the […]

How A Tree Stump Is Removed

  The stump of a dead tree can be a real nuisance in your yard. After removing a problem tree, many homeowners opt to leave the stump in place. This is not recommended for several reasons; if not removed, the stump can become a host to invasive insects and plant species, and the roots can […]

How Does Epsom Salt Work On Tree Stumps?

Believe it or not, cutting it down is often the easy part when it comes to removing trees from your property. The real challenge comes when it’s time to remove the tree stump, which may remain alive even after you’ve cut the tree down. This can be a long and difficult process but if you […]