What Can a Tree Trimming Company Do for My Trees?

If you’re wondering what a tree trimming company can do for your trees, the short answer is that they can help you take care of them in the best way possible.

Trees need to be cared for. They need trimming so they look good in your yard and so they grow properly. They need proper pruning at the correct time of year so they stay healthy and keep producing fruit (for fruiting trees).

They also need a good checkup now and again to detect any early signs of disease or infestation and, whenever possible, nip those issues in the bud. An expert tree company such as Mr. Tree can provide all the services you may require to ensure your trees continue to thrive and make your property beautiful.

Tree Trimming

Hedges, shrubs, and trees need to be cut back on occasion, for both aesthetic reasons and because trees benefit from a good trim. This keeps them looking good so they blend in harmoniously with the rest of your yard and also prevents them from growing in a misshapen way. Trees that are top-heavy or have become asymmetrical, can be restored to a more balanced shape.

There may be branches that have grown so much they are blocking out sunlight or encroaching on your lawn space, or others that look as though they might fall onto your home or car at the first big gust of wind. These can easily be trimmed back, saving you more serious concerns in the future.

Aside from improving a tree’s appearance, trimming also nurtures the health of a tree. For example: when a professional removes green shoots, this helps promote healthier growth overall.

Although tree trimming may look simple enough, a poorly executed job may damage the tree, and with large, heavy branches, it can be dangerous work. That’s why it’s important to reach out to experienced arborists from a tree trimming company.


The terms “pruning” and “trimming” may sound almost identical to the layman, and they do overlap in many ways but with subtle differences. While trimming promotes healthy growth and creates forms pleasing to the eye, pruning focuses more on cutting away unnecessary or unwanted branches and sometimes even roots. Pruning and trimming are carried out at different times of the year, and both help keep trees healthy.

With fruit trees, pruning stops branches from growing across each other and getting entangled, causing stunting or limited growth. A good prune protects the structure of the tree so it can produce more fruit every year.

Any tree with dead or dying branches will benefit from being relieved of the dead weight. As with trimming, pruning can look deceptively easy, but unskilled pruning can reduce the life span of a tree.

Tree Shaping

Shaping is where a tree trimming company can demonstrate the artistic creativity of its experts.

Bushes, hedges, or shrubs may come to mind when you talk about shaping a plant, but trees can also be molded into splendid shapes. Tree shaping can be a one-time task in which the tree is trimmed to give it a beautiful silhouette, but more often than not, it’s a process that takes years, sometimes even decades.

During this extended process, the growth of the tree is manipulated and trained to grow in a certain shape. Many people will have heard of topiary or pleaching and know about the wonderful little works of art that bonsai trees are. Tree shaping is the same idea on a bigger scale.

Tree shaping aims primarily at aesthetic results and can also help you create a particular type of garden landscape, such as a geometrical French-style garden, a decorative Japanese one, or perhaps a walkway lined with interwoven trees or hedges.

Stump Grinding

Did you know that the main root of a tree can often run as deep as the tree is high? That’s just one reason why removing a stump from your property can be a huge and very strenuous task.

A tree trimming company will own all the necessary machinery to remove the stump, roots and all, and remove all traces of the tree so you can prepare the spot for something new. There’s always a lot of sawdust and plenty of woodchips left after the job is done, but a good tree service will make sure your yard is tidy again when they leave.

Tree Removal

This may not sound like something you are actually doing for the benefit of your tree since you are getting rid of it. However, if a tree is sick or damaged beyond repair, posing a risk because it’s too near a power line or your home, crowding out other trees, or simply depriving smaller plants of sunlight, removing it may be the best option.

Deciding whether or not to keep a tree may be difficult and depend on several factors. Again, a tree trimming company will be in the best position to advise on the fate of your trees. The experts at Mr. Tree can do just that so you can make an informed decision about tree removal or any other aspect of caring for your trees.

Tree Care Tailored to Your Needs

Now that you’ve seen what a tree trimming company can do for your trees, you may wonder what it can do for you. Entrusting the care of your trees to professionals will give you peace of mind because you know your trees are in good hands. It will give you beautiful, well-kept trees, and perhaps a little more knowledge about these arboreal companions that embellish your surroundings.

At Mr. Tree, we are tree lovers and highly experienced experts in our field, we care about our clients and their trees, and we take our job seriously. We are always committed to providing quality service at competitive rates. If you’re in the Portland area, give us a call.

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