Top Weird Tree Stories of 2017

We’ve rung in another New Year and closed the door on 2017. As we begin a fresh new chapter in our lives, you’ll probably hear lots of people recapping events of last year. You’ll likely encounter lists of the top hit songs of 2017, for instance, or the top news events of 2017. Maybe you’ll even encounter a list of the top viral videos from last year. But have you heard about the top weird tree stories from 2017? We’re guessing not. Sit back, relax, and get ready to be entertained as we at Mr. Tree provide you with a recap of some top news events you likely haven’t heard about.

Christmas Tree Topper
Top Weird Tree Stories of 2017
Ok, we know Christmas is over but we couldn’t resist kicking off the list with our story about an unusual Christmas tree topper. See, in this case, the Christmas tree itself was the topper. NPR reports that Massachusetts police had to remind the public to transport Christmas trees safely after pulling over a driver whose Christmas tree was covering the vehicle so completely that police couldn’t even spot the car. Hey, we love large Christmas trees too. But don’t risk a ticket or, even worse, an accident. If you have a large tree to transport, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with the heavy load.

Skydiving Santa Crashes

Perhaps Santa should stick to his reindeer this year. A skydiving Santa was trying to make a special delivery: handing off an Elf on the Shelf to a 9-year-old girl. Unfortunately, Santa crashed into a tree and light pole before making an eventual landing on a Florida beach and breaking his leg. We appreciate Santa’s efforts, but we hope he keeps a tighter rein on his reindeer this holiday season and leaves the skydiving gear at the North Pole.

Unwelcome Tree House

A Nottingham couple got an unwelcome surprise — a tree growing in the bedroom walls of their home. While we love tree houses, we certainly understand why you wouldn’t want your home to actually become one. The mystery tree sprouted roots in the home’s wall cavity and grew at least as high as the ceiling. While this situation is a little bizarre and discomforting, the good news is that Mr. Tree is able to remove any type of tree in our service area. So if this unfortunate situation happens to arise, we’ll be able to uproot the problem in no time.


Some people are great at multi-tasking, but anyone should know that alcohol, sex, and driving are not a suitable combination. That didn’t stop one man from trying to mix things up, though. In November, Washington State Patrol authorities arrested a man after he drunkenly smashed his vehicle into a tree while engaging in what should be a bedroom activity. Luckily, the tree sustained the most extensive damage in the accident and the baby riding in the back seat was unharmed. While this is certainly one of the stranger weird tree stories we’ve heard all year, it’s not one we’d like to see repeated.

Stuck In the Trunk

We’ve all heard of cats getting themselves stuck in trees and being rescued by firefighters, but what about a dog? Well, as it turns out, that happens too. Rocco, a dachshund, needed a little help when he got himself stuck inside a tree trunk. Turns out that in this case, a groundhog was the culprit. Poor Rocco dug through a hole made by the groundhog and made his way through the tree’s trunk where he wound up getting stuck. Luckily, the firefighters were able to come to Rocco’s rescue and free him.

Going to New Heights

It’s been said that Disney World is the place where dreams come true. But a few guests were brought back to reality during a recent outing at the theme park. Four men were caught trying to scale Disney’s Tree of Life, a 145-foot-tall artificial tree. The men made it partially up the tree before park security came and hauled them away. At least the men were reaching for the sky (or at the very least, the treetop) before they were brought back down to earth.

The Fire Within

Wildfires wreaked havoc on the Pacific Coast this past year. Many trees burned to the ground, but one particular tree in California burned from the inside out. The tree’s trunk had several holes in it that burned a bright orange and red. A man attempting to escape the fires snapped a photo of the unusual sight. It’s an eerie image to behold, with the holes of the tree’s trunk resembling the windows of a burning home. Talk about lighting a fire from within.

Storm Wreaks Havoc

At Mr. Tree, we know that storms and bad weather can do extensive damage to trees. It’s important that residential trees are regularly inspected to ensure they are structurally sound and can withstand such storms as falling trees can cause great bodily injury or even be deadly.

There were many storms that uprooted trees all over the nation this year, but one woman experienced a pretty dramatic event while traveling during Tropical Storm Irma. A man traveling on the road behind her captured the scary moment when a tree fell in the roadway and caused the car to slam into its trunk. The impact sent the car flying in the air, almost vertical to the ground. The good news is that the driver seemed unharmed following the incident. All the same, it’s a good reminder to avoid traveling in poor weather conditions and to properly maintain your trees so that they will be able to withstand stormy weather conditions.

While we certainly hope that you don’t have to deal with falling trees or a tree sprouting up in the walls of your home, we understand that at some point you may have a tree problem of your own. At Mr. Tree, we’re experts at dealing with all sorts of tree situations, from the bizarre to the mundane and everything in-between.

If you need a little help with your tree service needs, give us a call 24/7. We’ll take care of any tree problems you have and provide preventative care so you can avoid any weird tree stories of your own.

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