What Maple Tree Varieties Will Give My Yard the Most Color?

Nothing says autumn more than the changing colors of our trees. The beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds of our tree leaves bring a sense of calm that goes hand-in-hand with the cooler weather. To get the most color in your yard, you may consider adding some colorful maple tree varieties, which will give that pop of fall color to your home. Maple trees are a great way to bring a splash of color to your autumn yard with very little maintenance. They’re also very hardy trees, making a great addition to your home landscape. Your Mr. Tree experts can suggest which maple tree varieties will work best in your yard.Maple Tree Varieties

Types of Maple Trees

Maple trees are popular nationwide for their ability to survive in many different living conditions and are a great provider of shade and autumn color. However, not all maple trees come in the same size and shape. There are both large, shade-providing maple tree varieties and smaller ornamental maple trees, which can provide a beautiful addition to your curb appeal, adding a pop of color in smaller spaces.

Before planting your maple trees, be sure to assess the space in your yard and consider what will fit best when fully grown. Fully mature shade maple trees can reach a height of 40 to 60 feet and a width of about 40 feet. Ornamental maples are smaller with a mature height of approximately 2 to 30 feet and can take a variety of shapes.

Shade Maples

Shade maple trees are known for having a single trunk with a full canopy that produces wonderful shade. Not all shade maple varieties produce colors other than green. The most colorful shade maple is the red maple, which, as its name indicates, turns red in the fall. The sugar maple’s leaves will turn pretty yellow and orange colors in the autumn months. The sugar maple is well-known for the sweet maple syrup that is produced from its tree sap. Silver maples are known for their variety of colors, sometimes yellow, red, or orange leaves will appear in the fall season.

The Norway maple is one shade tree that’s known to withstand city environments, tolerating air pollution levels that are higher in toxins. Norway maples turn beautiful shades red and orange in the fall and are a great shade tree variety for those areas of higher air pollution. The autumn blaze shade maple tree offers a bright red color in the fall.

Ornamental Maples

Ornamental maples are smaller with multiple stems, creating a more shrub-like appearance. Some will have a weeping shape, while others are more upright. Ornamental maple trees are typically planted for decoration or to create a layer of privacy. Some ornamental maples can be planted in containers to add accents to doorways or paved areas. Their smaller size makes them ideal for adding a pop of color to your fall landscape.

Japanese maple trees are the most well-known ornamental maple that can be planted in containers or in the ground. There is a large variety of Japanese maples that turn all different colors based on the type planted, ranging from red to orange and yellow.

Amur maples offer dark red leaves when they enter the autumn months. Amur maples are considered invasive in some locations so check local restrictions before planting. They can be planted in containers or in the ground. Vine maples are another ornamental maple that offers multiple colors of red, orange, and yellow leaves in the fall.

Planting a mixture of ornamental maples can really add that fall foliage coloring to your landscape without requiring the space a full-size shade maple will require.

Best Time for Tree Planting

When planning your landscape, take into consideration the tree’s ability to display fall foliage colors each year. When shopping for trees to plant, it’s best to shop in the fall months so you can see which colors each tree will display before you decide on buying any tree variety. You can also consult the nursery staff to help you pick which tree type is best for your landscape. Some trees have been cultivated especially for the specific fall foliage colors. If you have any questions about which trees will display strong fall colors, consider consulting the experts at Mr. Tree.

Once you decide which trees to plant, make sure the hottest days are past and the ground is not yet frozen before planting your trees. The fall months are the best months to plant new trees, before the first frost hits. The cooler temperatures ensure there will be no scorching of the new leaves or risk of drought. The cool temperature also helps promote root growth, which will help create a strong foundation for the newly planted trees. Try to plant your maple trees at least six weeks out from any extreme weather conditions to help allow the trees to grow a strong root base, which will help promote a long and healthy tree life span.

What to Look for When Choosing a Maple Tree

When picking which maple trees to purchase for your yard, first check the tree for any signs of pests or disease. Make sure the roots aren’t outgrowing the container. If the roots are starting to grow outside of the containers through the drain holes, it may be best to pick a different tree. When a tree is root-bound, it may not grow normally even once planted in the earth.

If you’re looking for that reminder that autumn has arrived, there’s no better way than to be surrounded by fall foliage. Those leafy reds, golden yellows, and oranges on display during the fall months are a surefire way to say fall has arrived. If you would like to plant maples in your yard and would like assistance in picking the perfect trees for you, contact the tree experts at Mr. Tree.

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