What Services Do Local Logging Companies Offer?

Landowners looking to harvest timber. Farmers that have more land but aren’t able/don’t want to purchase more than they already have. Additional space is needed for a job, such as construction work. Trees on a property are in bad shape and proving detrimental to the rest of the land. What do all these things have in common? These are some reasons people turn to local logging companies.

If this is your first time asking for one or you were unsatisfied with a previous company’s work, you probably have a number of questions. What are the different services you may need? What exactly can a logging company do for you? Here’s where we come in to help explain. Read on below to find out more information regarding local logging companies.

Forest Thinning


Forest thinning is the process of removing some trees, or even just certain parts of trees, to make room. There are a number of reasons why someone may need this service.
For one, removing some of the trees can give others both more room to grow and more nutrients, resulting in a healthier land all around. When there are too many trees planted too close together, they essentially must battle to get enough sunlight, shade, water, and nutrients.

Why should you turn to professional local logging companies for this service? Is it worth trying to do yourself? Alas, people who aren’t trained arborists can make mistakes that jeopardize all the trees. A professional, however, will know exactly which areas to thin so that the forest can thrive. Arborists are able to tell which trees would be strongest, most resistant to diseases, most helpful for wildlife, and so forth.

In addition to making the trees healthier, forest thinning also provides more room for people, equipment, and vehicles to move around on a job site.

Another reason you should ask about forest thinning? This service is also helpful for preventing forest fires. Preventing potential disasters and damages is a major reason why logging and tree services are so important.


While forest thinning is good for clearing certain areas, clear-cutting is a service that typically results in very few trees being leftover. Forest thinning typically gets rid of trees that are unhealthy or causing problems. Clear cutting results in a much more wide-open space.

There are some reasons why people go for clear-cutting instead of forest thinning. If you need a lot of room for a job, and need it fast, clear-cutting may be your preferred option. If you’re turning to logging services for the land’s health, it could be that some kinds of trees need extra room because they require full sunlight.

Because of the laws in Oregon, there may be a limit to just how much you can clear. The law also may require the logging company to leave a certain number of trees as a buffer.
Clear-cutting can be controversial. And it could be unnecessary. So be sure to discuss whether it’s the best solution with your logging company.

Controlled Burning

While you don’t want a ruinous forest fire, fire is a natural part of a forest’s ecology. The important distinction is that if you’re going to use fire as a tool, it needs to be controlled.
Intentional, controlled fire is another way that a logging service is used for forest management. It clears some space for a purpose, whether that’s for a job or to improve the forest’s health or something else. It’s also known as prescribed fire.

A service like this needs to be done as carefully as possible. That’s why it’s so important to have skilled, experienced local logging companies handle the job. It should go without saying, but this is absolutely not something you should try to do on your own.

Controlled burning is another way that logging services can prevent serious forest fires. While you may initially think that is counterintuitive, it can actually work quite well. Controlled burning gets rid of the hazards that could lead to issues down the line. Making sure your land is as healthy and safe as possible will do wonders to prevent forest fires. It will also improve and protect the environment as a whole.


As you may have guessed by the name, reforestation is quite different from the other logging services mentioned above. Instead of clearing land, reforestation brings new trees. In fact, you may even be surprised that a logging service offers this. But it’s a very important part of maintaining the ecosystem and ensuring healthy land.

Like the other logging services, there could be a number of different reasons you need reforestation. One could be, of course, in the aftermath of a thinning, clearing, or controlled burning service.

If you use a logging service to sell timber, you will obviously want to restock after the previous trees are removed and sent away.

People also turn to reforestation in circumstances where they lost trees for reasons that were unintentional. Say, for instance, in case of the dreaded forest fire or a ferocious storm.
And some go for reforestation in order to make up for the overzealous farming, land clearing, or logging that occurred in the past.

For this service, it really helps to use a local logging company that employs highly trained arborists. This is a very different process from planting an individual plant or tree. Reforestation requires both careful planning and skilled planting.

A trained arborist can plant the same types of trees that were there before. They may also add different kinds of trees or other plant life.

Portland Area Logging

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