What to Expect from Commercial Excavation Services

Here in the Pacific Northwest, trees are a given. There are trees outside your home, your place of work, and every public building. Even if you don’t love them, they’re a fact of life. At Mr. Tree Services, we aim to give your trees a healthy, long life with periodic inspections and preemptive care.

However, you might have several trees that you want removed at one time or a more comprehensive project entirely, such as adding a new road or driveway or clearing a lot for a new structure. You’re in luck—a large side of our business at Mr. Tree includes commercial excavation services because even if we’re removing the tree, we’re going to do it safely and with respect for the environment. We’ll make your commercial or residential property something you’re proud of.

Commercial excavation services are required when clearing land for road building, slide repairs, washout repairs, and ground-leveling projects. We enjoy taking on big projects for commercial clients, municipal clients, or homeowners with large lots or who are building homes or businesses. Here are four services we can provide for your commercial excavation needs.

Clearing and Road Building

What to Expect from Commercial Excavation Services

Of course, the first thing that will be completed in your new project—whatever it may involve—will be a plan. Our professional technicians and surveyors will visit the site in order to ascertain what tools we’ll need to use and what type of grading or leveling we can help with. We take pride in the equipment and tools that we’ve invested. Not many tree service companies would make this investment. We know that doing the job with the right tools is an important part of doing the job correctly. Once the project has started, we’ll make quick work of any trees or vegetation and underbrush that may need to be removed.

We’re also the best choice if you need a few trees cleared, removed, or even relocated (and our certified arborists will make sure your relocated trees will thrive in their new locations). Our expert lot-clearing staff will not only get rid of the vegetation that threatens your job site—whatever the topography might be—but we’ll also level out the ground and make it treeless so that you can start your construction project in a timely manner. Also note that our experts know what to expect regarding Oregon’s laws for excavation. We keep on top of the rules and regulations so you don’t have to!

Landslide and Mudslide Debris Removal and Clean Up

Despite your best efforts, a landslide or a mudslide may occur and cover up your construction area or lot with debris that may or may not include giant trees, large rocks, piles of earth, debris from other structures, vehicles, or even chemicals that had been stored or in use at the time of the slide. A few factors cause landslides and mudslides, including natural disasters like earthquakes, heavy rains, and volcanic eruptions. Other times it can be due to poor land management and erosion.

If you’re planning on building a new structure, make sure to check whether a landslide has happened there in the past. Even with monitoring and proper erosion control measures, they are likely to occur again. If a slide happens, our professionals will be able to help you dig out and clean up your lot, removing large objects as needed and regrading and leveling the land again if necessary.

Washout Repairs and Clean Up

The Pacific Northwest receives a lot of rain. We’re known for it! Most of it is the drizzle that marks us from October through April and does damage gradually instead of all at once. But every year, we receive a few rainstorms with high-volume water that could wash out a dirt road or gravel driveway all at once instead of by inches. At Mr. Tree, we can help get your road or driveway back up to standards and make sure that you have a safe passageway to drive on. The first thing we would do is figure out why the washout happened in the first place and fix those drainage problems before repairing the road for you.

When making these changes, the easiest way to prevent future washouts is to add drainage ditches along the sides of the driveway or road. This will provide a place for excess water to flow and will direct the water to the nearest exit, such as a sewer or stream. A drainage ditch may not sound very glamorous, but it can be dressed up with landscaping to match your aesthetic.

Ground Leveling and Catwork Services

Over time, traffic, weather, and use can create packed-down earth on your job site that may be difficult to work for new landscaping or hardscaping. Or maybe you intend to use your lot for a new application entirely. Whatever your needs, we can clear the land and make it level for your new intended project, whether you’re planning a new building, another garden, or just making a change from what you had before.

At Mr. Tree, we have a solid understanding of drainage and erosion control, and our experts will make sure to leave it looking neat and professional at the job’s end. Our highly trained team is always up-to-date on the latest techniques and are equipped with the most state-of-the-art tools to handle all of your needs, whether it’s leveling and grading, or whether you work with our certified arborists and erosion experts.

Of course, there are many other services we can provide above and beyond these listed here. Visit our website for a full list of services we can help you with, including logging, demolition, and land clearing. At Mr. Tree, we seek to be your one-stop shop for all excavation services, as we provide all equipment and workers to help you with your project from beginning to end. Contact us today with your questions about commercial excavation services!

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