What Is an Ornamental Tree?

Driving through your local neighborhood, you may have noticed some eye-catching trees that make you want to stop and savor their beauty. Sometimes, the trees will have an appealing shape to them, such as weeping willows, or some trees will have amazingly colorful flowers blooming at various times of the year, like flowering cherry trees, or maybe you notice a tree with unusual bark that grabs your attention, such as the coral-colored bark found on some Japanese maple trees. All of these trees and more are considered ornamental trees.

You may wonder, what is an ornamental tree, and what type of tree qualifies as one? Ornamental trees are trees used in landscaping for aesthetic purposes. They’re the trees that grab your attention when you drive past. Ornamental trees add beauty to one’s yard and increase the lucrative curb appeal of a property. Many ornamental trees do require special care, and so hiring a tree expert to maintain your garden can be helpful to keep the ornamental trees looking their best. Contact your arborist experts at Mr. Tree for assistance.

How to Pick Which Ornamental Trees Work Best

Now that we have answered the question, “What is an ornamental tree?” the next step is to figure out how to incorporate some beautiful ornamental trees into your garden. There are many things to consider before picking one ornamental tree over another.


  • First, consider the mature size of each tree before planting them. You must have a space big enough for the tree to thrive once it’s fully grown. Ornamental trees tend to be smaller than other trees and stay under around 25 feet or so. Checking the mature height on the gardening tag before purchasing is the best way to determine the full size of the tree. Make sure it makes sense within your landscape design.
  • Some ornamental trees require more sunlight and some prefer shade. Consider the tree’s requirements to ensure it will thrive in your yard.
  • Also consider the nutrient needs of each tree, as not all types of soil work with all tree types.
  • If you’re choosing a tree for its flowers, pay attention to what season the tree will bloom and for how long the blossoms will last. Staggering trees with different blooming seasons can give you eye-catching flowers for months on end when planned correctly.
  • Some ornamental trees will produce foliage that will create a lot of yard cleanup, such as fruiting or flowering trees or trees with bark that sheds.
  • Also consider tree placement, as some trees can produce roots that will lift pavement if planted too close to walkways or driveways.

If you’re unsure of which ornamental tree will work best with your garden, contact your tree experts at Mr. Tree before purchasing your ornamental trees.

Which Ornamental Trees Work Best in the Pacific Northwest?

When choosing which ornamental tree or trees will work best for your yard, first consider your location. If you’re located in the Pacific Northwest, there are some beautiful ornamental trees that will thrive in our particular climate. When deciding which trees to plant, also consider if you’re looking for blooming flowers, interesting forms, or eye-catching foliage.

Pacific Dogwood

One of the go-to favorites of the Pacific Northwest is the dogwood tree. Dogwoods have different species to choose from. One native species of dogwood to Oregon is the Pacific dogwood. These trees require some shade and cannot be in full sun. They also require well-drained soil to thrive. The Pacific dogwood offers beautiful springtime floral blooms to brighten your yard. They also produce red berries in the fall, which attract wildlife to watch and enjoy as they eat the berries.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple tree is a well-known ornamental tree in many areas, including the Pacific Northwest. There are many varieties of Japanese maple. When choosing which maple will work best in your yard, consider the color of the foliage and the full size at maturity. There are dwarf varieties that stay smaller than their counterparts.

Coral Bark Maple

The coral bark maple is a variety of the Japanese maple that has beautiful coral-red bark, which really stands out against winter-white backgrounds and the dark green evergreens that are so well-known in the Pacific Northwest. Coral bark maples do best with full to partial sun and in well-drained, moist soil. These trees can thrive in containers as well as in the ground.

Vine Maple

The vine maple is another tree that’s native to Oregon. The vine maple is a smaller variety, with leaves that turn yellow, orange, and red in the fall. The samara pods it produces attracts birds, and the tree attracts caterpillars, which of course grow into beautiful butterflies. Vine maple trees thrive in partial sun conditions with wet soil.

Flowering Crabapple

For those who have a yard with full sun, the flowering crabapple tree is an easy-to-care-for flowering ornamental tree with beautiful blooms in the spring that last for a month. Fall berries will bring wildlife to watch and enjoy as they feast.

Flowering Cherry

Flowering cherry trees produce beautiful pink to white blossoms in the spring, along with some tart cherries that are too tart for us to enjoy but will bring wildlife to your yard. These trees do best in full sun and will bloom in late March to April. Many varieties of flowering cherry trees also provide brilliant fall foliage colors to enjoy. Though their life span is shorter, lasting around 15 to 20 years, their brilliance is well-known.

Ornamental trees will transform your yard from being plain-Jane into a spectacular, eye-catching garden. Be sure to care for your ornamental trees properly, and they will provide years of joy. If you’re interested in planting ornamental trees in your yard or would like help maintaining your already planted garden, consider contacting your local tree experts at Mr. Tree.

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