What Is Tree Removal in Vancouver WA?

No one wants to think about having trees removed from their property, but many people end up needing it done. Whether it’s due to damage, disease, or just wanting to switch up the landscape, tree removal is a fairly popular service in the area. So if you’re wondering what exactly tree removal in Vancouver, WA, is and what it entails, you’re not alone.

There’s a lot more that goes into tree removal than most people would think, and it takes more than just a chainsaw to do the job correctly. Along with being a dangerous job when not properly trained to do it, tree removal takes specific techniques and equipment as well. Enlisting the help of trained arborists like Mr. Tree in Vancouver is the best way to tackle this task should you end up needing it done.

Here are a few reasons why tree removal may be right for you.

What Is Tree Removal?

Worker cutting large tree stump with chainsaw.Tree removal in Vancouver, WA, is a common service amongst homeowners and business owners alike. As trees can become unsightly due to death or disease or become a safety hazard, many people decide that they no longer want certain trees on their property. When this decision is made, it’s best to have a professional remove the tree for you. After contacting professional arborists like the staff at Mr. Tree, you can have your specific tree problem assessed and taken care of in the safest way possible. Professional tree removal is the best way to completely remove a tree and have a flat landscape created in its place.

When Should I Have It Done?

The reasons for tree removal vary from situation to situation, but many choose to have it done out of necessity. If your tree is damaged or suffering from disease, having it removed electively can be the best way to avoid it falling on its own or infecting other trees. A fallen tree can cause damage to property, and potentially people, which is why it’s best to be proactive about removing it.

One sign that you should look into tree removal in Vancouver, WA, is when your tree is leaning. A leaning tree is normally an unsafe tree and can be a potential safety hazard. Even slight leaning should be cause for concern and a reason to call up a professional to assess the situation. Though it may not seem like a pressing issue at the moment, a change in the weather could quicken the falling process of a tree without much warning. Snow, for instance, can put extra weight on a tree that’s already leaning. Wind can also cause the tree to move even further in the wrong direction. Avoiding the situation is the best way to ensure that no property or people are in danger.

Another reason to have tree removal services on your property is when your tree is showing signs of infestation or disease. Infestation or disease that is visible may be a sign that your tree is in the process of dying or has already died. A dead tree is a perfect home for insects, which can eat away at the tree leaving it hollow inside. A hollow tree is more prone to falling on its own and causing damage. Professionals can inspect your trees for disease or infestation and let you know if tree removal is the best decision.

What Services Should Accompany Tree Removal?

People don’t often consider that there is more to a tree than just its trunk and branches when thinking of tree removal. Once tree removal is performed, the largest parts of the tree will be removed, but you’ll still be left with a tree stump in its place. This stump can be unsightly for your property, but it can also cause some safety concerns. Depending on where the stump is located, it can become a significant tripping hazard for people walking by. Tree cutting machinery can only cut but so low, so when people want all aspects of the tree to be completely removed from their property, they often choose to have stump grinding performed as well.

Stump grinding is the process of completely removing the stump of the tree and creating a level surface. This service is essential if you plan on reusing the space where your tree once grew. It’s the perfect way to create a flat surface to then plant grass, for example. When you have stump grinding performed by Mr. Tree, it includes grinding 10 to 12 inches below the grade and either incorporating the grindings back into the hole or removing it from the property completely.

What Are the Benefits of Having Professional Tree Removal?

There are a number of benefits of having a professional perform tree removal on your property. One of the most beneficial is that it’s the safest way to have a tree removed. Tree removal can be unsafe for untrained people to perform, as it often requires sharp and dangerous equipment. It also typically requires someone to climb into the tree to remove heavy branches. This and having safe control of where the tree lands are just a few reasons why homeowners shouldn’t take the risk of doing it themselves. Professionals are well-trained in the techniques required to do this job safely and effectively. Arborists have the proper tools and safety equipment as well. Enlisting them to do this work can save you from unnecessary damage to yourself and your property.

It’s also helpful to have a professional when it comes to getting rid of the tree after it’s removed. Homeowners don’t often consider the steps that come after the tree is felled, and one of the most important steps after removing the tree from the ground is removing the tree from the property. Tree trunks, stumps, and branches are often large pieces of wood that require large equipment to break down. Professionals have that equipment, the proper training to use it, as well as the right vehicles to take all remaining parts of the tree away. Enlisting their help can take the burden of figuring out what to do with the tree remnants off of the homeowner.


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