Trees Associated with Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what better time of year to plant a tree full of love? Whether you’re planning a unique gift for your sweetheart or simply want to spruce up your front yard, we’re here to help. Here at Mr. Tree, our Oregon arborists have a love of trees and know exactly what trees are ready to return that love. Below, we’ll go over our top picks of trees associated with love.

Many people know that in Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love. What most people don’t know is that the myrtle tree was sacred to Aphrodite. Likewise, in Roman mythology, the tree had great significance to the goddess Venus. Virgil writes, “The poplar is most dear to Alcides, the vine to Bacchus, the myrtle to lovely Venus, and his own laurel to Phoebus.”

Trees Associated with LoveIt is believed these goddesses wore crowns made of myrtle branches and that the tree’s flowers were commonly used in wedding bouquets. To this day, the flowers are used in many European weddings and the tree has become synonymous with romantic love. In fact, it has even made an appearance in many royal wedding bouquets. Kate Middleton included it in her own bouquet when she married Prince William, proving that the myrtle tree is full of love fit for a king.

There’s nothing more romantic than a tree that will blossom along with your love. The white jasmine tree is known for its beautiful and fragrant blossoms and is a symbol of sweet, romantic love. Like myrtle, it has become a popular choice in bridal bouquets, particularly for Tuscan weddings. But the jasmine flower looks just as beautiful on a dining room table as it does in a bridal bouquet. Once the jasmine blossoms, place the flowers in a vase on your dining room table and let your home fill with their exotic, fragrant aroma.

A great alternative idea for someone who has allergies or may not enjoy receiving flowers is the fern tree. While it does not symbolize love per se, the fern tree represents sincerity. When gifting a fern tree to someone, the tree can represent the sincerity of your relationship or a sincere wish for that person to have everlasting happiness and good fortune. If you’re looking to spruce up your relationship and your garden, planting a fern tree could make an excellent gift. Your local Oregon arborist can provide excellent recommendations for where to plant a fern tree and how to care for it properly.

If your partner is of the flower-loving variety, though, there are many types of plants beyond the typical rose that you could gift. A unique and often overlooked plant is the heliotrope. This flowering plant symbolizes devotion and could be an excellent representation of your passionate, undying love for one another. Like myrtle, the heliotrope has roots in Greek mythology. Helios was the god of sun so it’s hardly surprising that the heliotrope is known to follow the sun by turning towards its direction. The flower is typically a pink-purple color and resembles the forget-me-not, also a great choice for Valentine’s Day.

Another excellent Valentine’s Day choice is the cherry tree. George Washington may have made this tree famous, but it’s also known for being associated with love. The cherry tree is an excellent way to symbolize a new, budding romance since the flavor of a cherry has conjured comparisons to the first taste of love.

Like a cherry fruit tree, cherry blossom trees also signify love.  The cherry blossom tree was actually gifted to the United States by Japan in 1912. The blush-colored flowers bloom briefly and are thought to represent the fragility of life. Because the cherry blossoms bloom for a short period, they can also serve as a reminder of love’s precious and sacred nature. Cherry blossom trees are beautiful and romantic. But hopefully, your relationship won’t be quite as fleeting as the cherry blossom’s bloom.

Sure, you can give a bouquet of flowers to your significant other for Valentine’s Day but once the flowers wilt, the gift is gone as well. A better idea would be to plant a flowering tree that both of you can enjoy for years to come. You’ll need to walk no further than your front yard to pick fresh flowers for your love. Whenever you look out your window into your yard, you will be reminded of your love for each other. There is no better gift than that. And if you need any help servicing your tree along the way, your premier Oregon arborist, Mr. Tree, is here to help. Just like a relationship, trees always need a little tender love and care.

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