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Picture this scenario. You purchase a new home and in an effort to beautify your front lawn, you plant a small tree or two in the yard. It’s just a seedling at first, but over the years, you watch it grow and grow until it’s bigger than you ever could have imagined it would be. Suddenly, the tree’s roots are overgrown. Perhaps they’re running over the property line and disrupting your neighbor’s garden. Or maybe they’re running underneath your home, threatening structural damage to your own house. Suddenly you have many more problems on your hands than just overgrown tree roots. But this scenario can be avoided by knowing when to contact your local tree service. Being proactive in servicing your tree now can save you money and a bunch of headaches down the line.

So when should you contact your local tree service? There are many reasons you may need to give your expert arborists at Mr. Tree a call.  First, if you feel your tree is dead or diseased, you should contact your local arborist for tree removal services. Dead and decaying trees pose a threat because of their weakened structure, which makes it more likely they could potentially topple over. This poses a serious threat to both your home and the residents inside.

When to Contact Your Local Tree ServiceWhile many people believe they can remove a tree on their own, it’s best to contact your local arborist for tree removal services for a couple of reasons. Firstly, many cities in Portland require that you have a permit in order to remove a tree. Secondly, tree removal can be a dangerous process so it’s best left to the pros. In addition to removing a dead or diseased tree, our expert arborists can also remove any overgrown roots threatening your property so that you don’t have to actually experience the above-referenced scenario.

An added bonus is that we also offer complimentary stump grinding services with all new tree removal contracts. Stump grinding can be an arduous process without the proper equipment and renting that equipment can be costly. We’ll remove the stump for you, saving you the time and effort while beautifying your landscape in the process. If the stump is from a diseased tree, grinding it down will also prevent the potential spread of disease to nearby trees and plants in your yard.

Another reason to contact your local tree service is to get a proper assessment of your tree’s overall health. Perhaps it’s become infested with pests or has a weakened structure due to neglect. Whatever the case may be, an unhealthy tree does not necessarily have to be uprooted and removed from your yard. Our expert arborists have the knowledge and experience to know when a tree is salvageable. We will do everything possible to restore your tree to its optimal health.

How so? There are certain techniques expert arborists use to stabilize and strengthen a tree with a weakened structure. A tree with an open wound, such as a split trunk, for instance, is more likely to succumb to fungi. In this situation, a process known as cabling can be implemented in order to strengthen the tree. Cabling is the process by which trained professionals insert cables into the tree by drilling holes in its trunk or branches. It’s important that you contact your local tree service when cabling a tree. If done incorrectly, girdling (the unintentional strangling of the tree) may occur.

Another technique arborists use to strengthen a tree’s structure is bracing. As with cabling, bracing offers supplemental support to a weakened tree or acts as a preventive measure against environmental stressors such as high winds. However, unnecessary bracing of a tree can actually damage the tree’s health. That’s why it’s important to contact your local tree service to assess whether your tree will benefit from either of these support systems.

While it’s tempting to contact your local tree service when you suspect that your tree is dead or damaged, you would do well to contact an expert arborist long before that. Proper care and maintenance of your tree is imperative in order to keep it in good health. Pruning, trimming, and shaping are all important to a tree’s upkeep.

How often you should prune your tree depends on its type. Ornamental trees should be pruned every year whereas evergreen trees only need to be pruned every three to five years. Regular pruning is important to remove any diseased or dead branches that may pose a safety hazard. While many people are tempted to prune a tree on their own, it’s important to consult with a professional. Over pruning a tree can result in open wounds or increase your tree’s risk of damage from environmental stressors.

In addition to pruning, it’s important to have your tree regularly shaped and trimmed. In addition to the aesthetic benefit of these services, regular trimming of a tree keeps it in good health. Trimming your tree will also ensure that it doesn’t become overgrown and disrupt other trees or even your home. An expert arborist can also remove any dead or damaged wood so that the tree’s structural integrity remains intact.  

While it may be tempting to save money by taking some of these tasks on yourself, it’s best to contact your local tree service company. These tasks can be dangerous without the proper knowledge and expertise of certified professionals. You also run the risk of causing further damage to the tree if these tasks aren’t executed properly. Consistent and careful upkeep will prevent your trees from running amok, but only if done correctly. So call your local tree service experts at Mr. Tree and we’ll help keep your trees looking their very best.

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