What Do Logging Companies in Oregon Need to Know?

Oregon is a state famous for its natural beauty, in no small part due to the thousands of native trees that speckle the landscape in every direction. People move to Oregon specifically to be near the trees, and many of them end up planting huge trees—both native and nonnative—on their property.

Because trees are such a big part of the culture of Oregon, a huge industry has sprung up around them. Professional arborists, landscapers, and foresters all earn their living working with trees. So too do logging companies in Oregon. Of course, there are plenty of laws and regulations regarding the activity of loggers, as well as peculiarities of the local trees that workers in the industry should be aware of.
Below, we’ll discuss a few things logging companies in Oregon need to know.

What Loggers Domr-tree-what-do-logging-companies-in-oregon-need-to-know

We will start with the basics, which is attempting to answer the question of what, exactly, the responsibilities of a logger entail. Most people are aware that logging companies cut down trees, but as you may suspect, there’s a good deal more to it than that.

Loggers utilize specialized equipment to cut trees down, which can be a large job or a small one, depending upon the size and age of the tree. Smaller trees can often be removed with a chainsaw, while larger trees will require the use of a tree harvester.

Once the trees are felled, the loggers usually trim them next. This is also done with specialized equipment that the workers are trained to use. Loggers are then responsible for removing the trees from the area, usually by fastening cables known as chokers to each tree and hauling it out of the forest in this way. If multiple trees are being cut down, loggers also need to sort the trees by type so that they can be taken to the right places afterward.

A trained logger, therefore, needs to know how to use various types of equipment common in the industry, as well as how to identify a wide variety of native Oregon trees.

What Jobs Need a Logger

Not all jobs that involve the removal of trees require the services of a logging company. Loggers generally remove large numbers of trees so that the wood can be sold for profit. These companies can also be hired to clear large areas of trees so that the land can be developed. However, they’re usually not hired for smaller jobs, like felling one or a few trees.

They are also not usually responsible for maintaining the health of individual trees. If you need to have a tree cared for or trimmed or to have a small number of trees planted or removed, you are more likely to require the services of a professional arborist, such as one from Mr. Tree. Arborists handle smaller jobs, as well as lot clearing, tree pruning, stump removal, and pest control.

Boundaries of Forests

Needless to say, logging companies in Oregon cannot simply go wherever they want and begin harvesting trees. Because there’s so much forest covering the state, logging companies need to be keenly aware of the legal boundaries between the land on which they’ll be working. Much of the forest land is owned by the state, and some is owned by large companies. However, there are also many private owners of small areas of forest. If trees are harvested from private property without permission, it can lead to lawsuits and fines, so it’s critical for loggers to know exactly where they are allowed to cut down trees.

Laws of Logging

The specific laws pertaining to logging companies can be complex and difficult to navigate. Nevertheless, Oregon logging companies need to familiarize their teams with them to avoid legal difficulties. This includes not just the boundaries, but safety procedures and cost appraisal for various woods so that payment can be made fairly. There are also a number of permits required, including logging permits and heavy machinery operating permits.

Loggers also need to understand the process of creating a contract when they’re hired to perform a job. If you’re looking to have trees removed from your land, it’s important to only do business with a logging company that offers a written contract. Reputable organizations will ensure that any agreements made are done in writing so that there can be no disputes down the road.

Planting and Reforestation

The state of Oregon values its trees a great deal, and so one of the most important laws that loggers need to be aware of is the one regarding reforestation. If trees are being removed from an area, the law states that the company doing the removal must have a plan for reforestation. This means that at some point, they’ll have to come in and replant the area that has been harvested.

Of course, planting trees in an area requires a great deal of knowledge and skill in and of itself. Loggers will need to be aware of the types of native trees that can survive in an area, how much water they require, and if they’ll pose any risk to nearby roads or property.

How To Clean Up After a Job

Not surprisingly, a logging project tends to leave a big mess in the area where it’s taken place. Logging companies in Oregon need to be able to clean up after a job and to do so in such a way that the effect on the environment is minimized. For example, removing trees may make an area vulnerable to soil erosion, and loggers need to be trained to prevent this from happening. They also need to have a plan for what to do with all the tree limbs and branches that have been cut off of the harvested trees. In some cases, they can be left where they are, but in other cases, they’ll have to be mulched or removed entirely.

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