What Can an Arborist Do for My Trees in Vancouver, Washington

If you have trees on your property, you’ll likely need assistance with them from time to time. Though trees are sometimes easier to maintain than smaller plants, they still need occasional maintenance to continue to thrive. And that maintenance can’t always be performed by the property owners.

Local arborists in the Vancouver, Washington, area, like us at Mr. Tree, are able to provide you with many services for the trees on your property. Maybe you have branches that are blocking your view, or your tree is showing signs of disease. When these problems arise, an arborist is able to solve the problem in a safe and efficient way.

So what can an arborist do for your trees? Tree trimming, pruning, removal, and shaping are just a few of an arborists specialties. They’re able to do work on small properties or much larger sites, depending on your needs. Here are some options for what an arborist can do for the trees on your property.

Tree Trimmingmr-tree-what-can-an-arborist-do-for-my-trees-in-vancouver-washington

As trees grow, they can begin to look wild and untamed. And if you’re not going for a wild and untamed look on your property, these trees can turn into eyesores. That’s why arborists in Vancouver, Washington, provide a tree trimming service.

Just like weeds need to be cut down every once in a while, your tree also needs to be trimmed to maintain its clean appearance. An arborist from Mr. Tree can rein those wild trees in and provide a more polished look. But looks aren’t the only reason people decide to have their trees trimmed.

Sometimes, a tree can begin to grow in a way that blocks the windows of your home. This can mean hindering your view or preventing sunlight from reaching your home . When branches begin to block natural sunlight or block a once unobstructed view, calling a professional arborist to have tree trimming done is the best solution.

Tree Removal

Though not always expected, trees can become a problem on your property over time. With heavy rain and windstorms being common in the Vancouver area, trees can be affected. Damage sustained during storms can make trees in your yard unsafe for you and your family. The same goes for trees damaged by disease.

If around 50 percent of your tree is damaged, it should be removed. Some problems to look out for while determining if you should have your tree removed are cracks in the tree, dead branches, or decay. Another big thing to look out for is if your tree is leaning in a way it didn’t previously.

When it comes to having these large, dead trees removed, your local arborist is the person to call. Even if you do have access to a chainsaw. Large trees can cause a lot of damage if they fall, especially if they fall in an unexpected direction. Aside from causing damage to your property, you would be putting yourself at risk by attempting it. A professional has to proper tools and experience to remove your tree safely.

Stump Grinding

Having a tree removed can be a big relief. There’s no more worry about what damage or danger it could cause or how unattractive it looked. But not all traces of a tree are actually removed during tree removal. When you cut a tree down, you can only start the cut so low. And after that, there’s usually a stump left over after the process is finished.

Having this stump in your yard can feel like you’ve replaced one eyesore with another. Not only are leftover tree stumps unattractive, but they can also be a tripping hazard. That’s why arborists in Vancouver offer stump grinding services.

We want your yard to have the manicured look you’ve been striving for. If you work with tree professionals that have the appropriate specialized equipment, they can grind your tree stump 10 to 12 inches below the grade and incorporate the woodchips back into the hole or get rid of them completely. Then it’s just a matter of adding some fresh soil and replanting, whether you’re planning to replace the tree with a new tree, grass, or something more creative.

Tree Pruning

Has your tree seen better days? One of the best ways to ensure your trees stay healthy is by having them pruned. Tree pruning is performed to increase the health of a tree by cutting away dead or infected branches. It’s also performed to even out a tree that has too much weight on one side or that has branches making it top-heavy. Having your tree pruned by an arborist can prevent the tree from disease and premature death.

Pruning is especially beneficial if you have fruit trees. Pruning must be done on fruit trees to maintain structural integrity and aide the tree in yielding more fruit each season. Keep in mind, however, that the pruning needs to be done properly. A professional arborist knows what branches to cut and how and when to cut them. Using specific tools and techniques, an arborist will make select cuts that won’t damage the tree. While it may seem tempting to cut off problematic branches that you notice on your own, not cutting them properly or during the wrong season can leave an open wound that could be a gateway for disease or insects to intrude.

These are only a few of the many things that an arborist can do for your trees. Aside from residential services, Mr. Tree also performs commercial tree services, such as logging for when you need a large number of trees removed, and lot clearing. With the help of a local arborist, you can get the results you’re looking for, have work done safely, and know that both you and your trees are in good hands.

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