What Does the Land-Clearing Process Involve?

Every piece of land that you see was once inhabited by only nature. Sites for shopping malls, homes, and farms all usually have to go through a land-clearing process, including the removal of shrubs, trees, and uneven land to create what stands there today. The possibilities of what land can become are endless, especially when the right land-clearing service providers are nearby.

Land clearing is a necessity when you want to make unusable land usable. Professional tree service companies, such as Mr. Tree, have been performing these services for years, and we can tell you land clearing is used for residential, commercial, agricultural, and even environmental reasons.

When you hear of land clearing, you may think it’s just one thing being done. In reality, there are a handful of services that need to come together in order to create a flat piece of land that’s ready for use. If you’re thinking about having land clearing done, you’ll want to know about everything that will be done in an effort to bring you one step closer to achieving your vision. Whether it’s just a piece of your land that you want to be able to use or a whole lot that you’d like to build on, land clearing will help you get there. Here are a few services that are involved in the land-clearing process.

Tree Removal

Because most lots in need of land clearing have some kind of trees on the property, tree removal is usually performed. Tree removal is probably the most well-known part of land clearing, as it provides the most immediate visual results. Once the trees are removed, it’s easier to envision what the space has the potential to be.

Attempting to remove trees on your own can have devastating results. It’s important to be well-practiced and knowledgeable about the equipment needed and the safest process to remove each specific tree, large or small. When a tree service company completes tree removal, they’re doing it with the most advanced tools to get the job done efficiently. A team of professionals will be knowledgeable and experienced in tree removal, which can give you peace of mind when it comes to this often-dangerous task.

Tree’s aren’t the only thing in your way when it comes to clearing your lot. There are often things like bushes, rocks, and shrubs that also need to be removed during this process. Getting rid of all of these obstacles typically comes before even tree removal.

Commercial Logging


If there are a lot of trees on the land you want cleared, you may consider having commercial logging be a part of your land-clearing process. Logging is the process of cutting trees down for timber sale and can be a great way to cash in on the trees you’re getting rid of. Mr. Tree has been performing commercial logging for over 30 years, so you can be confident that we can complete the task while ensuring that no damage is done to your land. This strategic way of removing trees is best done by professionals, just like typical tree removal, for safety reasons.

Stump Grinding

When tree removal is completed, it doesn’t necessarily eliminate all traces of that tree. Sure, the tree has been cut down, but there’s more to getting rid of it than that. Cutting a tree down can only be done but so close to the ground, and when it’s finished, you’ll often be left with a large stump in its place. The stump is deeply rooted and can create a tripping hazard or eyesore on your land, which is why some companies with land-clearing services, like Mr. Tree, offer stump grinding.

Stump grinding removes the stump up to 10 to 12 inches below the grade, grinding the wood into chips that can then be removed from your property. Though it may seem like an easy task, stump grinding is actually quite difficult. It takes special tools and machinery to successfully grind a stump down to make it level or to remove it altogether. And when it’s all done, you won’t be able to tell that a tree stood there before.

Ground Leveling

It may seem like getting rid of the trees is the biggest part of land clearing. But once those trees are cleared, you’ll quickly notice that the ground has humps and is uneven in many places. Just clearing the trees and brush doesn’t mean the land is ready for use yet.

That’s why ground leveling is part of the land-clearing process. Heavy machinery used by professionals can shape the land and make it all one level. This is a crucial part of the process, especially if you’re hoping to build on that land. Only once the land is both cleared and leveled out can that process begin.


Excavation can also be a part of the land-clearing process, depending on how you’re intending to use your land once it’s cleared. Excavation includes tasks like road building, landslide and mudslide debris removal, washout repairs and clean up, as well as catwalk projects. If your land is being cleared to have a home or building put on it, then excavation services may serve you well.

As you can see, there are many moving parts that make up the land-clearing process. When investing in such a large project, you’ll want to make sure that everything is done the right way the first time. Attempting to take on any of these services on your own can be both time consuming and dangerous. Having professionals like Mr. Tree perform your lot clearing can have you starting the next project on your land in a timely manner while using the safest methods to complete each task. Our professional staff takes pride in every detail of the land-clearing process, and we’ll leave you with a cleared piece of land that has tons of potential for future projects.

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