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Looking for an Arborist in Beaverton? We Can Help

The Merriam-Webster definition of an arborist is “a specialist in the care and maintenance of trees.” If you have trees on your property, this definition should be important to you, as you want an arborist to help you care for them. Arborists will ensure your trees are beautiful and healthy and never become safety hazards. […]

Types of Services Available for Tree Care in Vancouver WA

If there’s one thing that Washingtonians are known for, it’s their love of trees. After all, Washington is called the Evergreen State. A lot of effort goes into properly caring for trees, though, and not everyone can put that time in. On top of that, not everyone knows what their trees need. Every tree is […]

Tree Trimming: What Not To Do

Trees are beautiful additions to any home landscape. But owning a tree isn’t as simple as planting it and watering it a few times per year. Keeping a tree beautiful takes work. Tree trimming is a part of that process. Tree trimming is essential for a variety of reasons, from keeping the tree as healthy […]

The Value of Low Hung Branches

In most city trees, the lowest tree limbs have been removed, leaving all of the leaves and branches higher up. There are several reasons people do this; getting underneath the branches to mow the grass is easier when they’re higher up, for example. People also trim their branches in order to make their yard more […]

Should I Ask for Tree Trimming or Tree Shaping?

Having trees on your property is a long-term investment. On the one hand, they add value to the property, are aesthetically pleasing and create a healthy environment, but if not properly looked after, trees can become a hassle. Tree maintenance is the most important investment for your tree’s health. Making sure that your tree is […]

5 Ways To Know Your Tree Needs A Trimming

Trimming trees is a big part of having them on your property. Whether you need to do it for aesthetic reasons, for safety reasons, or to preserve the health of the tree, keeping a tree properly trimmed and pruned is essential. If branches or limbs become dead, diseased or grow too large, they risk falling […]

9 Things To Look For In A Tree Service Professional

Chances are, if you have trees on your property, it was intentional. You liked the shade it provided, the aesthetic appeal, or maybe you even like the additional privacy it provides. However, part of having trees on your property is dealing with the variety of issues that occur from owning them. Overhanging branches can grow […]