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Are Privacy Trees the Answer You’ve Been Looking For?

You love your home, of course, but it’s not without its downsides. Maybe the view when you look outside isn’t what you were hoping for. Perhaps you live near a busy street and are forced to endure the noise of traffic on a daily basis. Maybe you’ve found that it’s difficult to enjoy your backyard […]

Fast Growing Trees to Enhance Your Privacy

When you decide your home could use some additional privacy, the simple solution is a fence, but the result is an unattractive wall disrupting your yard that will quickly show wear and tear as the seasons change. But, there is a long-term solution to this problem that provides privacy and creates an attractive addition to […]

Best Trees to Plant for Added Shade

As winter winds down and warmer temperatures lie ahead, you’re probably thinking about doing some outdoor gardening or landscaping. But with the summer months just around the corner, you might eventually be looking for a cool retreat from all of that hard work in the front yard. We’ll go over the best trees to plant […]

Trees to Plant to Attract Wildlife

“Go native” is the best advice for choosing trees with the aim of attracting wildlife to your yard and helping them to thrive. Native trees have existed in the area since before humans, and are adapted to local conditions. They need little or no water in addition to what falls naturally, are usually adequately nourished […]