What Equipment Is Used for Lot Clearing?

Lot or land clearing is the process of removing unwanted tree overgrowth, shrubbery, debris, and so forth, usually to prepare a site for construction. A variety of heavy, complicated machinery is required. The exact equipment used depends on the size of the lot, type of soil, moisture levels, environmental concerns, and more. Thankfully, a professional land clearing company will have the right tools no matter what. Read on below to learn more about the equipment used for lot clearing.

1. Survey Equipment

Before the land clearing starts, the contractors may need to survey the area.

2. Cutting Tools

Chainsaws, axes, and hatchets can all be used to fell and remove trees. Most of the time, chainsaws are the most effective. All of these tools can be dangerous, especially chainsaws. In general, tree removal is best left to professionals.

3. Stump Grindersmr-tree-what-equipment-is-used-for-lot-clearing

No one wants unsightly tree stumps left over after tree removal. But getting rid of them is a delicate process. You’ll have to watch out for potential hazards like pipes or gas lines. Contractors will either grind the stumps to be level with the soil or completely remove them. Stump grinders are also used to efficiently take care of the tree’s roots.

4. Mulchers

Mulchers will clear underbrush, small trees, and leftover fencing, and quickly turn them to mulch. The contractor will either use a tracked or wheeled mulching machine. There are also mulching attachments that can be used with equipment like tractors, skid steers, and excavators (more details on these to come). The options used depend on the land. For instance, in a large lot clearing job, like on commercial property, a tracked or wheeled mulching machine with high horsepower is best.

5. Brush Mowers

Brush mowers are used for clearing out any wild vegetation. Tree service contractors have the most efficient equipment, and a brush mower is no exception. This allows them to get through the toughest brush quickly and effectively. Hand-held trimmers may also be used if there isn’t too much vegetation to clear.

6. Brush Grubbers

Brush grubbers are attachments that can easily rip small trees and stumps out of the ground.

7. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are perhaps the most significant pieces of lot clearing equipment. They have many uses and benefits. For instance, bulldozers are good to use on uneven land and rocky formations.

Dozers are especially well-suited for knocking different elements down. This equipment is very powerful and can easily take down leftover structures, boulders, standing trees, and debris. They’re also used to dig up topsoil. This is helpful if you plan to turn the cleared land into a foundation, such as by pouring concrete.

There are different attachments for bulldozers that make them very versatile and adaptable. For instance, the root plow attachment removes bushes and shrubs. The heavy-duty rake removes rocks, small trees, and stumps. A bulldozer blade can remove roots and prevent future weeds from growing.
Other attachments are used to reshape the lot after it’s been cleared. Contractors can use bulldozers to flatten the land, move debris, create a slope, and fill in any empty areas or pits.

8. Tractors

Frontend loader tractors are used to clear rocks, smaller trees, tree branches and limbs, rocks, and other debris. Tractors can also be used for leveling and grading the land after the lot clearing is complete. They can be used to fill in holes and add more soil to even out the land.

9. Backhoes

Backhoes are used in small-scale land-clearing projects. They are often combined with the frontend loader tractor. Typically, this means a backhoe will be attached to the back of the front-loader or tractor.

The section of the arm that is closest to the vehicle is known as the boom. The other side, which includes the bucket, is known as a dipper or dipper stick. The arm is able to pivot about 180 degrees from left to right.

Backhoes are great for pushing dirt and debris. They can also effectively uproot and remove trees and stumps. And the bucket is perfect for digging. It’s often used for trenches.

10. Excavators

Excavators are similar to backhoes. While backhoes have wheels, excavators have tracks. Excavators are usually used in larger-scale projects over backhoes. This equipment can be used for earthmoving, digging, and removing debris.

Excavators have a rotating axis, which allows a contractor to quickly turn around and perform multiple tasks in one spot. This helps the lot clearing process go more quickly.

Like a backhoe, the bucket arm is very helpful for digging trenches. It can also be used for picking up fallen trees and debris.

Like bulldozers, this equipment can use a number of attachments. These include grapples, which grab and remove small trees and logs. And stump pullers, which make stump removal easier. Plus, stump splitters, to quickly break stump and trees into multiple pieces. Excavators can also be turned into mulching equipment with certain attachments.

11. Graders and Levelers

Graders and/or levelers are great for preparing the cleared lot to be a site for construction. Grading gives you a level land, providing a great foundation for the future structure.

12. Plows

Plows are used to make sure the ground is even. Especially if you intend to use the cleared land for gardening or landscaping. If there’s organic matter on the soil, plowing will mix it in.

13. Woodchippers

Wood grinders or chippers will quickly take care of the cut trees. They turn the trees into wood chips. These can be used for a number of different purposes. You also might be able to sell the wood chips.

14. Skid Steer

Skid Steers are similar to small tractors. These are used to pick up, transfer, and move dirt, rocks, and other debris. Due to their smaller sizer, skid steer tractors are especially beneficial if the lot clearing job has any areas that are tighter, smaller, and/or more confined.

No matter how large the job or what equipment is required, lot clearing should be left to the professionals. Don’t risk severely damaging the land by trying to do it yourself. For the best-quality lot clearing service in Oregon and Washington, turn to the contractors at Mr. Tree. We offer great service, years of professional experience, and competitive prices. You can find more information on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.


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