What Time of Year Is Best for Tree Trimming in Vancouver WA?

The secret to maintaining a yard full of healthy and lush green trees is ensuring proper trimming at regular intervals. Trimming is immensely beneficial for trees, as it helps to create a proper structure and get rid of old and decaying branches. It also prevents your trees from assuming a shape that destroys the aesthetics. Plus, it is the best way to tackle branches that may pose a danger to your safety or interfere with streetlights or overhead wires. But it has to be also done properly—otherwise, it may cause lasting injuries to your tree and even cut short its life span.

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Even though trimming is a routine activity, not every homeowner in Vancouver, WA knows the right time to undertake such an exercise. As a result, they often postpone it until it is too late.

Here’s what our expert arborists at Mr. Tree have to share about tree trimming in Vancouver, WA.

Which Is the Ideal Season for Tree Trimming in Vancouver?

While trimming damaged or diseased branches can be carried out any time of the year, arborists generally recommend doing routine trimming in winter—although, there are some exceptions. Resist the urge to put it off until spring. It’s also best to avoid trimming when the mercury is hitting extremes, as that can be stressful for both your trees and the person trimming them.


Vancouver is blessed to experience some days during winter when the temperatures are mild and the sun shines brightly. As long as it’s not freezing, scheduling any trimming activity on such days is ideal. Trimming during this season accelerates vigorous growth in the spring and doesn’t adversely impact the health of the trees, as they don’t have functional photosynthesizing tissues at this time. It also allows the trimmer to step outside during a cold day for some activity. Moreover, the winter season is the only time when the bare outline of your garden is more visible. So you can carry out trimming without fretting about harming the smaller shrubs and plants.

Trees also tend to heal faster during the winter season. This means that your trees will be ready to thrive by spring. In addition, since trees are less likely to be attacked by insects during winter, you don’t have to worry about any open cuts on the branches attracting infestations.

Why Not Spring or Fall?

It’s important to remember that trimming should take place before the growth season. Even though growth season varies depending on the species, usually spring flags off the onset of the main growing season. Studies have found that trimming stimulates growth. So it’s a good idea to trim your trees just before then. Trimming during spring could slow growth.

Lastly, many homeowners mistakenly believe that the fall season is ideal for going for a trim. However, this is the time when the trees slowly start preparing for the dormant winter season. Getting rid of leaves at that moment can hamper the well-being of your trees during the later seasons. Moreover, cuts and wounds on trees heal more slowly during the fall. As a result, your trees may end up being more vulnerable to pests or fungi if trimmed incorrectly.


Flowering trees in the Pacific Northwest should always be trimmed after they bloom. But if you notice too many dead or dying branches, you can schedule it any time. But make sure to understand your trees’ specific needs before you pull out the trimmers.

If you have deciduous trees in your Vancouver yard, trim them only in the late fall to the winter season. Trimming becomes a lot easier once they enter the dormant season and there is no activity of any insects or pests. But if you have evergreen trees, always trim them following their growth patterns. Out-of-turn trimming may cause more harm than good.

Guidelines for Trimming Young Trees in Vancouver WA

If you have a lot of young trees in your yard, make sure to speak to an arborist before you decide to trim the branches. Trimming is essential for the growth of such trees, and it’s important to trim them at the right time for developing a properly shaped tree. Trees that receive the right amount of trimming when young do not require excess trimming when they grow completely.

Always Get a Certified Arborist to Trim Your Trees

Correctly trimming trees is a science and requires in-depth knowledge about the growth patterns of various trees. Simply picking up a pair of shears and doing it on your own can leave your trees with dangerous cuts, making them vulnerable to infection or even threatening their foundation. Also, bear in mind that trimming requires a certain amount of focus on safety. If done incorrectly or without appropriate precautions, you won’t just potentially harm your trees; you could cause damage to your property or injury to yourself or others.

Luckily, the qualified team of arborists at Mr. Tree is here to help. We are experienced and knowledgeable about trimming to preserve the vigor and health of your trees. We have a strong understanding of how climatic conditions, soil type, and other factors impact specific trees and what kind of trimming is ideal for safeguarding them against rain, snow, soil erosion, and wind. We can even clarify any doubts that you may have regarding trimming specific trees in your yard. We also have all the tools on hand to do the job right.

So if you are looking for tree trimming in Vancouver, WA, allow us to take this task off your plate. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for an inspection and trimming. You can rest assured that your trees will thrive with the right arborists on the job.

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