What Types of Tree Service Are Available in Salem Oregon?

Are you looking for reliable tree service in Salem, Oregon? Look no further than Mr. Tree. We have been a trusted, loyal name for everything tree-related here in Salem and its surrounding areas since 2000, with training and years of experience that go well beyond that. So you can rest assured that by choosing us, you’re choosing experienced, professional arborists to service your trees.

When it comes to the types of tree services we have available for you in Salem, the simple answer is everything Mr. Tree offers. We provide residential, commercial, and industrial tree services, everything from planting to pruning to tree removal, and we even do excavation and logging. We see all our projects to completion, meaning we won’t leave a job half-done. Our team focuses on quality and detail while being safe and affordable at the same time.Tree Service Salem Oregon

We break down our tree services into residential tree service, and commercial and industrial tree service

Residential Tree Service

We understand that you always want your yard to look beautiful. A great way to ensure this is to not only plant beautiful trees, but to also keep them at their healthiest. Our residential tree services include five types of care that will help your trees and your yard always look their best.

  1. Tree Pruning

Pruning your trees is important, as it not only helps them continue to grow healthily, but it will keep your yard looking neat and prevent branches from overgrowing. It also removes dangerous branches and helps encourage fruit production.

  1. Tree Trimming & Tree Shaping

Trimming your tree removes anything that’s overgrown, but it can also mean that you’re having an arborist trim it into a new shape that better complements your yard. This is a great way to mold a tree to better suit your taste or curb appeal, whether that means a new shape or shorter branches so you can get more sun in your yard. It does take a lot of practice to know how to get the correct shapes, which is why you should choose a professional to handle all things tree trimming and shaping.

  1. Tree Removal

Cracks, seams, dead branches, rot, and decay are all signs of internal problems. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to save trees that have reached this point, and it’s best to remove them and avoid hazards in the future. When you call Mr. Tree, we’ll first assess whether the tree can be saved or not, and if it cannot, we’ll take care of the removal, including cleanup.

  1. Stump Grinding

Keeping a stump in your yard post tree removal doesn’t just look bad, it also can be dangerous. This is why many people choose stump grinding to get rid of the stumps and roots of a removed tree. No matter the size of the tree stump, we can take care of it for you.

  1. Emergency Tree Removal

We truly hope you will never have to utilize this resource, but we understand that emergencies do happen, and sometimes, trees need to be removed quickly. This is why our emergency services are available 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends.

Commercial and Industrial Tree Service

Residential tree services do require a level of expertise, but when it comes to commercial and industrial tree services, the level of expertise required is even higher. Our tree service professionals not only have the experience in this area, but as we own all our equipment and do the work ourselves, we can keep costs down by not having to outsource.

Our commercial and industrial tree services include stump grinding, tree removal, and emergency tree removal, just as with our residential tree services. Here are five other services we offer:

  1. Lot Clearing

If you have a lot that is overgrown with shrubs, brush, or small trees, we’re here to help you clear it. Lot clearing includes a variety of services, such as removing all debris, tree removal, brush clearing, weed abatement, fire clearance, and disposal.

  1. Demolition

Beyond trees and brush, if there are any older structures you need to get rid of, we can demolish them for you. Our equipment and technology allow us to do so both safely and timely.

  1. Logging

We can handle both small- and large-scale land clearing when it comes to logging, and we have the experience of working with land developers and local homeowners. In addition to expertly cutting and collecting the trees, we also have hauling services to fully ensure your land is left clean and ready for building to begin.

  1. Excavation & Catwork

We can also clear land and prepare it for construction through excavation. In fact, a large side of our business is the catwork we do. We offer four premier excavation services: road building services, landslide and mudslide recovery, washout repairs and clean-up, and ground leveling.

  1. Industrial Mowing

In this instance, mowing goes beyond just cutting grass. We can cut through the strongest underbrush there is. Our equipment allows us to clear everything from blackberry bushes to ivy and any kind of vegetation.

If you’re looking for tree service in Salem, Oregon, look no further. As you can see from all the services above, we have everything you need here at Mr. Tree. Whether you require tree services for your residential property or your commercial and/or industrial property, we’re here for you. We have the experience and professionals to handle all your requests. Give us a call today to talk specifics. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the exact services you’re looking for. Mr. Tree Services is a one-stop shop for all your tree service needs in Salem, Oregon.


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